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Pronto needs city buyout before end of March, how did we get here?

The hard deadline to save Pronto is March 30. With more than 30,000 people taking 144,000 trips in the first year of operations, supporters and City Councilmembers are scratching their heads trying to figure out how Pronto got into such … Continue reading

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Happy first birthday, Pronto! A look at use and how the bike share system can grow

Pronto Cycle Share launched one year ago today. Since then, people have used the bikes to complete 144,000 trips, traveling 335,694 miles. That’s the equivalent of biking around the equator 13.5 times or biking to the moon and making it … Continue reading

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Houser stepping down as bike share Director

As Pronto Cycle Share nears its first birthday, the Holly Houser is handing over the helm. Houser has been Executive Director of Puget Sound Bike Share, the non-profit behind Pronto, since late 2012. From selecting an operating company (Alta Bicycle … Continue reading

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Pronto’s helmet solution just might work, but can it keep up with growth?

We’ve discussed the challenges of launching a bike share system in a city with a rare all-ages helmet law previously. In fact, we’ve done so at length several times. But while some other municipalities with helmet laws balk — Vancouver’s … Continue reading

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In 1 month Pronto users biked distance from Seattle to NY 8 times + Helmet theft rate down

Pronto Cycle Share is a month old, and I already can’t imagine Seattle without it. In just the first month, 1,760 annual members, 1,856 24-hour pass holders and 156 three-day pass holders used the system to make 10,747 trips and travel … Continue reading

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UW accepts bike-friendly campus award, leaders talk about how to expand biking even further

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story is by Jack Truitt, a UW News Lab student. It is published here as part of a partnership between Seattle Bike Blog and News Lab. Biking needs to become an issue of climate change and personal … Continue reading

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I test ride a Pronto bike (and yes, it can climb hills)

Pronto Cycle Share has a couple prototypes of the 500 public bikes they will put into service around the city center and the U District in September, and I had the chance recently to test one out. The bike is … Continue reading

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Buses get cut, but bike share is on track: System sponsor list keeps growing

If you’re as bummed as I am about the likely rejection of Prop 1 to save Metro funding, put down that morning beer. There is some good transportation news today. Puget Sound Bike Share announced today that the list of … Continue reading

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Seattle-based system will pioneer new bike share partnership + Hiring manager

It’s almost official, bike share is coming to Seattle. Puget Sound Bike Share announced Thursday that they have entered into a deal that would utilize a redesigned partnership between Alta Bicycle Share and 8D Technologies to launch a Seattle-based system … Continue reading

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Puget Sound Bike Share aiming for summer launch despite supplier bankruptcy

News broke Monday that the Canadian public bike maker PBSC (AKA Bixi) has declared bankruptcy. The company supplies the equipment and bikes used in most of the biggest US and Canadian bike share systems, including systems in New York City, … Continue reading

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Puget Sound Bike Share ‘optimistic’ about sponsorships, supplier troubles

Bike share boosters across the nation are biting their nails this week as Nice Ride, the Minneapolis public bikes organization, is pursuing legal action against Montreal-based PBSC. The problem is complicated, but the short version is that PBSC supplies the … Continue reading

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Why sponsoring bike share is the best marketing deal Seattle will ever see (but companies must act fast)

Simply put, there’s a good chance a marketing opportunity as good as Puget Sound Bike Share will never be seen in Seattle or King County again. For a few million dollars, your company’s name will become a part of thousands … Continue reading

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Young Professionals in Transportation will feature bike share Director Holly Houser

Adam Parast, one of the leaders of the fairly new Young Professionals in Transportation group and a frequent contributor to Seattle Transit Blog, sent along this note that Puget Sound Bike Share Director Holly Houser will present to the group … Continue reading

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City Council unanimously approves bike share ordinances, launch on track for Spring 2014

The City Council approved two ordinances Tuesday to make way for Puget Sound Bike Share stations on streets, sidewalks and plazas throughout Seattle’s urban centers, urban villages, commercial zones, industrial zones and major institutions. With a 7-0 vote (Burgess and … Continue reading

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