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SDOT really, really wants you to report potholes

If there is a persistent pothole that you find yourself swearing at every singe day, well, this is your chance to get it fixed. SDOT has launched a renewed campaign to get people to report potholes so crews can go … Continue reading

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Northlake Way is getting a short section of new sidewalk, bike lane

Work is underway on a short new stretch of sidewalk and bike lane on Northlake Way near the University Bridge. Identified as a key missing piece in the Pedestrian Master Plan, the sidewalk will connect the businesses on Northlake Way … Continue reading

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SDOT shows off improved short-term bike plan

When SDOT released the 2016 short-term bike plan, I suggested the department “burn it and try again.” Well, they more or less did just that. The new plan is far from perfect, and it doesn’t make up for lost time resulting … Continue reading

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Lander bridge design still ignores safety + Should city hold its funds while it fights Trump?

Of all the major transportation investments Seattle has planned using Federal grant assistance, the only one that is not at risk by the Trump administration is the one we need the least: The Lander Street Overpass. That project is moving … Continue reading

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#GivePedsTheGreen petitions SDOT to program traffic lights so they stop skipping walk signals

A new petition under the hashtag #GivePedsTheGreen is calling on SDOT to make an essentially invisible and low-budget change to traffic signals that could have a big impact on walkability, safety and accessibility in all corners of Seattle. It wouldn’t require any … Continue reading

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NE 65th Street will get autumn quick fixes, bigger remake in 2018-19

After years of community urging and protest, Seattle is about to kick off a road safety project on NE 65th Street to address the street’s serious ongoing safety problems. People walking, biking and inside cars all continue to get seriously … Continue reading

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SDOT installs truck safety sideguards + What would it take to get them on every truck?

Seattle’s Department of Transportation is retrofitting all department trucks to include sideguards designed to reduce harm to people walking and biking in the case of a collision. One of the biggest dangers for people around large trucks is not the … Continue reading

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City has chance to improve biking, walking and transit in Fremont’s ‘Center of the Universe’

Fremont’s Center of the Universe could get an amazing walking, biking and transit makeover next year, but only if the city chooses to be bold. SDOT is in the early design phase for bus stop improvements on Fremont Ave between … Continue reading

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Check out Seattle’s 12 winning neighborhood-led transportation ideas

Here’s an item that got swallowed up in the wake of election news: Seattle announced $6.5 million in neighborhood-led transportation projects across the city. The 12 projects were the winners of SDOT’s Neighborhood Street Fund (“NSF”), and are the result … Continue reading

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2 for the price of 1: Paving projects must also complete our streets

Seattle’s newest protected bike lane connects a future light rail station on NE 65th Street to the University Bridge and beyond. But it wasn’t created specifically as a bike improvement project. Instead, Seattle’s Department of Transportation was preparing to repave … Continue reading

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Roosevelt bike lane gets November opening party (but is mostly open already)

The city’s newest protected bike lane on Roosevelt Way NE is almost complete, and it has already revolutionized bikeability in NE Seattle. Much of the bike lane is already open, and the city has set a November 5 grand opening … Continue reading

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Motivate is out. City picks young Quebec company for new e-assist bike share system

Though it’s not final, Seattle has indicated that it intends to select a young Quebec-based company to launch an all-new electric-assist bike share system. That means both Motivate, the current Pronto Cycle Share operator, and the existing Pronto equipment are … Continue reading

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City now requires 72 hours notice for bike lane or neighborhood greenway closures

In an obvious handout to the lucrative “notice of bike lane closure” sign-making industry, Seattle now requires 72 hours of advance notice before closing a bike lane or neighborhood greenway for construction. This is obviously not a complete solution to … Continue reading

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Mayor’s budget includes big sidewalk boost, SNG pushes for more Vision Zero funds

Mayor Ed Murray unveiled his proposed 2017-18 budget last week amid protests over mostly non-transportation elements like police funding, funding for the city’s homelessness emergency and the city’s ongoing affordable housing crisis. The mayor and the majority of the Council … Continue reading

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Seattle’s new bike map much more legible, still needs to ditch the sharrows

The 2016 bike map is now out (a little late, yes), and it represents some quality steps towards a more usable routing tool. You can download the PDF or even order a free physical copy via the SDOT bike map … Continue reading

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Nicole Freedman headed back to Massachusetts as Newton Transpo Director

Nicole Freedman has stepped down as Seattle’s Active Transportation Chief after a year and a half on the job. She’s moving back to Massachusetts and serve as the Transportation Director for the City of Newton, just west of Boston where … Continue reading

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Work starts Monday on bike lanes to connect Burke-Gilman, Fremont Bridge

After more than a year of planning, SDOT is ready to begin construction on a short-but-key section of protected bike lane connecting the Burke-Gilman Trail to the Fremont Bridge. People biking already make up nearly a third of traffic on … Continue reading

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Help shape updated plans for Madison BRT and nearby safety improvements

With a preferred route for the Madison BRT project selected, now it’s time to dig into the specifics. The same goes for the so-called “parallel” bike network improvements that are part of the corridor redesign. You can get a look … Continue reading

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Plan ahead: U Bridge will be closed next three weekends

The University Bridge will be closed for the next three weekends, so plan ahead. Because the detour is going to be rough. All people driving, biking and walking will be detoured from as early as 8 p.m. Friday to as … Continue reading

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Downtown streetcar plans would make 1st Ave, Stewart more dangerous for biking

Despite ample evidence that streetcar tracks injure and maybe even kill people biking, plans for a downtown streetcar line on 1st Ave and Stewart Street do not include any adjacent bike lanes or any other measure to make the tracks … Continue reading

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