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Bike share pilot’s daily ridership blows past Pronto’s lifetime totals, rivals both streetcars combined

As bike share companies added more bikes to Seattle streets during late summer and early autumn, the number of trips accelerated, too. Combined, Spin, ofo and LimeBike are carrying nearly as many daily riders as both the First Hill Streetcar … Continue reading

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Mayor’s budget funds downtown streetcar, will form bike/streetcar safety review board

Mayor Ed Murray’s proposed budget would fund the Center City Connector streetcar, providing $45 million over the next half decade to match Federal grant funds and funds from City Light and Public Utilities for relocation work, Seattle Transit Blog reports. … Continue reading

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Downtown streetcar plans would make 1st Ave, Stewart more dangerous for biking

Despite ample evidence that streetcar tracks injure and maybe even kill people biking, plans for a downtown streetcar line on 1st Ave and Stewart Street do not include any adjacent bike lanes or any other measure to make the tracks … Continue reading

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I test ride a Pronto bike (and yes, it can climb hills)

Pronto Cycle Share has a couple prototypes of the 500 public bikes they will put into service around the city center and the U District in September, and I had the chance recently to test one out. The bike is … Continue reading

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Downtown streetcar plans don’t include safe bikeway

Plans for the City Center Connector streetcar do not currently include a safe bike facility. Analysis of the options for a streetcar through downtown to connect the South Lake Union and First Hill lines has settled on First Avenue as … Continue reading

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Council considers increases to bike/walk plans, transit funding could face cuts

The City Council is in the midst of hearings and meetings to discuss which parts of Mayor McGinn’s proposed 2013-14 budget to keep and which parts to scrap. It’s possible that biking and walking projects could get a boost beyond … Continue reading

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Seattle Met: City attorneys successfully argue that biking is not ‘ordinary’ on Westlake Ave

The most recent issue of Seattle Met has a whole lot of bike stuff. But the centerpiece of their coverage is a feature on bike lawyer Bob Anderton’s lawsuit on behalf of a handful of people who crashed and were … Continue reading

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Judge throws out SLU streetcar crash lawsuit

A King County Superior Court judge has dismissed claims by a group of people seriously injured on the South Lake Union streetcar tracks after they were dangerously installed in the curb lane of the previously-popular bicycling route. They plan to … Continue reading

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Set for November vote, $60 vehicle fee needs strong vision

The City Council, acting as the Transportation Benefits District, voted unanimously to send a $60 vehicle license fee to the November ballot. It’s not the full $80 recommended by the Citizens Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC III), but the funding allocations … Continue reading

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Bikes and streetcars should be friends

The idea of a new streetcar line is exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. Streetcars are cool. They encourage dense development. They encourage more people to get out of their cars and enjoy a walking and transit lifestyle. These … Continue reading

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Portland bike group asks for streetcar track fixes

EDITOR’S NOTE: While I am in majestic St. Louis, Missouri, for the holidays, I will be posting interesting bike links and urging discussion. I’ll still be writing, but at a reduced rate. Feel free to comment on this link or … Continue reading

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First Hill Streetcar Update: Cycle track would pay for itself

The First Hill Streetcar planners briefed the City Council Friday on updates to the project plans, including a couple details about the proposed cycle track. Aside from the pretty image above, there were a couple details of interest.

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SDOT working on plans to continue the Broadway cycle track on Yesler

SDOT is working on plans that would extend the proposed cycle track on Broadway down Yesler (download the PDF of the above image to see more detail). Ethan Melone, Rail Transit Manager for SDOT, said they are still studying the … Continue reading

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Savage Road Rash: Sharing the road with streetcar tracks

Dan Savage wrote yesterday on SLOG that cyclists should learn to ride with the streetcar tracks like they do in San Francisco:

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Why we need to be cautious when installing new trolley tracks

I was poking around on Bike Wise and noticed that the reported crashes seem to line the South Lake Union Streetcar tracks with blue bubbles indicating a “solo” collision. They are mostly people’s wheels getting stuck in the tracks and … Continue reading

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First Hill Streetcar plans have some bike lanes on Jackson, lots of sharrows

SDOT held an open house in the International District today to show plans for the Jackson corridor of the First Hill Streetcar. Plans include some sections with bike lanes and lots with sharrows.

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First Hill Streetcar and bike track visualization

SDOT released this video of a potential design of Broadway with the new streetcar and bicycle track. Now, it’s important to remember that there will be parking in those lanes next to the bike track, so try to imagine every … Continue reading

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