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The Daily: UW program offers students quarterly bike rentals

Imagine if instead of buying the cheapest bike you could find on Craigslist for getting around as a college student, you could rent a quality Kona complete with helmet, lock and lights all for just $75 per quarter. Well, UW … Continue reading

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UW Police are piloting bike valet and registration service at UW Station

The UW Police Department is trialing the idea of a free bike valet service at UW Station this week in an attempt to help fight bike theft and get more bikes registered on the free bicycle database Bike Index. You … Continue reading

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Trail Alert 11/6-8: Burke-Gilman Trail detour on UW campus

Note that this work could get pushed back depending on weather. We will update when/if we learn of changes to the schedule. Details from the University of Washington: The University of Washington is scheduled to perform surface maintenance on the … Continue reading

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Using machine learning to predict traffic collisions in Bellevue (and how you can help)

The City of Bellevue, the UW and Microsoft just launched a fascinating machine-learning effort to analyze traffic danger and identify collision locations and conditions before they happen. But they need your help marking-up segments of video to identify people walking, … Continue reading

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Gone Bikin’: A short tour of UW’s remade stretch of the Burke-Gilman Trail

Seattle Bike Blog Editor Tom Fucoloro has Gone Bikin’ until Labor Day. In the meantime, we will be periodically posting short news bits and excerpts from good reads floating around the web. As we reported last week, the UW has … Continue reading

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Big deal for UW Station access, remade Burke-Gilman opens today

If you biked the UW Burke-Gilman Trail detour today, that was likely the last time you will have to do it. The key stretch of trail from 15th Ave NE to UW Station is set to open today (exact time … Continue reading

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U Link opening is the perfect chance to show Seattle why they bought Pronto

Now that the city owns Pronto (or will very soon, anyway), the people of Seattle need to understand why they bought it. Well, Saturday, big crowds are expected to turn out at Capitol Hill and UW Stations for the long-awaited … Continue reading

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The UW Burke-Gilman Detour Strikes Back! Section will close Monday until summer 2016

It’s back. I know you just started enjoying a fully open Burke-Gilman Trail, but it goes back under the knife Monday. The good news is that the UW is breaking ground on significant safety and capacity upgrades for one of … Continue reading

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Campus Parkway protected bike lanes will come tantalizingly close to connecting U Bridge, Burke-Gilman

The city has started laying out the spray-paint outlines for new protected bike lanes on NE Campus Parkway and one block of Brooklyn Ave NE in the U District. The project should be complete by the end of September. The … Continue reading

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Sound Transit will finally* open that awesome bike/walk bridge over Montlake Blvd Wednesday

UPDATE 7/22: It’s open! And with a quick snip from the @kcexec, the new bike/ped bridge @UW is open! pic.twitter.com/VFZWdvx4OB — Sound Transit (@SoundTransit) July 22, 2015 The core structure over Montlake Boulevard was built years ago, but the unfinished … Continue reading

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State will fund UW Burke-Gilman remake, Northgate bike/walk bridge, Eastside bike share + a lot more

Today, the WA House passed the appropriations part of the 16-year transportation package, earmarking money for lots and lots of highways and highway debt. We here at Seattle Bike Blog are certainly distressed by all the new and expanded highways, … Continue reading

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The magnificent new UW Burke-Gilman Trail opens

After a year and a half of ever-changing detours, one of the busiest sections of trail anywhere in the State of Washington (and maybe the entire country) reopened Wednesday afternoon. The completely redesigned “Rainier Vista” area has a much grander, … Continue reading

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UW installs truck side guards for bike/walk safety, should law require these on every truck?

The University of Washington has installed side guards on all 31 box trucks in their fleet. These guards, which hang down to cover the gap between the front and rear wheels of the truck, may not look like a big … Continue reading

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WA Transpo Bill Update: ‘Modest’ walk/bike safety boost, UW trail makeover, Eastside bike share + lots of highways

The WA legislature is getting closer to a possible deal on transportation funding, paid for in large part through a raise in the gas tax and raises in various weight fees. As with state spending for the past generation, the … Continue reading

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UW Burke-Gilman detour updates

As I’m sure regular Burke-Gilman Trail users have noticed, Seattle City Light has wrapped up its work between the UW and the power station under I-5. “City Light appreciates customers’ patience leading up to this important milestone,” City Light said … Continue reading

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The UW Burke-Gilman detour changes again next week

Anyone who bikes through UW campus regularly is familiar with changing Burke-Gilman Trail detours. So you probably won’t be surprised to learn that it’s changing again. Just remember, it’s gonna be pretty awesome when the Montlake Triangle project is complete … Continue reading

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UW will fix tree root bumps along Burke-Gilman Trail

Hooray! From a UW trail update email:

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UW reverts Pend Oreille intersection, takes out stop signs for cars crossing the Burke

Well, that didn’t last long. We reported earlier this week on the University of Washington’s efforts to improve safety where the Burke-Gilman Trail crosses Pend Oreille Road by adding stop signs for cars about to cross the trail’s crosswalk. After … Continue reading

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City Light project closes Burke-Gilman under U Bridge

An ongoing Seattle City Light project has moved to its next phase, closing a section of the Burke-Gilman Trail passing underneath the University Bridge and stretching from Adams Ln on UW campus to the crazy intersection of NE 40th/NE 40th/NE … Continue reading

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Burke-Gilman Trail alerts: New 4-way stop near UW + Trail work near NE 145th St

UPDATE: Nevermind! After many years of confusion and frustration, the UW has decided to turn the intersection of the Burke-Gilman Trail and Pend Oreille Road into a four-way stop. The trail crossing is confusing because while it has a marked … Continue reading

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