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Watch: A $0 fix for the notorious 9th and Mercer intersection

Every day during busy travel times, people turning left from southbound 9th Avenue N block the bike lane and crosswalk across Mercer Street. This happens every signal cycle, forcing people to try to find a path through the mess of … Continue reading

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City extends 9th Ave protected bike lanes + How can the city fix the Mercer crossing?

We are two blocks closer to a complete connection between downtown and the Westlake Bikeway. SDOT installed Phase II of their three-phase rollout of protected bike lanes on 9th Ave N in South Lake Union this week. The bike lanes … Continue reading

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5th Ave has a new protected bike lane … for one block

The city recently completed and opened a one-block section of protected bike lane on 5th Ave just south of Mercer. Like the Mercer bike lane, the lane is glorious where it exists. It’s bright green and separated from the street, … Continue reading

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Mercer Street: King of the Stroad

As we reported yesterday, the Great Bike Route Wall of Uptown/Lower Queen Anne has finally cracked with the opening of the new protected bikeway on Mercer Street under Aurora. But the bike lanes are just a small part of a … Continue reading

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Mercer bike lanes open, the Bike Route Wall of Uptown finally cracks

For the first time in a generation or more, the bicycle-repelling wall of dangerous or uncrossable streets surrounding Uptown and Seattle Center has sprung a leak. The brand new, very green bike lanes on Mercer Street passing under Aurora Ave … Continue reading

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Dexter closed Wednesday night, will reopen in morning with different detour

It’s probably best to just avoid the city center’s busiest bike street tonight. Both the Mercer and Alaskan Way Viaduct Projects will be closing parts of Dexter Ave in South Lake Union starting 7 p.m. Wednesday evening and ending 6 a.m. … Continue reading

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Mercer walk/bike path switching to south side starting Thursday

The biking and walking shared pathway on Mercer Street under Aurora is switching sides Thursday as construction on the Mercer West project continues. Someday (fall 2015), there will finally be a separated and protected space for people to cross Aurora … Continue reading

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Temporary Mercer walk/bike path under Aurora finally connects Dexter to Lower Queen Anne

After decades of being isolated from the city’s bicycle network, Lower Queen Anne is on the verge of a bike revolution. And a new temporary walk/bike path on Mercer under Aurora gives a preview of what it will be like … Continue reading

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What do bikers want from the Mercer West project?

Clearly, the Mercer West project is a pretty long way off (with construction scheduled to start in 2012), and there are several variables still undecided (like that tunnel thing) that could change this project. And, sure, almost all of this … Continue reading

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