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I won a Seattle Neighborhood Greenways award! (and so did all these other hard-workin’ folks)

Cathy Tuttle speaks to Seattle Neighborhood Greenways volunteers and supporters
Cathy Tuttle speaks to Seattle Neighborhood Greenways volunteers and supporters at Washington Hall

IMG_0280Seattle Neighborhood Greenways held their year-end party for volunteers and supporters Thursday, which included an award ceremony highlighting some the people and projects that have been making an impact on the cause of street safety in Seattle.

I actually didn’t know before I got there that I was nominated for the final award of the night: The 2014 Greenways Champion Award. And I won! Thanks, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways — especially hard-working Gordon and Cathy — for the ego boost. And sorry everyone around me who now has to put up with me referring to myself as “the award-winning Tom Fucoloro.”

But in all seriousness, I hope everyone realizes how special Seattle Neighborhood Greenways is. Essentially no other city that I have heard of have an organization like them, which is based on the principle that, with some organizing help and encouragement, neighbors will rise to the challenge to advocate for safer streets for all people in their neighborhoods. The central concept of this group is that if you provide the space for a leader, a leader (or group of leaders) will rise to meet the challenge. And that’s what has happened in neighborhoods all across the city and now around Lake Washington.

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So I am super honored to get this award from them. Part of this award is owed to every blog subscriber, who have been pitching in monthly to allow Seattle Bike Blog to be a full-time source of bike news and opinion. I am proud of whatever role this blog has played in helping neighbors connect to each other through Seattle Neighborhood Greenways and start organizing for safer streets. As a reminder, you can learn how to connect and get involved by finding your neighborhood on this map. If you don’t see your neighborhood listed, then maybe it’s time to step up and start one.

Here’s a look at the award nominees and some highlights (happy and tragic) from the past year or so, from Seattle Neighborhood Greenways:

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5 responses to “I won a Seattle Neighborhood Greenways award! (and so did all these other hard-workin’ folks)”

  1. Rich

    Seattle Bike Blog is an important part of the glue that holds the Seattle bicycling community together. Congratulations on a well deserved honor.

  2. Ben P

    We love the blog. Glad to see your immense contribution recognized.

  3. Jeff Dubrule

    Congratulations to SBB. I also picked up one for the Park(ing) day project on 15th Ave NE.
    Here’s us getting questioned by the police about it…

  4. Molly

    aw yeah, my bike has a cameo in the rackathon photo!

  5. […] come have a drink, have fun, vote for your top picks for safe streets champions (an honor I VERY HUMBLY received last year) and conspire with other engaged neighbors for how to keep the momentum going and […]

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