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Family of Desiree McCloud files lawsuit over fatal streetcar track crash

The family of Desiree McCloud has sued the City of Seattle for yet undetermined wrongful death damages following the 27-year-old woman’s fatal crash allegedly caused by the First Hill Streetcar tracks on Yesler Way near 14th Ave. McCloud was biking … Continue reading

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A note about Capitol Hill Seattle’s Justin Carder

Capitol Hill Seattle’s Justin Carder (or as his close friends call him, “@jseattle“) is likely the hardest-working journalist this side of West Seattle. His dedication to the grind of very-local news has been a remarkable thing to witness, and he has been … Continue reading

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Capitol Hill groups come together to host hyperlocal Transportation Action Day

Several Capitol Hill community groups are working together to host a free training for anyone who wants to learn how to advocate and organize for safer streets Sunday. Afterwards, attendees will immediately put their new knowledge into action by heading out … Continue reading

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Don’t stop the Broadway streetcar and bikeway now

Today, the First Hill Streetcar and Broadway Bikeway end unceremoniously at Denny Way just before reaching the North Broadway business district. People biking are forced to choose between merging into mixed traffic on the busy commercial street, trying to navigate … Continue reading

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CHS: Group rescues food that didn’t sell, bikes it to food banks and affordable housing

Our society wastes an astounding amount of food. Meanwhile, people in our own communities struggle with food insecurity or could use some help making tight budgets work. That’s where Seattle Food Rescue comes in. Founder Tim Jenkins told Josh Kelety … Continue reading

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Most Broadway Bikeway ‘smurf turds’ replaced with standard posts

After years of damage from parallel parkers and taggers, the blue sculptures that lined the Broadway Bikeway in Capitol Hill have been removed, Capitol Hill Seattle reports. They will remain in place on First Hill, at least for now. I, … Continue reading

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CHS: Two bicycle cafés opening soon in central Seattle

Sounds like the Capitol Hill bike shop vacuum is finally getting filled. And in true Hill fashion, it’s coming with coffee and beer. Our friends at Capitol Hill Seattle report that two very different bike shop cafés are opening soon … Continue reading

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Community members paint Pan-African flag crosswalk. Rather than fight it, city makes it official

Around the time of the annual Umoja Fest Africatown Heritage Parade earlier this month, some folks including the United Hood Movement went out and painted several crosswalks in the Central District red, black and green, the colors of the Pan-African … Continue reading

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Pronto’s helmet solution just might work, but can it keep up with growth?

We’ve discussed the challenges of launching a bike share system in a city with a rare all-ages helmet law previously. In fact, we’ve done so at length several times. But while some other municipalities with helmet laws balk — Vancouver’s … Continue reading

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UW, Capitol Hill Station bike detour updates + Trail bridge over Montlake Blvd could open in 2015

If your bike travels take you near the future Capitol Hill or UW light rail Stations, then you are no stranger to frustrating detours. Well, don’t get your hopes up, they’re not getting any better any time soon. But they … Continue reading

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The Green Lane Project loves the Broadway Bikeway (but illegal turns a problem)

You’ve already seen our thoughts on the Broadway Bikeway, but the lanes caught the eye of Michael Andersen at the national Green Lane Project due to the lengths the city went to work around the street’s many turning conflicts. His … Continue reading

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CHS: Broadway Bikeway ridership on the rise despite north end closure

Biking on Broadway with the new two-way protected bike lane is night-and-day compared to the previous road design, which required people on bikes to mix with busy traffic on one of the city’s busiest commercial streets. But use has been … Continue reading

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Lose the delivery truck: New business will haul your cargo by bike

In a way, Freewheel is just rediscovering what the founders of UPS knew when they started the business in downtown Seattle back in 1907: Bikes are a fast, cheap and easy way to move goods around town. UPS has long … Continue reading

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CHS: Person struck trying to access Broadway Bikeway in construction zone

When the northernmost block of the Broadway Bikeway was closed suddenly in January to accommodate Capitol Hill Station construction, many people voiced concerns that the changes were dangerous and confusing for people on bikes. Sound Transit responded by adding more … Continue reading

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CHS: Capitol Hill’s Seattle Bicycle Collective is small, but fills a big bike shop need

When Velo Bike Shop left it’s longtime home at 11th and Pine nearly one year ago, the shop was hoping to fill a need for a big bike shop in the rapidly-growing Denny Triangle area. But they left a void … Continue reading

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After sudden closure of Broadway bikeway section, Sound Transit creates a bike detour

Two weeks ago, people biking southbound on the new Broadway Bikeway were met with a surprise: Oncoming cars. No, these were not scofflaws behind the wheel, they were following a new detour put in place by Sound Transit as part … Continue reading

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City’s first parklet is instant hit, Park(ing) Day to showcase more uses for car parking spaces

Parking is Seattle’s most boring powder keg. It’s fairly difficult for the average person to stay awake during a discussion about issues like parking minimums for developments and market-rate metered parking spaces (though Sightline does a heroic job of making … Continue reading

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CHS: Man bicycling inside Bartell’s store steals phone, crashes in parking lot

People from all walks of life ride bicycles in Seattle, including thieves with poorly-planned robbery schemes. Here’s a bizarre report from Capitol Hill Seattle: A clerk at the Harvard Market Bartell’s sustained minor injuries Saturday night when a man with … Continue reading

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CHS: Car2Go helps police track down, arrest hit-and-run suspect

The young-but-popular car-sharing service Car2Go has helped police track down and arrest a hit and run suspect following a Saturday night collision on Capitol Hill, CHS reports. The victim and witnesses told police that the person driving a Car2Go turned … Continue reading

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CHS profiles Branford Bike, the ‘last bike shop on Capitol Hill’

It’s pretty hard to imagine that, with Velo Bike Shop moving from 11th and Pine to the new Via6 building in the Denny Triangle/Belltown area, Capitol Hill is now a bike shop black hole. The neighborhood now has a high … Continue reading

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