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Scenes from our move by bike

A couple weeks ago, my spouse Kelli and I moved from the Central District to the Wallingford/U District area. And with the help of nearly 20 amazing friends — old and new — we did it by bike. I have … Continue reading

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The Bicycle Story: Colin Stevens is Seattle’s ‘Bicycling Mad Scientist’

Colin Stevens is one part of Cycle Fab, a Georgetown-based machine shop that does all kinds of custom metalworking and bicycle stuff. But he made a name for himself as Haulin’ Colin, designing and building high-capacity bike trailers and workhorse … Continue reading

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Georgetown’s Cyclefab makes bikes do more

Down a back hallway in the Equinox Studios industrial building in Georgetown lies a very special shop that makes bicycles do more. As featured over the weekend in the Seattle Times, Cyclefab is a partnership between Garth L’Esperance, Colin Stevens … Continue reading

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Video of Seattle Public Library’s new book bike

Remember that awesome book bike that Haulin’ Colin built for Seattle Public Library? Here’s a Seattle Channel video of its inaugural journey:

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Different Office: In the shop with Georgetown’s utility bike master Haulin’ Colin

Haulin’ Colin Fabrication and Machine Shop creates and modifies bikes that expand the power and abilities of bicycles in Seattle. From the iconic heavy-duty trailers to an inventive (industry-shaking?) no-weld cycle truck conversion kit and beyond, Haulin’ Colin’s shop is … Continue reading

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What to do this weekend: Freedom edition

Well, this weekend marks the official start of the Seattle summer (though pessimistic Seattleites may insist summer starts after July 4). There is no better way to celebrate freedom than by riding a bicycle. Tell your friends they can try … Continue reading

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Seattle Pride had some awesome pedal power, but WAY too many damn cars

I saw this awesome circular bike (which I later learned is a Conference Bike) during the Seattle Pride parade downtown. It was fairly mesmerizing to watch this thing roll by, and it took me a while to figure out what … Continue reading

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