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What can we learn from this scary close call video?

OK, Seattle, we need to talk about this close call video going around. David Seater, who is the Chair of Seattle’s volunteer Pedestrian Advisory Board, was biking uphill on Pine Street on Capitol Hill earlier this week when someone driving … Continue reading

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Capitol Hill groups come together to host hyperlocal Transportation Action Day

Several Capitol Hill community groups are working together to host a free training for anyone who wants to learn how to advocate and organize for safer streets Sunday. Afterwards, attendees will immediately put their new knowledge into action by heading out … Continue reading

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Public Bikes will close Pine St shop

When Public Bikes opened at Summit and Pine in April 2015, we noted that the shop was “well-positioned to take advantage of Capitol Hill’s bike shop desert.” Velo Bike Shop had recently moved to the Denny Triangle area after decades … Continue reading

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How One Center City can finally build the vital Pike/Pine bike connection

Pike/Pine is one of the most needed and promising connections in the entire Seattle bike network. And the multi-agency One Center City partnership is looking to make major near-term changes along the corridor between Pike Place Market and Broadway that … Continue reading

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Don’t stop the Broadway streetcar and bikeway now

Today, the First Hill Streetcar and Broadway Bikeway end unceremoniously at Denny Way just before reaching the North Broadway business district. People biking are forced to choose between merging into mixed traffic on the busy commercial street, trying to navigate … Continue reading

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Convention Center expansion should help build major bike network crossroads

Much of the talk about public benefits from the planned Washington State Convention Center expansion has been focused on the very exciting idea of building a lid over more of I-5 connecting downtown to Capitol Hill and First Hill. The … Continue reading

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Neighbors will host memorial walk Sunday for man killed walking across Capitol Hill street

Max Richards was killed while walking his dog across busy Belmont Ave E at Bellevue Pl E September 21, and his death has shaken neighbors. Capitol Hill Seattle reports that 79-year-old Richards and his dog Pink were crossing when a … Continue reading

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U Link opening is the perfect chance to show Seattle why they bought Pronto

Now that the city owns Pronto (or will very soon, anyway), the people of Seattle need to understand why they bought it. Well, Saturday, big crowds are expected to turn out at Capitol Hill and UW Stations for the long-awaited … Continue reading

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Reopened street near Capitol Hill Station improves access to Broadway Bikeway

The north end of the Broadway Bikeway just became infinitely more useful as construction crews finally reopened Denny Way between Broadway, 10th Ave and Cal Anderson Park. Closed for years to build Capitol Hill Station, this section of Denny Way … Continue reading

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Most Broadway Bikeway ‘smurf turds’ replaced with standard posts

After years of damage from parallel parkers and taggers, the blue sculptures that lined the Broadway Bikeway in Capitol Hill have been removed, Capitol Hill Seattle reports. They will remain in place on First Hill, at least for now. I, … Continue reading

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SPD: How an officer recovered a stolen mountain bike in Cal Anderson

Seattle Police Officer Drew Fowler was on bike patrol in Cal Anderson Park Saturday when he spotted a high-end mountain bike in the hands of a suspected thief. Officer Fowler stopped the man and asked if he could have a … Continue reading

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CHS: Two bicycle cafés opening soon in central Seattle

Sounds like the Capitol Hill bike shop vacuum is finally getting filled. And in true Hill fashion, it’s coming with coffee and beer. Our friends at Capitol Hill Seattle report that two very different bike shop cafés are opening soon … Continue reading

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A block-by-block look at the planned Broadway Bikeway extension + Let’s connect to 520

As construction on Capitol Hill Station enters its final phases, the long closure at the north end of the Broadway Bikeway may finally open up in the next month. But the true glory of the bikeway won’t be realized until … Continue reading

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Madison BRT project could also build better Union St bike lanes

Union Street could get a major bike lane update as part of the Madison Bus Rapid Transit project, according to city plans presented at an open house earlier this week. The bike route upgrades are part of an attempt to … Continue reading

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Get your hands on Made-In-Washington bike goods at the Pedaler’s Fair Saturday

The fourth annual Pedaler’s Fair will showcase bikes, bike-related goods and art Saturday, all made right here in Washington State. Seattle Bike Blog is a sponsor of the 2015 fair, which is a great way to meet creative and enterprising … Continue reading

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PUBLIC Bikes now open on Capitol Hill

I just swung by the PUBLIC Bikes shop at Pine and Summit, and the crew there is mopping the floors and putting the final touches on the renovated shop space. They opened quietly this afternoon, and their grand opening party … Continue reading

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Following strong Seattle sales, Public Bikes will open store on Capitol Hill

Public Bikes will open its first ever retail location outside the Bay Area in Seattle this spring. With stylish, often solid-colored city bikes priced in the low-to-mid range, Public Bikes will be moving into the bike shop vacuum Velo left … Continue reading

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UW, Capitol Hill Station bike detour updates + Trail bridge over Montlake Blvd could open in 2015

If your bike travels take you near the future Capitol Hill or UW light rail Stations, then you are no stranger to frustrating detours. Well, don’t get your hopes up, they’re not getting any better any time soon. But they … Continue reading

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The Green Lane Project loves the Broadway Bikeway (but illegal turns a problem)

You’ve already seen our thoughts on the Broadway Bikeway, but the lanes caught the eye of Michael Andersen at the national Green Lane Project due to the lengths the city went to work around the street’s many turning conflicts. His … Continue reading

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Balk: Seattle car ownership is down, but it’s up in places you’d least expect

You almost cannot stand anywhere in the city center or Capitol Hill without seeing construction cranes. The number of residences in these walkable, bikeable and transit-rich areas is rising fast. It’s clear that people want to live where they have … Continue reading

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