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Bike commuting grew nearly 50% under McGinn, Murray will oversee ‘extraordinary’ years ahead

Mike McGinn called mayor-elect Ed Murray today to concede, telling him that “he was going to be in for an extraordinary four years.” This is certainly true for cycling in the city. The number of people biking to work grew … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Ed Murray, Mike O’Brien and other election winners

Ed Murray has been elected as the next Mayor of Seattle. We look forward to covering transportation issues under his leadership. He has campaigned on the claim that he can forge the partnerships needed to get things done, including safe … Continue reading

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Times: Murray threw embarrassing fit over UW parking ticket

We’ve all been frustrated by an unexpected fee. I once refused to leave the desk of a Wells Fargo branch manager until she reversed a $5 fee I was charged for not having enough money in my account (a noble … Continue reading

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Murray flips again, now wants to ‘fully fund’ Northgate bike/walk bridge

Ed Murray has issued another clarification about a biking and walking transportation issue: the Northgate biking and walking bridge across I-5. The bridge would dramatically increase the ability for people to bike and walk to the upcoming light rail station. … Continue reading

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You’ve voted by now, right? If not, here’s a mini-guide

If you haven’t voted, do it now. I mean it. Go get your ballot. I’ll wait… … … OK, good. I say to vote now because mail-in voting allows procrastinators to, well, procrastinate. Then it’s the day of the election … Continue reading

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Murray reverses his position about NE 75th Street bike lanes

The Ed Murray campaign this morning backtracked on his answer to Feet First about the NE 75th Street bike lanes, saying the project was “not a mistake.” As we reported yesterday, Murray had originally told Feet First that the project … Continue reading

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Murray says NE 75th Street safety project was a ‘mistake’ because it removed unused parking

Ed Murray told Feet First recently that he thinks it was a mistake to install bike lanes on NE 75th Street, part of a road safety project demanded by neighbors following the devastating collision that killed Judy and Dennis Schulte … Continue reading

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Ed Murray does not want to complete the Burke-Gilman Missing Link – UPDATED

“There goes my bike support,” Seattle mayoral candidate joked to the Seattle Times’ Jonathan Martin after coming out against completing the Ballard Missing Link of the Burke-Gilman Trail. I’m guessing that the hundreds — maybe thousands — of Seattle residents … Continue reading

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Ahead of fundraiser by group opposing a Westlake cycle track, Murray says ‘I support cycle tracks’

I received an email about a fundraiser for mayoral candidate Ed Murray recently from a group opposed to the idea of a safe bikeway connecting the Fremont Bridge and South Lake Union along Westlake Ave. That project, which has received … Continue reading

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Video: Livable Streets Mayoral Forum + Mayoral race open thread

Thank you to Seattle Neighborhood Greenways for inviting me to be a co-moderator of Monday’s Livable Streets Forum Monday. Thanks also to my partner-in-moderating Deb Salls, Executive Director of Bike Works. I’ve never moderated anything like this before, so it … Continue reading

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Monday mayoral candidate forum will focus on safe, livable streets

Which candidates for mayor will make safe streets a top priority? Find out Monday at a mayoral candidate forum hosted in Madison Valley by Seattle Neighborhood Greenways and sponsored by a long list of safe streets groups, including Seattle Bike … Continue reading

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A chat with mayoral candidate Kate Martin

Kate Martin may be way behind in the money game, but she thinks the other Seattle mayoral challengers are ignoring too many people. “They’re all going for the same voters,” Martin told Seattle Bike Blog during a recent chat at … Continue reading

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Looking to stand out from the mayoral pack? Challenge McGinn with a bike-friendly vision

Are you running for Mayor of Seattle, but don’t know how to stand out among a packed crowd of challengers to incumbent Mike McGinn? Stop reading Internet comments and come out with an inspiring vision for a biking and walking-friendly … Continue reading

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