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Mike McGinn will run for another term as mayor

Standing in the yard of his Greenwood house with his family — a couple campaign signs leaning against the white picket fence, perhaps dusted off after four years in storage — Mike McGinn announced his candidacy for mayor. This wil be his third mayoral … Continue reading

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The Bicycle Story: Former Mayor McGinn on Seattle’s ‘bikelash’

Maybe it needs to happen in every town on its way to taking bicycling seriously as a mode of transportation: Bikelash. It’s a clever term to describe a period of public outrage over bicycling projects when neighbors believe that the … Continue reading

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An archaeological dig on NE 125th Street, one of the final battles in the War on Cars

The lucky among you do not remember the vicious fight over a 2011 road diet on NE 125th Street, which pitted neighbors against neighbors in a drawn-out and ugly battle over ten feet of road space in North Seattle. Prompted … Continue reading

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Bike commuting grew nearly 50% under McGinn, Murray will oversee ‘extraordinary’ years ahead

Mike McGinn called mayor-elect Ed Murray today to concede, telling him that “he was going to be in for an extraordinary four years.” This is certainly true for cycling in the city. The number of people biking to work grew … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Ed Murray, Mike O’Brien and other election winners

Ed Murray has been elected as the next Mayor of Seattle. We look forward to covering transportation issues under his leadership. He has campaigned on the claim that he can forge the partnerships needed to get things done, including safe … Continue reading

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City launches ‘Neighbors for Road Safety’ project, seeks leaders

The Mayor’s Office today announced a new program aimed at helping residents organize and stay informed about road safety issues in areas where you live and work. Neighbors for Road Safety (sign up here) is part of the Road Safety … Continue reading

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Murray flips again, now wants to ‘fully fund’ Northgate bike/walk bridge

Ed Murray has issued another clarification about a biking and walking transportation issue: the Northgate biking and walking bridge across I-5. The bridge would dramatically increase the ability for people to bike and walk to the upcoming light rail station. … Continue reading

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You’ve voted by now, right? If not, here’s a mini-guide

If you haven’t voted, do it now. I mean it. Go get your ballot. I’ll wait… … … OK, good. I say to vote now because mail-in voting allows procrastinators to, well, procrastinate. Then it’s the day of the election … Continue reading

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Murray reverses his position about NE 75th Street bike lanes

The Ed Murray campaign this morning backtracked on his answer to Feet First about the NE 75th Street bike lanes, saying the project was “not a mistake.” As we reported yesterday, Murray had originally told Feet First that the project … Continue reading

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Murray says NE 75th Street safety project was a ‘mistake’ because it removed unused parking

Ed Murray told Feet First recently that he thinks it was a mistake to install bike lanes on NE 75th Street, part of a road safety project demanded by neighbors following the devastating collision that killed Judy and Dennis Schulte … Continue reading

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City releases bike plan options for NE 65th Street + Is a compromise possible?

The mayor sent an email to neighbors of NE 65th Street to give them an update on the city’s research into which option should be included in the Bicycle Master Plan. SDOT came up with four options and created an … Continue reading

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Ed Murray does not want to complete the Burke-Gilman Missing Link – UPDATED

“There goes my bike support,” Seattle mayoral candidate joked to the Seattle Times’ Jonathan Martin after coming out against completing the Ballard Missing Link of the Burke-Gilman Trail. I’m guessing that the hundreds — maybe thousands — of Seattle residents … Continue reading

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Ahead of fundraiser by group opposing a Westlake cycle track, Murray says ‘I support cycle tracks’

I received an email about a fundraiser for mayoral candidate Ed Murray recently from a group opposed to the idea of a safe bikeway connecting the Fremont Bridge and South Lake Union along Westlake Ave. That project, which has received … Continue reading

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Mayor announces $14M in neighborhood transportation, sidewalks and neighborhood greenways could get boost

Mayor McGinn announced Wednesday nearly $14 million in additional neighborhood transportation investments as part of his proposed 2014 budget. The bulk of of the funds go toward what McGinn’s office calls “basics,” which means bridge rehab planning, new sidewalks, repaving … Continue reading

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City will invest $14.8M from school zone speed cameras into Safe Routes to School

The city will invest $14.8 million in road safety projects near schools by the end of 2014, all funded by new school zone speed cameras. This means safer crosswalks, traffic calming and new sidewalks near 20 schools. And the best … Continue reading

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Comparing bike commute rates to the mayoral primary results

The Seattle Times released an interactive map this week visualizing Seattle’s mayoral primary election precinct-by-precinct. So I thought, How do the results compare to bike commute rates? As you can see above, there is a correlation between neighborhoods with high … Continue reading

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Mayor McGinn will hold Monday town hall to discuss NE 65th Street

In the whole Bicycle Master Plan update, the idea of a protected bike lane of some kind on NE 65th Street has proven to be the most controversial. But it also one of the projects with the most promise, both … Continue reading

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Parks Levy and O’Brien way ahead, McGinn looks strong in early returns

King County voters overwhelmingly passed the county parks levy, which among many other parks projects could help accelerate development and planning of high profile regional trails like the Eastside Rail Corridor trail, missing trail connections near Snoqualmie, work on the … Continue reading

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Endorsement: Mike McGinn for Mayor

Every now and again, an excited tweet or facebook post pops up from an everyday Seattle resident who saw their mayor smiling and waving as he biked by. For Mike McGinn, biking isn’t just a talking point or desirable voting … Continue reading

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Video of Seattle Public Library’s new book bike

Remember that awesome book bike that Haulin’ Colin built for Seattle Public Library? Here’s a Seattle Channel video of its inaugural journey:

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