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ALERT: West Seattle swing bridge will be out from 7-9 Tuesday night, shuttles available

Attention folks who bike across the lower West Seattle Bridge: SDOT just announced a closure from 7 to 9 p.m. tonight (Tuesday). As with the previous closure, there will be a shuttle to help folks walking and biking get across, … Continue reading

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Lower West Seattle Bridge reopens, but closure highlighted major need for Sodo bike lanes

UPDATE: The Lower Spokane St Bridge is back open again to all pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle traffic! Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding. — seattleDOTbridges (@SDOTbridges) June 26, 2018 The lower West Seattle Bridge has reopened following … Continue reading

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Lower West Seattle Bridge closed for emergency week-long repair – UPDATED

The lower West Seattle swing bridge closed Wednesday evening for emergency repairs, SDOT announced just hours before crews were planning to take the bridge out of order. The bridge will be in the open position for marine vessels, unusable for … Continue reading

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City’s 2019 plans for SW Avalon would dramatically improve bike access to the heart of W Seattle

There are only so many ways to get up West Seattle’s formidable hills, and SW Avalon Way is an absolutely vital one. Connecting the Alki Trail/West Seattle Bridge to Fauntleroy and the heart of West Seattle, Avalon is one of … Continue reading

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Options for a redesigned E Marginal Way + Regional leadership needed to connect to S King County

Today is the last day to comment on SDOT’s E Marginal Way online open house. The city is working on a major reconstruction and redesign of the industrial street that also serves as one of the most vital bike connections … Continue reading

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Support more safety changes to calm West Seattle’s ‘I-35’

Between 2011 and 2014, people driving on West Seattle’s 35th Ave SW (AKA “I-35”) crashed 294 times, injuring 128 people and killing two. That’s an average of two crashes and one injury nearly every week. This high rate of collisions … Continue reading

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SW Admiral Way bike lanes ready for summer construction

After more than a year of public outreach and significant design changes, SDOT is just about ready to paint bike lanes on SW Admiral Way from Alki to (almost) California Ave SW. The official painting schedule is not yet out, … Continue reading

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Weekend Guide: Bike at night, bike naked, bike for ice cream + more!

FREE BIKE has been a blast so far, but we are just halfway through the ten-day calendar. We challenged you all to make your bike ride and event ideas reality July 1–10, and you came through. The calendar currently has … Continue reading

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Bike trips from West Seattle spike 80 percent Monday, crushing record

On the first Monday commute since the Alaskan Way Viaduct closed, bike trips across the Spokane Street swing bridge to West Seattle went through the roof. Compared to average weekdays in recent months, Monday’s bike count was up an unprecedented … Continue reading

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What Viadoom? Take control of your own commute by biking

The Alaskan Way Viaduct is closing Friday for two weeks as Bertha tunnels precariously under its foundation. As people who drive and take the bus (especially in Viaduct-dependent West Seattle) fret about the threat of huge traffic backups, there is … Continue reading

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It’s not I-35: Support a safer 35th Ave SW at two open houses this week

In the past ten years, more than 400 people have been seriously injured in traffic collisions on just one street in West Seattle: 35th Ave SW. Five people have been killed. If we don’t take action, 400 more people will … Continue reading

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New Delridge trail connection now open (Video)

The city has finished widening a heavily-used trail connection at the north end of Delridge Way in West Seattle. The new, wider trail connects most of the way from SW Andover Street to trail connections under the West Seattle Bridge … Continue reading

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City starts work on Alki Trail improvement near ActivSpace on Harbor Ave

The Alki Trail is, in certain places, among Seattle’s greatest trails. But in other places, it’s among the worst. One of the worst spots in the worst section of the trail (other than that one crazy intersection) is getting a … Continue reading

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SW Roxbury safety changes a good start, bike lanes must wait for repaving

This has got to be a Seattle Bike Blog record: Four posts in a row about West Seattle! The city is hosting an open house tomorrow (Thursday) about planned safety changes to SW Roxbury Street, which forms the border between … Continue reading

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West Seattle Blog: City begins outreach for Admiral Way bike lanes

SDOT is beginning outreach for new bike lanes planned on Admiral Way between Alki and California Ave SW. Planners presented to the Admiral Neighborhood Association last night, according to West Seattle Blog. There will be more meetings in the next … Continue reading

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Safety changes — but no bike lanes — planned for I-35

35th Ave SW is not an Interstate. It’s not even a state highway. So when neighbors refer to this city street as “I-35,” you know there’s a serious speeding and traffic safety problem. And those neighbors are not being as … Continue reading

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Work to finally widen W Seattle trail connection to Delridge starts Monday

The city is ready to start construction on a much-needed trail connection improvement between the Delridge neighborhood and the trail hub under the West Seattle Bridge. Today, people biking or walking from the bridge to Delridge are spit out onto … Continue reading

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How amazing would this West Seattle flyover trail be?

It’s one of the most infamous intersections in West Seattle. It sucks for everyone, whether you’re driving a freight truck to the Port or driving a car home from work. But it especially sucks for anyone walking or biking (remember … Continue reading

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Woman who assaulted West Seattle Greenways leader found guilty

In July 2013, Seattle Bike Blog published a troubling email we received from dedicated West Seattle Greenways leader Jake Vanderplas, who was the victim of an intentional assault when a road raging person yelled at him from her car, then … Continue reading

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West Seattle traffic light is so long, bike commuter cooks breakfast burrito while waiting for it to change

I would have at least added some cheese. This video features Don Brubeck of West Seattle Bike Connections. Clearly, people walking and biking are far from the priority at this terrible intersection where the Alki Trail, Chelan Ave, W Marginal, … Continue reading

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