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What Seattle needs from the next SDOT Director + Take the mayor’s survey

As we work towards a future in Seattle where it is easier and safer for residents to get around on foot, by bike and via mass transit, we need your help. Visit the online community survey to share your priorities … Continue reading

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Bike lanes are for cars

People do not need bike lanes to ride a bike. People driving cars need bikes lanes to protect them from intimidating or harming people on bikes. The laws in Washington State are clear. Bikes are vehicles, so people are legally … Continue reading

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‘Everybody bikes differently.’ RIP SJ

Deeply heartbroken for the loss of SJ Brooks. No words can describe how much they will be missed in FOB, Seattle and the community at large. They were a positive light who worked tirelessly to create change. We’ve suffered a … Continue reading

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Bike Everywhere Day is Friday + Where to join a morning ride to City Hall or visit a ‘Celebration Station’

The happiest rush hour of the year is just two days away! Bike Everywhere Day 2018 (formerly known as “Bike to Work Day”) is Friday, and the city will be flush with snacks and swag and group rides and smiling … Continue reading

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Party for Bike Month Friday, bike for Mighty-O Donuts Saturday

Happy Bike Week! As Seattle Neighborhood Greenways suggested in a post here Friday, this is a great opportunity to (politely and non-judgmentally) reach out to a friend and offer to help them get on a bike. Maybe that means helping … Continue reading

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Seattle Neighborhood Greenways: Save the Basic Bike Network

EDITOR’S NOTE: With Bike Everywhere Day a week away, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways has some ideas for how you can get engaged to help get the downtown Basic Bike Network back on track. If nothing else, scroll to the bottom to … Continue reading

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Shipyard manager admits he had men shove CM O’Brien over his support for the Missing Link

General Manager Doug Dixon of Pacific Fishermen Shipyard oversaw men who shoved Councilmember Mike O’Brien during an afterparty celebrating the opening of the Nordic Heritage Museum Friday evening. Dixon admitted to overseeing the alleged assault on O’Brien, telling the Seattle … Continue reading

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Do you travel to or from the Eastside? You gotta give biking the 520 Bridge a try

Biking across the 520 Bridge during a sunny evening commute this week, I was floored by the sheer number of people biking across Lake Washington. I knew demand for a biking connection on this bridge was going to be big, … Continue reading

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Bike News Roundup: Why isn’t cycling normal in [insert city here]?

It’s time for the Bike News Roundup! Here’s a look at some stuff floating around the web in recent weeks (months?) that caught our eye. This is also an open thread, so feel free to discuss whatever bikey stuff is … Continue reading

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Fiona is home + Donate to the March for Babies in her name

Fiona came home a little more than a week ago after 85 days in the NICU. She is doing great. She’s so brave and so strong. She’s already been through more intense medical care in her three months of life … Continue reading

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Mayor Durkan is right, we do need a ‘reset’ on Move Seattle

As regular readers of Seattle Bike Blog know, I have been on family leave since late January following the early birth of my daughter. So unlike the daily news regimen I have reported since 2010, I have not had the … Continue reading

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Rainier RapidRide remake concepts fall short + Mayor Durkan should push SDOT for a more visionary plan

Rainier Ave is the only flat and direct street between Mount Baker and the International District/downtown. If southeast Seattle is ever going to have good bike access to the jobs and other major destinations downtown, Rainier Ave will need bike … Continue reading

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Bike on I-5, the Aurora Bridge and the soon-to-be-closed waterfront Viaduct April 8

Cascade Bicycle Club’s Emerald City Ride 2018 won’t ever be repeated because part of the route will be on the slated-for-demolishion Alaskan Way Viaduct. The third annual Emerald City Ride sticks with the theme: Bike on freeways typically off-limits to … Continue reading

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Anti-bike lane group tweets that single moms don’t bike. It backfires spectacularly

A twitter handle representing the “Save 35th Ave NE” group fighting against city plans for safer crosswalks and bike lanes posted a sexist tweet the other day saying that “single mothers don’t commute to work on bikes.” It backfired spectacularly … Continue reading

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Seattle tests low-budget painted bike parking to make bike share more orderly

Thousands of bikes spread throughout the city available on-demand for $1, what could be wrong with that? The private, free-floating bike share companies serving Seattle are already changing how people get around the city by providing a new fast, healthy, … Continue reading

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Don’t delay the downtown bike network

Downtown Seattle is facing a massive transportation challenge when buses are kicked out the transit tunnel in 2019. That is not long from now, and the City of Seattle and our region’s transportation agencies need to be taking action right … Continue reading

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Family update + Some news we’ve missed

Hello, Seattle Bike Blog readers, it’s been a while since I updated you all on my daughter Fiona and my current leave from writing. First of all, you have been amazing. So many readers have risen to the occasion to … Continue reading

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Clarified e-assist bicycle rules head to the Governor’s desk

Both the State House and Senate have passed a bill clarifying the legal status of electric-assisted bicycles on streets, sidewalks and trails. The bill (SB 6434) now heads to Governor Jay Inslee’s desk for a signature. If signed into law, … Continue reading

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UW master’s student is surveying bike share users

Did you use Pronto? Have you used the new bike share bikes? If you answered yes to either of these questions, University of Washington master’s student Luke Peters would like to hear from you. Peters recently launched a survey in … Continue reading

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Bike News Roundup: Four weeks old

It’s time for the bike news roundup! As always, this is an open thread. A little update on my family. Fiona turns four weeks old today. Kelli and I spend every day at the NICU with her, holding her for … Continue reading

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