Bicycle Benefits

Bicycle Benefits is a national program that supports cycling and local businesses by providing discounts and deals you can only get if you bike there and show your Bicycle Benefits helmet sticker ($5 at participating businesses). Below is a map of those deals, or you can see them in more detail on the Bicycle Benefits website.

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  1. Andrea says:

    Participating Bicycle Benefits businesses are doing Bicycle Bingo!

    Pick up a card for $2 and ride around for free ice cream, beer, bike tubes, and 10+ other prizes!


  2. Ruth Berge says:

    The Farmers Markets in Seattle now only give $1.00. : (

    • Kelly Carp says:

      The Seattle Farmers Market Association (Ballard, Wallingford, Madrona) only give $1 for BB. But the Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Markets (U district, Capitol Hill, West Seattle, Columbia City, Lake City, Phinney, Magnolia) all still give $2.

  3. Tim F says:

    I played the bingo game a few years ago using Pronto. It was fun, but I had to put a Pronto bike on the Light Rail to get to some Columbia City locations. The overage charges were expensive on that one.

    My modified rules allowed a trip to start from a transit stop or work (or home, but that option wasn’t available at the time). I found this let me run about three errands after work and still get home at a reasonable time. It was mostly combined transit/bike trips except for the stops I could reach on my normal commute.

    Now that electric bike share is available city-wide, playing this way is much less of a stunt and more of a good way to explore. It’s obviously a different game than biking the whole way, but just as enjoyable. It really got me hooked on running errands by bike.

  4. Ian Klepetar says:

    The up-to-date list of participating businesses is available at The Bike Benefits Bingo goes from now until June 30th.

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