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Report details how much catching up Seattle has to do in 2021 on bike lanes

A report completed by the Seattle Department of Transportation in December but not released until this week shows how much catching up the department is planning to do in 2021 to complete installing bike facilities that it had originally planned … Continue reading

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With just one block missing from the Bell Street bike lane, Seattle’s ID-to-Fremont bike route is nearly complete

Seattle is only one block away from completing a connected bike route through downtown from the International District to Fremont and the Burke-Gilman Trail. This project has been the result of so much work by so many people (too many … Continue reading

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Some more details on the MLK Way S bike lane options + How to choose between one-way and two-way bike lanes

I already wrote about the MLK Jr Way S bike lane concepts, but SDOT gave a few more details about the project during the May Bicycle Advisory Board meeting (PDF) that are worth sharing. First, some background. SDOT is conducting … Continue reading

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City extends 9th Ave protected bike lanes + How can the city fix the Mercer crossing?

We are two blocks closer to a complete connection between downtown and the Westlake Bikeway. SDOT installed Phase II of their three-phase rollout of protected bike lanes on 9th Ave N in South Lake Union this week. The bike lanes … Continue reading

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New 2nd Ave traffic signals clear up confusion

When the city finally upgraded the old skinny paint-only door zone bike lane on 2nd Ave in 2014, it was an incredible increase in biking comfort downtown. But almost immediately after opening one thing became clear: The array of signals … Continue reading

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Campus Parkway protected bike lanes will come tantalizingly close to connecting U Bridge, Burke-Gilman

The city has started laying out the spray-paint outlines for new protected bike lanes on NE Campus Parkway and one block of Brooklyn Ave NE in the U District. The project should be complete by the end of September. The … Continue reading

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Dearborn bike lane improvements will connect downtown to I-90 Trail, SE Seattle bike routes – UPDATED

Dearborn Street is both flat and useful. So even though it is not packed with destinations itself and though it serves the motor vehicle network mostly as a way to access I-5 and haul freight, it is also a highly … Continue reading

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St. Louis has more miles of downtown protected bike lanes than Seattle

So, I’m my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, about to become godfather to my nephew Luke (yes, I will be insufferable with Don Corleone quotes for the next couple days), and I heard that there was a brand new protected … Continue reading

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Downtown traffic violence is a public health emergency we haven’t been treating

It’s not news that downtown streets are the scene of a huge number of serious traffic injuries and deaths. But this map at a recent open house still caught me completely off-guard. At first, I thought it was a map … Continue reading

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City kicks off development of downtown bike lane network, open house Tuesday

It’s really happening. Seattle is developing a connected network of bike lanes to and through the city center. This means connections to Uptown and Queen Anne, to South Lake Union, to Capitol Hill, to First Hill, to the International District, … Continue reading

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NE 65th St is dangerous by design, and we know how to make it safer. What’s stopping us?

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story is a follow-up to yesterday’s report about Vehicular Homicide charges against Lucas McQuinn in the alleged DUI collision that killed Andy Hulslander. I suggest reading that story first. The dangers on NE 65th Street are not … Continue reading

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Salomon: Seattle’s newest protected bike lane just part of normal street maintenance

EDITOR’S NOTE: Andres Salomon is a father and active member of NE Seattle Greenways, as well as an occasional contributor to Seattle Bike Blog. Seattle has just added a brand new protected bike lane to its repertoire.  Last month, the … Continue reading

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A block-by-block look at the planned Broadway Bikeway extension + Let’s connect to 520

As construction on Capitol Hill Station enters its final phases, the long closure at the north end of the Broadway Bikeway may finally open up in the next month. But the true glory of the bikeway won’t be realized until … Continue reading

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Mercer bike lanes open, the Bike Route Wall of Uptown finally cracks

For the first time in a generation or more, the bicycle-repelling wall of dangerous or uncrossable streets surrounding Uptown and Seattle Center has sprung a leak. The brand new, very green bike lanes on Mercer Street passing under Aurora Ave … Continue reading

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The interim Roosevelt bike lane upgrade is now open

The interim protected bike lane is now open on Roosevelt Way between NE 45th Street and the north end of the University Bridge. This project is something of a demonstration for what a more complete Roosevelt bike lane upgrade could … Continue reading

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More Westlake Bikeway design details + Construction will start in the fall

After an extensive and essentially unprecedented community planning process (at least for a bikeway project), the city is moving into more detailed final design work for the Westlake Bikeway, which will connect the Fremont Bridge and Lake Union Park. After … Continue reading

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Roosevelt bike lane will get safety upgrade from U Bridge to NE 65th

One of the most dangerous streets in the city for people on bikes will get a big bike lane upgrade when the city repaves Roosevelt Way from NE 65th Street to the University Bridge. Around 20 people on bikes have … Continue reading

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Only 2 percent of center city curb space occupied by bike lane

For all the media attention Seattle has received for installing bike lanes in recent years, you might think these things are popping up all over the place. But spend a little time on a bike, and that image is immediately … Continue reading

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Seattle makes list of top ten best new bikes lanes. Twice. Again.

Seattle’s batting average for national bike lane lists leads the league. Last year, Seattle made the Green Lane Project’s list of the top ten protected bike lanes for 2013 two times: Linden Ave was 5th and Cherry Street was 9th … Continue reading

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Green Lane Project: Here’s why protected bike lanes improve safety for people walking

It’s been shown over and over that quality protected bike lanes improve safety for all road users. In fact, protected bike lanes are one of the most effective tools we have to improve safety and comfort for people on foot. … Continue reading

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