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Report details how much catching up Seattle has to do in 2021 on bike lanes

A report completed by the Seattle Department of Transportation in December but not released until this week shows how much catching up the department is planning to do in 2021 to complete installing bike facilities that it had originally planned … Continue reading

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City announces bike plan update open houses, Barnett uncovers 11 missing projects

SDOT has announced a series of four “café-style conversations” about the latest short-term bike plan, which includes significant cuts through the life of the Move Seattle Levy. The events, produced with help from the Department of Neighborhoods, will be a … Continue reading

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SDOT and Mayor Durkan release more transparent, less visionary bike plan

26 miles of bike facilities are gone completely, and another 27 are at risk. That’s the harsh reality of the latest iteration of the Bicycle Master Plan Implementation Plan (the “Bike Plan Plan”). The result is what could be a … Continue reading

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SDOT shows off improved short-term bike plan

When SDOT released the 2016 short-term bike plan, I suggested the department “burn it and try again.” Well, they more or less did just that. The new plan is far from perfect, and it doesn’t make up for lost time resulting … Continue reading

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2016 was the year of bike plan delays, will 2017 be any better?

The biggest story for biking in Seattle in 2016 can be summed up in one terrible word: Delayed. After riding an incredible safe streets funding high for a few months following the November 2015 passage of the Move Seattle transportation … Continue reading

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Watch: City Inside/Out takes on Seattle’s slashed bike plans

Seattle Channel’s City Inside/Out produced a quality segment on the city’s recent bike plan cuts and the public protest against them. The episode begins with a five-minute intro report outlining how the cuts came about and what people protesting the … Continue reading

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We Can’t Wait, Part I: People pack City Hall to end Seattle’s bike plan delays

Seattle has not built a bike lane downtown since October 2014. The 2nd Ave bike lane was supposed to demonstrate what could be, but going into summer 2016 it remains all that is. Holding signs saying, “My Family Bikes” and … Continue reading

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Guest post part II: How Seattle can rescue residents stranded by an incomplete bike network

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the second of two guest posts by Seattle Neighborhood Greenways this week. Their map conceptualizing the connectivity potential in the city’s bike planning is brilliant. If you like this vision or are frustrated by the city’s … Continue reading

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SDOT backpedals even further on already-slashed bike plan, cuts 9th Ave

It took only two weeks for Seattle’s Department of Transportation to cut the only significant center city bike lane from their already-scaled-back 2016 plans. The 9th Ave N bike lane would have connected the new Westlake Ave bikeway (due to … Continue reading

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Seattle’s baffling short-term bike plan cuts safety, pretends downtown doesn’t exist

With the 2nd Ave protected bike lane pilot demonstrating Seattle’s vision for more ambitious, safe and comfortable bike routes downtown and beyond, Seattle voters approved an unprecedented transportation levy by a big margin. Mayor Ed Murray, his transportation advisors and … Continue reading

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So, how did the city do at building the Bike Master Plan in 2015?

After years and years of planning, 2015 was the year Seattle’s Department of Transportation finally tried to hit a stride delivering bike network additions and upgrades regularly and consistently. In order to keep the Bike Master Plan on track, the … Continue reading

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City updates short-term bike facilities plan

SDOT has released an update to the Bicycle Master Plan Implementation Plan (AKA the “Bike Plan Plan”), the guiding document that distills the 20-year citywide plan down to a list a achievable projects over the next five years. The total … Continue reading

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Here are the projects at the top of the city’s Bike Plan to-do list

So, Seattle passed a 20-year Bike Master Plan. Now what? Well, SDOT planners need to figure out which projects rise to the top of the priority list. The city has released its delayed Bike Master Plan Implementation Plan (AKA the … Continue reading

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SDOT fails to bike and chew gum at the same time, hasn’t started bike plan due last month

Tuesday’s City Council Transportation Committee chat with incoming SDOT Director Scott Kubly got off to a strange start as committee chair Tom Rasmussen and Councilmember Mike O’Brien laid into Deputy Mayor Kate Joncas (and to a much lesser extent Kubly … Continue reading

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