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To set up your monthly support payments, choose the level that best fits in your budget. Subscriptions are sliding scale ($5, $10, $20 or $50 monthly), and all subscriber levels get the same benefits. But hey, if you have a little extra cash to spare, we’ll put it to good use. You can pay using a credit/debit card or a Paypal account.

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14 Responses to Support Seattle Bike Blog

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  2. Ok Tom, I’m a subscriber now! All I really want in return is for you to make Seattle Bike Blog stickers, I’ll even buy one from you, so I can put one on my top tube. Make it happen :) Cheers and always love reading your blog!

    ~ Haley
    Peddler Brewing Company

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  4. Peri Hartman says:

    Tom, I want to subscribe but I *never* do automatic debits. Can you provide a one-time option to donate, please?

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  9. Chris Kaimner says:

    Hey is there an email list/newsletter for these blog updates? Would love that.

  10. dhamm says:

    I was hoping to subscribe someone else as a birthday present but couldn’t find a way to do it in their name and registering their email. thoughts?

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