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Howell: Vaccinate your bike

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Brock Howell of Bicycle Security Advisors. The group is launching a campaign to fight bike theft by getting more people to register their bikes online with Bike Index. Bike theft is a major problem … Continue reading

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Bike Happy: Introducing the weekly newsletter to Seattle Bike Blog

EDITOR’S NOTE: The weekly Bike Happy newsletter is a huge dump of local bike events and advocacy news curated by Founder Brock Howell. Brock reached out and suggested the newsletter could be a great addition to Seattle Bike Blog. I … Continue reading

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Scenes from our move by bike

A couple weeks ago, my spouse Kelli and I moved from the Central District to the Wallingford/U District area. And with the help of nearly 20 amazing friends — old and new — we did it by bike. I have … Continue reading

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Panel of experts will discuss solutions to bike theft

Bike theft continues to rise steeply in Seattle. And that not only costs people money, but many people won’t replace their stolen wheels. At a time when our increasingly congested city needs more people to get around by bike, theft is … Continue reading

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Announcing FREE BIKE: A people’s festival pouring into the streets early July

Hop on a bike, and your city opens in front of you. No stop-and-go crawl down the highway, no watching your hard-earned money tick away a dollar-per-second at the gas pump, no stressing about the time left on your paid … Continue reading

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Howell: As Seattle adds jobs, how are the new workers getting there?

Editor’s Note: Every year, we write about newly-released Census data on commute modes in Seattle and communities across the country. In this guest post, Brock Howell dives even deeper, analyzing just Seattle’s new commutes. What he finds has lessons for … Continue reading

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After big election wins, Howell leaves a more grassroots-focused Cascade

To many grassroots bike activists in the Seattle area, Brock Howell may have been until recently the face of Cascade Bicycle Club. Howell left Cascade in November shortly after an election where the club’s advocacy team was a major part … Continue reading

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Community unites to buy honest stolen bike buyer an even better ride

What started as yet another stolen bike story morphed into a wonderful tale of a guy who simply did the right thing and a community that came together to thank him … and then some. Yang bought a $500 bike … Continue reading

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City bans dangerous right turns across Dexter bike lane at Mercer

Ever since Broad Street closed for good and Mercer changed from one-way to two-way, people biking southbound on Dexter Ave have faced a new danger: Cars making right turns in front of them to access westbound Mercer. But the city … Continue reading

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Let’s fund Safe Routes to Parks in Seattle’s next levy

Almost every Seattle resident agrees: Parks should be safe and fun. But so should the routes to get there. Like parks, safe streets become places where people gather and play. They become spaces where neighbors can be neighbors as well … Continue reading

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