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Capitol Hill groups come together to host hyperlocal Transportation Action Day

Several Capitol Hill community groups are working together to host a free training for anyone who wants to learn how to advocate and organize for safer streets Sunday. Afterwards, attendees will immediately put their new knowledge into action by heading out … Continue reading

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‘Our crumbling streets can be rebuilt later, our humanity cannot’

As advocates for safe streets, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways has spent a lot of its efforts lobbying, campaigning and building support for infrastructure investments. So with lots of local transportation funding at risk if the Trump administration succeeds in its threat … Continue reading

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Memorial for Nellie Yelli Saturday + Treza Hafzalla charged with Vehicular Homicide, Hit & Run

Friends, family and neighbors will gather tomorrow (Saturday) morning to remember Nellie Yelli, 62, who was killed Sunday while walking in a Green Lake crosswalk. The memorial, organized by Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, begins 11 a.m. at 82nd and Wallingford Ave … Continue reading

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Neighbors for safe streets unite at City Hall for World Day of Remembrance Thursday

Two hundred forty people have been killed in Seattle traffic in the past decade. Ten times that many have been seriously injured. Thursday, in solidarity with similar events across the world, neighbors from all over Seattle will converge on City … Continue reading

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Tuttle: ‘Our duty is to protect the vulnerable’

With Trump headed to the White House, people and groups working for safe streets cannot simply go on with business as usual. “Business as usual” is an option available only to the privileged. “Business as usual” normalizes life under sexist, … Continue reading

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Sunday: Join a memorial for recent victims of traffic violence, rally for safer streets

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways groups are organizing their second memorial event in as many weeks, this time in Northgate. Meet noon Sunday at Northgate Community Center to join. It’s been an awful couple weeks of traffic violence in the area. Last … Continue reading

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Bike and transit advocacy should work together, meetup Saturday

Washington State’s downtown Seattle highway tunnel is at least $223 million over budget and 2 and a half years behind schedule. All for one highway tunnel expected to carry 40,000 motor vehicles per day once it opens with no transit … Continue reading

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Guest post part II: How Seattle can rescue residents stranded by an incomplete bike network

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the second of two guest posts by Seattle Neighborhood Greenways this week. Their map conceptualizing the connectivity potential in the city’s bike planning is brilliant. If you like this vision or are frustrated by the city’s … Continue reading

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Guest post: Seattle’s stranded biking families

EDITOR’S NOTE: This guest post from Seattle Neighborhood Greenways was a collaboration by several biking parents with the help of SNG staff. It may be inconvenient for city leaders to hear, but disconnected safe bike route islands do not make … Continue reading

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Seattle Neighborhood Greenways gets Federal award for safe streets work

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will recognize Seattle Neighborhood Greenways Director Cathy Tuttle with a Lifesavers Public Service Award. Yep, the Feds have noticed the work of this humble grassroots safe streets organization, organizing neighborhood-by-neighborhood to develop bike … Continue reading

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Here are the Seattle Neighborhood Greenways 2015 safe streets champions

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways hosted their annual volunteer appreciation party late last week. And aside from booze and snacks, the night also included a list of people and campaigns that have helped further the cause of safe streets in our city. … Continue reading

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Thursday: #Party4OurStreets with Seattle Neighborhood Greenways

People working to make our streets safer and our bike routes more connected have a lot to celebrate. True, we have a lot of work ahead to make sure projects happen right. But first, let’s party. Join Seattle Neighborhood Greenways … Continue reading

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Today: Join a community walk in Greenwood for Move Seattle

Did you know the Move Seattle levy will build a road safety project at every single public school in the city? It’s true! And that’s just one example of a community-generated idea in the nine-year transportation levy. But boosting Safe … Continue reading

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SNG: Imagining a truly bike-friendly Uptown and South Lake Union

EDITOR’S NOTE: The only thing worse than biking in South Lake Union is driving in South Lake Union. But unlike driving, there are some relatively easy and quickly-achievable ways to dramatically improve bike routes to and through our city’s fastest-growing … Continue reading

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The Parks District will fund trail repairs, improve neighborhood walk/bike access

Seattle’s crumbing trails are finally set to get some love from the Parks District, according to an announcement from Mayor Ed Murray. Trails are just one small part of the city’s parks system that has fallen into disrepair due to … Continue reading

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Friday’s Park(ing) Day will be Seattle’s biggest yet: Over 50 pop-up parks planned

Park(ing) Day is one of my favorite holidays. It’s a day of people and organizations showcasing their creative ideas for how to activate our public spaces. In the space of just a car or two, a whole park can spring … Continue reading

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The first ever Seattle Summer Parkways was fun, but let’s go bigger in Ballard

Seattle held its first ever Summer Parkways last weekend in the Central District. Three miles of residential streets linked several neighborhood parks in a car-light loop, encouraging people to bike, walk, scooter or use any other people-powered method to explore … Continue reading

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Toward Zero: Honoring the 150 people killed or badly injured in Seattle traffic since Sher Kung

A crowd gathered on the steps of the Garden of Remembrance downtown Friday listened to 150 bell rings, one for every person seriously injured or killed in Seattle traffic in just one year. They also heard ten names, all people … Continue reading

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Salomon: Why construction can’t just close a neighborhood greenway without a safe detour

EDITOR’S NOTE: Andres is a family-biking father dedicated to safe streets. He’s the leader of NE Seattle Greenways and sometimes contributes to Seattle Bike Blog. I encountered this closure the other day on a ride with several people, including Madi … Continue reading

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What’s your idea for an easy street fix? Try it out on Park(ing) Day!

Have you ever said something like this to yourself while biking or walking around town? “If only this bike lane went a little further, I could make this connection safely.” “There are always people running across the street here, why … Continue reading

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