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Kubly’s SDOT responded to massive growth by going big on walking, biking and transit

Scott Kubly resigned as SDOT Director last month, closing a chapter of incredible growth (and growing pains) over his more than three years at the expanding agency. As SDOT Director during the development of the nine-year Move Seattle transportation levy … Continue reading

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Rainier Ave ride demos huge potential for bike lanes + City leaders support bike network at rally

I biked on Rainier Ave from Columbia City to downtown during rush hour this morning, and it was peaceful, easy and fast. As part of the Bike Everywhere Day celebration, Cascade Bicycle Club and Bike Works partnered to host a … Continue reading

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Despite more than a decade of bicycle activism, Ballard Bridge remains a danger

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story is by Taylor McAvoy through our partnership with UW’s Community News Lab journalism course. Riding home at night a few years ago, Haley Keller had to cross the Ballard Bridge with its notoriously skinny three-foot-wide sidewalks. She … Continue reading

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SDOT really, really wants you to report potholes

If there is a persistent pothole that you find yourself swearing at every singe day, well, this is your chance to get it fixed. SDOT has launched a renewed campaign to get people to report potholes so crews can go … Continue reading

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The Westlake Bikeway is officially open, and it was worth the compromises

The Westlake Bikeway officially opened Thursday, finally creating a flat and separated bike route from the Ship Canal to the city center. “This project is really going to make this corridor safer and more predictable for everyone,” SDOT Director Scott … Continue reading

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SDOT Director Kubly admits to Pronto ethics violations, could be fined up to $10K

SDOT Director Scott Kubly has admitted that he failed to obtain a waiver before working with his former employer about Seattle’s bike share system Pronto. The months-long ethics investigation concluded that Kubly violated ethics rules by working with former co-workers … Continue reading

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Pronto will increase free ride time to 45 min + New monthly rate costs less than Netflix

For the cost of three bus rides, you can ride Pronto Cycle Share for a month. For the first time, Pronto is offering a monthly payment option rather than paying a lump-sum for a whole year. Especially for people on … Continue reading

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Pronto buyout draws ethics investigation against SDOT Director

Was it an improper conflict of interest when SDOT Director Scott Kubly started negotiations for the city to buy Pronto from the non-profit Puget Sound Bike Share? Did SDOT staff mislead the public and City Council by overstating annual member … Continue reading

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A sober look at Pronto’s finances ahead of Council meeting

The City of Seattle already cut checks in December and early 2016 totaling $305,000 to keep Pronto Cycle Share operational, Josh Feit at Publicola reports. This revelation will certainly be a topic of conversation during tomorrow’s 2 p.m. Transportation Committee … Continue reading

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Westlake lawsuit is over, bikeway set to open in the summer

The Westlake bikeway lawsuit is over, and construction will begin soon on a two-way protected bike lane from the Fremont Bridge to Lake Union Park. If all goes according to schedule, the bikeway will open in the summer. Mayor Ed … Continue reading

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No Federal money for Northgate bike/walk bridge, Pronto expansion

Well, it was worth a shot. The Feds did not pick Seattle’s TIGER grant proposal for funding the Northgate bike/walk bridge and a “massive” Pronto Cycle Share expansion, SDOT confirmed today. The news comes one day after Senator Patty Murray … Continue reading

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How Seattle plans to fuel its grassroots walk-and-bike-to-school revolution

With parents and students leading the way, supported by city staff, elected officials and safe streets organizations, Seattle just dropped an astounding plan to take the city’s walk-and-bike-to-school revolution to the next level. The plan has been a long time … Continue reading

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Seattle begins bike share takeover, budgets for system expansion

With a big plan for expanding Pronto Cycle Share, including a one-time budget expense to make it happen, the city has begun taking a more central role in the bike share system. “Bike share really expands the reach of the … Continue reading

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Headed downtown during Xi Jinping’s stay? You better bike

Biking is already the most reliable way to get around Seattle’s everyday traffic. But that will be especially true Tuesday through Thursday as Chinese President Xi Jinping stays at the Westin downtown. Security measures will close a several-block radius around … Continue reading

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Would fewer draw bridge openings help your bike commute?

Getting stopped for a draw bridge is one of those truly Seattle experiences, especially for people on bikes. Three of the busiest bike route chokepoints in the city are bridges that open for maritime vessels: Fremont, University and Montlake Bridges. … Continue reading

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Community members paint Pan-African flag crosswalk. Rather than fight it, city makes it official

Around the time of the annual Umoja Fest Africatown Heritage Parade earlier this month, some folks including the United Hood Movement went out and painted several crosswalks in the Central District red, black and green, the colors of the Pan-African … Continue reading

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City proposes ‘massive’ Pronto Cycle Share expansion

Pronto Cycle Share is an amazing transportation tool, but only if it’s limited service area fills a hole in your specific trip. If you live in the service area, it’s amazing. If you are headed to a city center destination … Continue reading

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Monday Afternoon Theater: Seattle Channel feature on Move Seattle

Seattle Channel’s City Inside/Out took on the Move Seattle levy recently, and it was a pretty good 30-minute report and debate on the issue. There are legitimate concerns about housing affordability and a bigger transportation levy, but Suzie Burke and … Continue reading

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If a truck filled with salmon can bring the city to a crawl, we need more transportation choices

Seattle’s transportation system is fragile. Decades of focusing nearly all major transportation investments on a few highways has not prepared the city to handle unexpected blockages. A single truck full of salmon overturned at the start of Tuesday’s evening rush … Continue reading

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SDOT Director pens must-read Vision Zero op-ed for Seattle Times

Seattle’s Transportation Director penned a powerful op-ed about Vision Zero in the Seattle Times this week. I would paraphrase and analyze it, but reading it really just makes me want to stand up and applaud. Read it all here. Here’s … Continue reading

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