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Yet another Eastlake Ave survey confirms: Build safe bike lanes!

SDOT released the results of autumn community outreach about Eastlake Avenue bike lane design options, and the results were once again very clear: People strongly favor safe bike lanes on this vital connection between the University Bridge and South Lake … Continue reading

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SDOT survey asks if they should improve the bike lane south of U Bridge (yes, obviously) – UPDATED

Whatever you are doing, stop and fill out this quick survey to support safer bike lanes on Eastlake as part of the RapidRide J project. You can also attend one of two virtual community design sessions Wednesday from 12–1:30 p.m. or … Continue reading

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In response to Bike Board letter, CM Pedersen says he doesn’t see SDOT deleting Eastlake bike lanes

The Eastlake bike lane plans are still moving forward with the RapidRide J bus improvements project, but bike advocates in town are not taking their eye off the project until those bike lanes are on the ground. City Councilmember and … Continue reading

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Feds recommend $60 million for RapidRide J project, including Eastlake Ave remake

The Federal Transit Administration has recommended a $60.1 million grant to fund the RapidRide J project from the U District to South Lake Union via Eastlake. “Coupled with funding from the Levy to Move Seattle that voters approved in 2015, … Continue reading

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Action Alert: Eastlake Ave needs protection for planned bike lanes near U Bridge

Today is the final day to submit comments on the revamped Environmental Assessment for the RapidRide J project, which includes a redesigned Eastlake Ave E. There are a lot of excellent improvements included in the project, which would finally build … Continue reading

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Saturday: Fairview Ave N Bridge reopens with a car-free celebration

Construction work is wrapping up on the new Fairview Ave N Bridge, finally bringing an end to a long closure of a major bike route between South Lake Union and Eastlake. The bridge opens to all traffic Sunday, but people … Continue reading

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Bike lanes coming to Eastlake Ave between Stewart and Fairview, work starts this summer

SDOT and King County Metro are getting ready to redesign a significant stretch of Eastlake Ave E from Stewart Street in South Lake Union (near REI) to Fairview Ave N in Eastlake. The changes will happen in two phases with … Continue reading

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Mayor Durkan: ‘Eastlake is moving forward’

Mayor Jenny Durkan removed all doubt about what she thinks about Eastlake Ave bike lanes during a mid-day press event today. “Without prejudging what would come out of an EIS or what the lawyers would say, we need that bike … Continue reading

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Watch: Talking through Eastlake bike lanes and RapidRide J

Transcript I’m trying something new here, so definitely let me know what you think. I created a stream-style video that’s me talking through the RapidRide J project and the Eastlake bike lanes. It’s quite long and definitely rambling. But it … Continue reading

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A look at the latest plans for connecting the 520 Trail to Capitol Hill, Eastlake

In our post about the planned Eastlake Ave bike lanes, we mentioned that the bike route there would be part of a regional network once the 520 Trail reaches across I-5. It might be hard to imagine what that connection … Continue reading

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Joint Federal/SDOT report shows RapidRide J and new bike lanes would move far more people + Town hall Thursday

It’s hard to think of many potential bike lanes in Seattle as important and fundamentally game-changing as Eastlake Ave. I would probably put it at number two behind only Rainier Ave. There is no other viable option for a quality … Continue reading

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This is your final week to cross the Fairview Ave N bridge until 2021

The Fairview Ave N Bridge connecting South Lake Union to Eastlake will close for 18 months Monday. As we reported previously, the biking, walking and transit detour will be routed via Eastlake Ave and Aloha Street. People driving southbound will … Continue reading

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Get ready for a major Fairview Ave N detour later this year + A look at some of your options – UPDATED

UPDATE 8/20: SDOT says the closure could start at early as September 16. If you bike along the east side of Lake Union into the city center, then you should get ready for a significant change to your bike route … Continue reading

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After deep review, SDOT reaffirms plans for Eastlake bike lanes

There may be no bike project north of downtown Seattle more important than Eastlake Ave. Connecting to the University Bridge today and the 520 Trail in the future, Eastlake is an already well-used bike route with huge promise for growth. … Continue reading

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After further study, SDOT finds that Eastlake Ave still needs bike lanes

I thought we had already established this a few years ago during public outreach for Roosevelt RapidRide, but SDOT has tried again to find an alternative to building bike lanes on Eastlake Ave. And, just like before, the results are … Continue reading

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Support bike lanes along the Roosevelt RapidRide line (including Eastlake Ave)

An effort to build a faster and more reliable bus route along the Roosevelt Way/Eastlake Ave corridor is also an incredible opportunity to improve biking and walking conditions along the way. The project — now called Roosevelt RapidRide — is … Continue reading

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Support safe Eastlake bike lanes this week

Seattle has the chance to finally build a safe and comfortable bike route from the University Bridge to downtown. But more than that, the city also has the chance to create a safer and more inviting main street for the … Continue reading

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It’s time for a transportation revolution east of Lake Union

Imagine a direct, fully connected and protected bike route from Roosevelt and Green Lake all the way to downtown. The city is studying how to make it happen. And not only could the project fix some consistently dangerous collision hot … Continue reading

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It’s well past time to build safe bike lanes on Eastlake Ave

Eastlake Ave is a white knuckle bike ride. Even though it’s also the only reasonably flat street that directly connects the city center to the University Bridge, there are no bike lanes. Instead, people have to try to navigate the … Continue reading

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The new Fairview Ave Bridge should be a nexus for major bike routes

The Fairview Ave N bridge is part of a major bike route hub, and major improvements and new connections on Westlake, Eastlake, 9th Ave N, Lakeview Blvd E and the 520 Bridge will only make it more important in the … Continue reading

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