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Support budgets for a Georgetown/South Park trail, SDOT Equity Program, Summer Parkways + more

It is long past time to build a comfortable and safe biking and walking connection between Georgetown and South Park. These communities are so close, yet the most direct way to walk between them involves a dirt path running behind … Continue reading

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Cascade: Your E Lake Sammamish Trail comments ‘didn’t count’

The legal battle to complete the E Lake Sammamish Trail between Redmond and Issaquah continues, heading to the City of Sammamish Hearing Examiner next week. The majority of the 800+ comments received about the trail project were supportive of King … Continue reading

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Learn how to become a leader in the safe streets movement in 2 weekends

OK, maybe you won’t be able to learn everything you need to know to become a safe streets leader in just two weekends, but you’ll get a jump start. Cascade Bicycle Club’s free Advocacy Leadership Institute is an innovative program … Continue reading

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31 bikes stolen from Tacoma Major Taylor Project school + How you can help

A thief (or thieves) broke into Tacoma’s iDEA High School Sunday and stole more than 30 bikes belonging to the school’s chapter of Cascade Bicycle Club’s Major Taylor Project. The bikes were mostly quality road and mountain bikes, so the … Continue reading

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City of Sammamish, stop fighting King County over four trail stop signs

The City of Sammamish and King County are fighting in court over four proposed stop signs on two very low-traffic streets serving a handful of wealthy lakefront homes, and that fight is further delaying construction on the E Lake Sammamish … Continue reading

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Seattle should raise bike share caps sooner so companies can rollout for Labor Day weekend

See our Seattle Bike Share Guide for an updated list of bike share companies in Seattle, links to download their apps and a quick rundown on how it all works. No other U.S. city had crafted a permit for private, … Continue reading

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Your comments worked, WA Ferries won’t charge more for most bike trailers

WA State Ferries will not charge extra for most bike trailers, Cascade Bicycle Club reported Wednesday morning. The WA Transportation Commission will instead limit the new rules to people hauling kayaks or canoes on a bike trailer. So people hauling … Continue reading

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Cascade/WA Bikes have a new Executive Director: Richard Smith

Richard Smith will be the new Executive Director of Cascade Bicycle Club and Washington Bikes, the organizations announced Friday Smith comes from Microsoft, and the press release says he was “the executive sponsor of his division’s Diversity & Inclusion efforts” … Continue reading

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Cascade: WA Ferries proposes huge fare increase for … bicycle trailers?

WA State Ferries has proposed a dramatic fare hike for people pulling a bicycle trailer. For the Bainbridge and Bremerton runs, for example, a person biking with a trailer would have to pay $16 during peak season, a 73 percent … Continue reading

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Despite compromise and ongoing community design work, group appeals the Ballard Missing Link

The Ballard Missing Link of the Burke-Gilman Trail is headed back into litigation. But despite the pending legal action, the city is still working through the community design process that was was part of the February compromise agreement between SDOT, … Continue reading

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Scenes from the 2017 Emerald Bike Ride

I had a great time biking on freeways Sunday with more than 7,000 smiling, happy people. Freeways are rarely joyful places, which is what makes Cascade’s second annual Emerald Bike Ride so great. For a few hours a year, the region’s … Continue reading

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Sunday: Thousands of people will bike on I-5, I-90 and SR-520 + Still time to register – UPDATED

For just one morning, the I-5 Express Lanes through downtown Seattle, the main deck of the 520 Bridge, a path through Bellevue and the I-90 Express Lanes will be filled with thousands of people on bikes. It’s hard to over-hype … Continue reading

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Rainier Ave ride demos huge potential for bike lanes + City leaders support bike network at rally

I biked on Rainier Ave from Columbia City to downtown during rush hour this morning, and it was peaceful, easy and fast. As part of the Bike Everywhere Day celebration, Cascade Bicycle Club and Bike Works partnered to host a … Continue reading

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Four neighborhood rides will meet at City Hall for a Friday rally + Map of Bike Everywhere Day stations

Cascade Bicycle Club is hosting four rides from different ends of town that will converge at City Hall Friday for a rally to support a Basic Bike Network to and through downtown. The rides are part of the annual Bike … Continue reading

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Cascade: Redmond stations are a chance to go all out on Sound Transit station access

Transit works better when people can get to the stations. This might seem like an extremely obvious point, but many of the region’s biggest rail and express bus stations have awful walking and biking access problems. Like truly awful: And … Continue reading

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Happy Bike Everywhere Month! Event schedule, online challenge + more

It’s May, which means it’s time to give in to your co-worker’s constant reminders and say, “OK, fine! I’ll sign up for your Bike Month team if you just let me sit here and enjoy this cup of coffee for … Continue reading

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Wanna lead the largest statewide bike organization in the country?

Five months after Elizabeth Kiker announced her resignation, Cascade Bicycle Club and Washington Bikes have released the job listing for the joint organization’s next Executive Director. Cascade Bicycle Club was already the largest regional bike organization in the nation even … Continue reading

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Capitol Hill groups come together to host hyperlocal Transportation Action Day

Several Capitol Hill community groups are working together to host a free training for anyone who wants to learn how to advocate and organize for safer streets Sunday. Afterwards, attendees will immediately put their new knowledge into action by heading out … Continue reading

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Dispatches from the WA Bike Summit: Dr. Adonia Lugo on ‘fighting for the better world we know when we’re out on a ride’

I’m at Cascade Bicycle Club’s Washington Bike Summit, a two-day conference that coincides today with Active Transportation Lobby Day. As I write this, people from all over the state are volunteering their time to meet with their state Representatives and … Continue reading

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The 2017 Emerald Bike Ride will make a big freeway loop on 520, I-90 and I-5

For the second annual Emerald Bike Ride, Cascade Bicycle Club is scaling up big time. The full route is longer, the start location is bigger and the rider limit has been set at a stunning 10,000 people. That’s 3,000 more … Continue reading

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