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Thorness: 5 Seattle holiday light bike routes

I like holiday lights as much as the next person. In fact, I like them so much that I never took the lights off my house after last winter! But sitting in idle traffic in the middle of a neighborhood … Continue reading

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Man struck and killed on Harbor Island identified. RIP Robert Mason

The man struck and killed while biking on Harbor Island Friday has been identified as Robert Mason, West Seattle Blog reports. He was 63. We send our deepest condolences to his loved ones. Police are still looking for the person … Continue reading

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Thorness: Celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Lake Washington Bike Path

The Lake Washington Bike Path turns 125 this year! Or it would if it weren’t torn up in 1905 to build Interlaken Boulevard. Bill Thorness, author of “Cycling the Pacific Coast” and “Biking Puget Sound,” wrote a story for the … Continue reading

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Even a skewed Seattle Times poll finds little support for more driving

You may have seen a headline from the Seattle Times going around this weekend saying that people in Seattle and Kind County don’t like bike lanes. Well, it’s not really as simple as the headline might suggest. I’ve been thinking … Continue reading

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Mayor Durkan moves quickly to improve Rainier/Henderson intersection after someone seriously injured 2 kids

Just 12 days after someone driving struck and seriously injured two kids crossing the street at Rainier Ave and Henderson St, SDOT crews were out making significant temporary safety improvements to the wide intersection. The sense of urgency follows a … Continue reading

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City of Sammamish, stop fighting King County over four trail stop signs

The City of Sammamish and King County are fighting in court over four proposed stop signs on two very low-traffic streets serving a handful of wealthy lakefront homes, and that fight is further delaying construction on the E Lake Sammamish … Continue reading

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No, the state’s new ‘E-DUI’ law does not apply to people biking

There has been a bit of confusion in recent days about whether Washington State’s new so-called E-DUI distracted driving law applies to people biking. It does not. The Seattle Times published a story over the weekend saying explicitly that the … Continue reading

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This unfortunate Seattle Times front page showcases the toxic windshield perspective

If I didn’t take the screenshot myself, I would assume this was a clever photoshop joke. But it’s real, as Washington Bike Law (a SBB sponsor) pointed out on Facebook. The top of Saturday’s Seattle Times teased a story about … Continue reading

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Making streets more accessible is not a ‘cost,’ it’s a vital investment

News broke last week that the city is on the verge of settling a lawsuit that could result in a big investment in more curb ramps around Seattle. Three people with disabilities — Conrad Reynoldson, Stuart Pixley and David Whedbey … Continue reading

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After a butane truck crash on I-5 snarls traffic, the Times Ed Board blames … bike lanes?

It seemed every couple minutes, someone at KUOW radio would break into the news broadcast to let people know of another major traffic problem in the Seattle area. It was February 27, and a truck carrying butane had crashed on … Continue reading

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Juries side with two people severely injured while biking in Seattle

Juries in two separate cases that concluded in recent weeks awarded large sums to people injured while biking in Seattle. Thyce Colyn, 51, was awarded $38 million after a jury found Standard Parking fully liable for a 2012 collision near … Continue reading

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Times: King County’s adult helmet law could hold back Seattle’s new bike share system

The debate about bike share in Seattle is contentious enough without bringing up one of the most divisive bike-related issues out there: Adult helmet laws. Though I understand that it may seem counter-intuitive at first, best practices from the the … Continue reading

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Times: Seattle settles Kung estate claim for $3.5 million

Seattle has settled a claim with the estate of the late Sher Kung for $3.5 million, the Seattle Times reports. Kung was killed at 2nd and University in August 2014 just ten days before the dangerous paint-only bike lane on … Continue reading

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Times: Stop building places for people until we can fit more cars

Seattle Times Editorial Board Member Brier Dudley penned his magnum opus on the rights of cars in Seattle this week, arguing that Seattle should stop building places for people to live and work until we can figure out how to … Continue reading

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What can Seattle’s bike movement do to help end homelessness?

While Mayor Ed Murray was giving a speech on the homelessness emergency in Seattle, five people were shot and two killed at a notorious camping area where Beacon Hill and I-5 meet. Though information is still scarce, the mass shooting … Continue reading

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Times: Innovative 5th Ave bikeway and public space in the works

Here’s an idea that’s incredibly obvious and way overdue: Shift parking on 5th Ave underneath the monorail columns, then use the skinny lane to the west to create a fully protected bikeway and expand the neighborhood space. Right now, the … Continue reading

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SDOT Director pens must-read Vision Zero op-ed for Seattle Times

Seattle’s Transportation Director penned a powerful op-ed about Vision Zero in the Seattle Times this week. I would paraphrase and analyze it, but reading it really just makes me want to stand up and applaud. Read it all here. Here’s … Continue reading

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Yes, Seattle has a parking problem. There’s way too much of it.

There are half a million on-street parking spaces in Seattle, and almost all of them are completely free to use. That’s 60 million square feet of city land, or 1,378 acres. And that’s not counting all the parking lots, parking … Continue reading

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Balk: Seattle car ownership is down, but it’s up in places you’d least expect

You almost cannot stand anywhere in the city center or Capitol Hill without seeing construction cranes. The number of residences in these walkable, bikeable and transit-rich areas is rising fast. It’s clear that people want to live where they have … Continue reading

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Seattle Times Ed Board adds its support to the Westlake bikeway

The Seattle Times Editorial Board added its two cents about the Westlake bikeway project this weekend, backing the city’s plan to build protected bike lanes from the Fremont Bridge to Lake Union Park and praising Mayor Ed Murray’s ability to … Continue reading

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