Stolen Bike Listings

Welcome to Seattle Bike Blog’s stolen bicycle listings. We’ve partnered with (and the service formerly known as the Stolen Bicycle Registry) to create this tool to fight bicycle theft in the Seattle area and help reunite people with their stolen rides.

You can use the fast search feature on this page to explore the listings to see if the bike you found has been reported stolen. To search by serial number, head over to and search there.

If you need to report a stolen bike, head over to our Bike Submission Page.

Stolen Date Manufacturer Name Model Overview
2018.01.03 Linus Mixte 8

The front fork was replaced in black. The front wheel was switched for an Electric motor from the H...

2018.01.03 Bridgestone XO-3

No Description Available

2015.09.19 Specialized 2012 Dolce

From Greggs Greenlake, probably has sticker. Extra set of brake bars in center of handlebar, front ...