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Cascade: Bike safety p.e. classes expanding to Seattle middle schools

Nearly all Seattle elementary schoolers already go through the Let’s Go Bicycle and Pedstrian Safety program as part of their physical education. But now the program is expanding to include middle schools, as well. The course, offered by Cascade Bicycle … Continue reading

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Seattle releases unique walking and biking maps for each public school

Earlier this month, we reported on the city’s fantastic School Road Safety Plan, designed to help schools, parents, students and the city all work together to end traffic deaths and injuries near schools. Well, one cool part of that plan … Continue reading

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5th Ave has a new protected bike lane … for one block

The city recently completed and opened a one-block section of protected bike lane on 5th Ave just south of Mercer. Like the Mercer bike lane, the lane is glorious where it exists. It’s bright green and separated from the street, … Continue reading

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Seattle’s Safe Routes to School efforts now reach nearly all schools

After such terribly sad news like the death of Sher Kung on 2nd Ave last week, it’s perhaps more important than ever to look at road safety programs in Seattle that truly work at preventing traffic deaths and injuries. And … Continue reading

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So, how’s Seattle’s bike-to-school revolution going?

Pretty well, it seems: Today was National Bike-to-School Day. Kids all over Seattle biked to class this morning. That’s not all that unusual, but there were definitely more than most days. And Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Jose Banda joined one … Continue reading

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Cascade: Let’s build schools for biking and walking

Schools all across Seattle are experiencing a revolution. After decades trapped in the school drop-off conundrum (Cars dropping kids at school makes it more dangerous to walk of bike to school, so more parents drive their kids. Repeat.), Seattle students … Continue reading

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Loper: What’s next after a record Bike to School Day?

This past Wednesday, Seattle’s first ever Bike to School Day rally attracted VIPs from the school district and city, as well as media including Seattle Bike Blog. Seattle Public Schools superintendent Jose Banda, School Board Member Kay Smith-Blum, and Seattle … Continue reading

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School District, WA State get behind Bike to School Day – Big Bryant bike train planned

Wednesday is Bike to School Day, and it could very well blow the doors off every previous bike to school celebration in Seattle. For one, the Seattle School District has put its full support behind the bike to school effort. … Continue reading

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Biking to Bryant Elementary up 50%, proof we can break the dangerous school drop-off cycle

143 Bryant Elementary students biked to school in May. That’s a quarter of the school population (not even counting the kids who walked). Anyone who has ever been near a school at drop-off or (worse) pick-up times has witnessed the … Continue reading

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Feet First: SPS makes Safe Routes to School key to transportation plan

Seattle Public Schools will identify safe walking routes for walking school buses for every K-8 school in the district as part of a plan to prevent car drop-offs. Providing safe ways for kids to bike and walk to school is … Continue reading

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