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Park(ing) Day 2019 is today! Here’s a map of all the temporary mini-parks around town

It’s Park(ing) Day! Go enjoy one (or many) of these temporary mini-parks and spend some time thinking about all the ways city space can do so much more than simply store some cars. Some parks will start closing in the … Continue reading

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Watch: The new Pike Street bike lanes are just a glimpse into the community-led vision for Pike/Pine

[video transcript] There’s something very different about the new protected bike lanes on Pike Street on Capitol Hill: Community groups led the process every step of the way. When former mayor Ed Murray slammed the brakes on the Center City … Continue reading

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SDOT outlines Bell St bike route plans due to open in summer 2020

Bell Street has been a major westbound bike route through the Denny Triangle and Belltown for a long time. As the most obvious relatively low-traffic connection between 7th and 2nd Avenues for people biking southbound into downtown, Bell is a … Continue reading

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This is your final week to cross the Fairview Ave N bridge until 2021

The Fairview Ave N Bridge connecting South Lake Union to Eastlake will close for 18 months Monday. As we reported previously, the biking, walking and transit detour will be routed via Eastlake Ave and Aloha Street. People driving southbound will … Continue reading

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Watch: Biking Expedia’s amazing Elliott Bay Trail remake

Expedia is preparing to start moving from Bellevue into their new campus on the Seattle waterfront starting as soon as next year. And work is very clearly in high gear across their huge new space. For the past year, the … Continue reading

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Watch: The Path Less Pedaled visits Seattle (4 videos)

Russ and Laura from the wonderful bike adventuring YouTube channel the Path Less Pedaled were in town recently and made four videos documenting their time. And they are all great, of course. First, they toured R&E Cycles in the U … Continue reading

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520 construction in Montlake will close cross-lake trail Sat and Sun, 24th Ave bridge until late this year

The 520 Bridge replacement project’s final set of projects kicks into high gear this weekend with a set of major closures in Montlake, including the 520 Bridge Trail and the 24th Ave E bridge. To make matters worse, the ramp … Continue reading

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How to help fight for transit and local transportation funding by defeating I-976

Washington’s most famous Office Depot chair thief also wants to take our voter-approved transit and local transportation funding. We must defeat I-976. Basically, Tim Eyman’s initiative would preempt local governments and agencies in places where voters have approved using vehicle … Continue reading

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Crews set to start building Pike Street bike lanes on Capitol Hill

Layout on Pike — Dongho Chang (@dongho_chang) September 4, 2019 SDOT crews are set to start work on Pike Street bike lanes this weekend between Broadway and 9th Ave, Capitol Hill Seattle reports. Work is expected to last a … Continue reading

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Saturday: Expedia will open revamped Elliott Bay Trail with celebration and bike ride

Expedia has been working on rebuilding a section of the Elliott Bay Trail near their under-construction future headquarters in Interbay for the past year, and they’re nearly ready to unveil the new trail and open space improvements. They’re hosting a … Continue reading

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City will add protected bike lanes to sections of Yesler and 14th Ave near streetcar tracks + Broadway/Denny bike turn lane

Map of the proposed changes from the city fact sheet (PDF). Seattle is finally set to make some much-needed bike safety improvements to streets near Bailey Gatzert Elementary School, where many people have crashed on the First Hill Streetcar tracks … Continue reading

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City Council will vote on ‘mandatory’ bike lane bill + funding bike parking and southend bike lanes – UPDATED

Yes, please! UPDATE: The ordinance and both resolutions passed unanimously. Details on amendments in updates below. The City Council will vote today on an ordinance and set of resolutions that would all but require the Seattle Department of Transportation to … Continue reading

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Bike News Roundup: Everything you ever needed to know to pronounce the word ‘pannier’

It’s time for the Bike News Roundup! Here’s a look at some of the transportationy stuff going around the web lately. First up! This spring, Russ at The Path Less Pedaled worked very hard to finally answer an enigma that … Continue reading

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Bike-in movie tonight: Bike Works is showing Lilo & Stitch at Pratt Park

Hey, you! Bike to Pratt Park (20th/Yesler) tonight to watch Lilo & Stitch with Bike Works. Because free bike-in movies are awesome, and our city is awesome, and public music and art is awesome, and Bike Works is awesome, and … Continue reading

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Should the next Ballard Bridge be high, low or in between?

The city is currently conducting an early, fairly high-level study of the options for replacing the Ballard Bridge. The actual project is pretty far away and has no funding, but this study is intended to outline the pros and cons … Continue reading

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Bike share use steady with fewer bikes and higher prices, but bike parking remains a problem

The meteoric rise of bike share in Seattle in recent years has plateaued as the number of bikes in operation shrink and prices rise. However, despite these changes, people in Seattle took about as many bike share rides in the … Continue reading

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Upcoming weekend Link closures a good chance to try biking + Last chance to take station access survey

In order to complete work necessary to connect the existing light rail line to the under-construction East Link line, Sound Transit will not operate trains between Capitol Hill and Sodo Stations for three upcoming weekends: October 12-13, October 26-27, and … Continue reading

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Seattle starts planning for shared scooters. Like, for real this time.

Scooters are coming to Seattle next year probably maybe. Work to create the framework for the scooter share pilot project starts now, along with environmental review (of course). SDOT plans to finalize the permit details in the fall and winter, … Continue reading

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Don’t listen to SDOT, wear whatever you want to wear when walking on Rainier Ave

Are you bragging here @seattledot? — Fix Rainier Ave (@FixRainier) August 2, 2019 “Rainier Ave S averages more crashes per day than anywhere else in Seattle,” the public agency in charge of making city streets safe wrote on bus … Continue reading

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As shared bikes and cars get more exclusive, it’s time to start thinking about what happens next

Lime bikes are blowing up. Literally. Exploding Lime Bike battery on UW campus … yikes! from r/Seattle This post is not about the couple of battery explosions reported in Seattle recently, but it’s hard to ignore that very visible (and … Continue reading

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