Trail Alert 11/6-8: Burke-Gilman Trail detour on UW campus

Note that this work could get pushed back depending on weather. We will update when/if we learn of changes to the schedule.

Details from the University of Washington:

The University of Washington is scheduled to perform surface maintenance on the Burke-Gilman Trail from the early morning of Monday, November 6 through the evening of Wednesday, November 8. This construction activity is part of the UW’s ongoing trail maintenance program and will require a complete closure of the Burke-Gilman Trail in the construction zone between Pend Oreille Road NE and Rainier Vista. This work will include removing sections of the trail with severe bumps and upheavals, reducing or eliminating the causes, and then repaving over them. This work has been scheduled to occur all at once to minimize the total amount of time the trail is closed. However, please note that three consecutive days of relatively dry weather are required to complete the project, so the scheduled timeline may shift.

Please expect to see construction closure and detour signage at the north and south ends of the trail construction zone. From the north end, trail users should turn right onto Pend Oreille Road NE, then turn left onto Mason Road NE, just after the gatehouse. From the south end, trail users should exit the trail at Rainier Vista, turning left toward Stevens Way (main campus loop), then turning right onto Mason Road NE. Please see the accompanying map for more details.

The Montlake Boulevard NE pedestrian overpasses and paths to the trail at Whatcom Lane, NE Wahkiakum Lane and Snohomish Lane will also be closed to public access as part of the construction zone. However, the Snohomish Lane overpass will be reopened nightly between 5 p.m. and 7 a.m. The nearest crossings for people moving across Montlake Boulevard NE during construction will be NE 44th Place (to the north) and NE Pacific Place (on the south). Normal vehicular access on Montlake Boulevard NE is not expected to be impacted and should remain unchanged.

If you have questions about this construction activity, please contact Brian K. Davis, UW Facilities Maintenance and Construction at [email protected]or 206-616-3679. For any general questions about the Burke-Gilman Trail, please contact Elisabeth McLaughlin, Finance and Business Services – Minor Capital Projects at [email protected] or 206-616-6682.

An additional trail closure is scheduled for Friday, November 10 and Saturday, November 11. The construction closure zone will span from 15th Avenue NE to the T-Wing overpass to the Magnuson Health Sciences Center. From the west end, trail users should turn left onto 15th Avenue NE, then right onto Grant Lane / NE 40th Street to connect to Stevens Way. From Stevens Way, trail users should turn right onto Rainier Vista toward the intersection with the trail. From the east end, follow these directions in reverse order.

If you have any questions about the November 10-11 closure, please contact Steve Babinec, UW Capital Planning and Development at [email protected] or 206-616-0257.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during these construction projects.

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8 Responses to Trail Alert 11/6-8: Burke-Gilman Trail detour on UW campus

  1. Doug Bostrom says:

    Presumably this will be another temporary fix requiring to be done again, because still no trenching and geotextile installation will be done alongside the trail? Rinse and repeat, again?

    First trench and barrier. Then fix the pavement. For FSM’s sake, how hard is this to understand?

  2. Gary Anderson says:


  3. Kirk says:

    YAY! I’m glad to see they will also reduce and eliminate the root causes.

  4. William says:

    If they need 3 days of good weather, why did they select November? Why not do this outside the quarter when many fewer people are walking across the overpasses from the parking lots, IMA, and other athletic facilities?

    • John O. says:

      During the three straight dry Summer months we just had the crews were busy working projects with higher priority (stuff for cars.)

  5. Liz says:

    It’s a beautiful detour through campus! I go all the way up the hill so I can ride through campus and down toward the stadium.

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