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Wanna lead the largest statewide bike organization in the country?

Five months after Elizabeth Kiker announced her resignation, Cascade Bicycle Club and Washington Bikes have released the job listing for the joint organization’s next Executive Director. Cascade Bicycle Club was already the largest regional bike organization in the nation even … Continue reading

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Citing new ‘exciting candidates,’ Salomon drops out of mayoral race

When Andres Salomon arrived at UW Station with a cargo bike full of homemade tamales and announced his campaign for Seattle mayor, he did so because it seemed nobody else was preparing to challenge the well-funded and seemingly-popular incumbent Ed … Continue reading

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Waterfront champion Cary Moon enters the mayoral race

Cary Moon — a strong champion for vibrant, people-focused places — has officially declared her candidacy for Seattle mayor. Moon has been a vital organizer for a people-focused waterfront downtown and currently serves on the One Center City advisory committee. … Continue reading

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SDOT really, really wants you to report potholes

If there is a persistent pothole that you find yourself swearing at every singe day, well, this is your chance to get it fixed. SDOT has launched a renewed campaign to get people to report potholes so crews can go … Continue reading

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Mike McGinn will run for another term as mayor

Standing in the yard of his Greenwood house with his family — a couple campaign signs leaning against the white picket fence, perhaps dusted off after four years in storage — Mike McGinn announced his candidacy for mayor. This wil be his third mayoral … Continue reading

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Bike News Roundup: How Oslo is preparing to go car-free downtown

It’s time for the Bike News Roundup! The comments below are also open to whatever at-least-somewhat relevant topic you want to discuss. First up, here’s how Oslo is working to go car-free in its city center. A hopeful note for … Continue reading

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Seattle’s Pedal Anywhere keeps growing its on-demand bike rental business, seeks investors

You just flew into Seattle, made your way through the airport and sat down on the light rail heading towards your hotel. You heard biking in Seattle is awesome, and you want to try it out. So you Google “bike … Continue reading

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Northlake Way is getting a short section of new sidewalk, bike lane

Work is underway on a short new stretch of sidewalk and bike lane on Northlake Way near the University Bridge. Identified as a key missing piece in the Pedestrian Master Plan, the sidewalk will connect the businesses on Northlake Way … Continue reading

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Making streets more accessible is not a ‘cost,’ it’s a vital investment

News broke last week that the city is on the verge of settling a lawsuit that could result in a big investment in more curb ramps around Seattle. Three people with disabilities — Conrad Reynoldson, Stuart Pixley and David Whedbey … Continue reading

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SDOT shows off improved short-term bike plan

When SDOT released the 2016 short-term bike plan, I suggested the department “burn it and try again.” Well, they more or less did just that. The new plan is far from perfect, and it doesn’t make up for lost time resulting … Continue reading

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Seattle still doesn’t need a downtown car tunnel, but crews deserve a victory lap today

Seattle Bike Blog has been opposed to the downtown car tunnel since this site started in 2010, and we still are. It’s an enormous investment in unsustainable transportation that will likely make downtown and South Lake Union traffic worse. It’s a … Continue reading

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A note about Capitol Hill Seattle’s Justin Carder

Capitol Hill Seattle’s Justin Carder (or as his close friends call him, “@jseattle“) is likely the hardest-working journalist this side of West Seattle. His dedication to the grind of very-local news has been a remarkable thing to witness, and he has been … Continue reading

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Bike News Roundup: The Future of Mobility

It’s the Bike News Roundup! I may starting posting these more often so they don’t get so ridiculously long. The comments below are open to whatever at-least-somewhat-relevant topics you want to discuss. First up, move over self-driving cars. The true … Continue reading

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Lander bridge design still ignores safety + Should city hold its funds while it fights Trump?

Of all the major transportation investments Seattle has planned using Federal grant assistance, the only one that is not at risk by the Trump administration is the one we need the least: The Lander Street Overpass. That project is moving … Continue reading

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Why everyone should try Pronto before it shuts down Friday

If you have not yet tried Pronto Cycle Share, make it your civic duty to give it a spin before it shuts down for good Friday. Yes, I’m talking to you, haters. I’m also talking to all of you who … Continue reading

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Capitol Hill groups come together to host hyperlocal Transportation Action Day

Several Capitol Hill community groups are working together to host a free training for anyone who wants to learn how to advocate and organize for safer streets Sunday. Afterwards, attendees will immediately put their new knowledge into action by heading out … Continue reading

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First section of new Arboretum Trail opens near Madison Valley

A key section of the new WSDOT-funded Arboretum Trail opened late last week, connecting Madison Street to the car-free Arboretum Drive. The segment is fairly short, but it is one of the most important stretches of the whole plan for people … Continue reading

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#GivePedsTheGreen petitions SDOT to program traffic lights so they stop skipping walk signals

A new petition under the hashtag #GivePedsTheGreen is calling on SDOT to make an essentially invisible and low-budget change to traffic signals that could have a big impact on walkability, safety and accessibility in all corners of Seattle. It wouldn’t require any … Continue reading

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People get organized to restore bike lanes cut from Madison BRT project

The latest plans out of the Madison BRT project (RapidRide G) cut nearly all of the planned bike improvements that were originally planned nearby as part of the high-budget so-called “multimodal corridor” project. We reported in depth about the cuts … Continue reading

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Dispatches from the WA Bike Summit: Transpo Secretary Roger Millar: ‘We’re not just about moving cars and drivers, we’re about moving people’

Be sure to check out our other notes from the 2017 WA Bike Summit. State Transportation Secretary Roger Millar kicked off the Monday keynote with some solid jokes about job security, a reference to the sudden, politically-motivated firing his predecessor … Continue reading

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