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Salomon: Finally fixing NE 65th Street (Part One)

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is Part One of a two-part series by NE Seattle Greenways leader and former mayoral candidate (“I ran for Mayor before it was cool“) Andres Salomon. In this post, Salomon gives an update on the need for … Continue reading

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NE 65th Street will get autumn quick fixes, bigger remake in 2018-19

After years of community urging and protest, Seattle is about to kick off a road safety project on NE 65th Street to address the street’s serious ongoing safety problems. People walking, biking and inside cars all continue to get seriously … Continue reading

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CM Johnson calls on SDOT, Mayor to have plan to fix 65th ready by Feb 14

As neighbors once again fired up the well-worn #Fix65th hashtag after yet another person was injured on that street, Councilmember Rob Johnson and Mayor Ed Murray announced a plan to expedite an already-budgeted effort to improve safety on NE 65th … Continue reading

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Neighbors march for a safer NE 65th Street

Standing next to the ghost bike painted white in memory of Andy Hulslander, Councilmember Rob Johnson (District 4) lamented that the city had not acted fast enough to make NE 65th Street safer. “I stated [in my campaign] that we … Continue reading

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CM Johnson will join community walk for a safer NE 65th Street Thursday

It’s well past time to make NE 65th Street safer for everyone. A community walk Thursday plans to call for exactly that. The #Fix65th Safety Walk starts 8 a.m. Thursday at 12th Ave NE and NE 65th St. Councilmember Rob … Continue reading

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Person biking critically injured in collision at 65th and Ravenna Blvd- UPDATED

A 48-year-old man biking in Ravenna was critically injured in a collision with someone driving a King County Metro VanPool vehicle this morning on NE 65th Street near Ravenna Boulevard. Though few details have been released, Seattle Police say the … Continue reading

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NE 65th St is dangerous by design, and we know how to make it safer. What’s stopping us?

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story is a follow-up to yesterday’s report about Vehicular Homicide charges against Lucas McQuinn in the alleged DUI collision that killed Andy Hulslander. I suggest reading that story first. The dangers on NE 65th Street are not … Continue reading

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Andy Hulslander was father of two who proposed at a velodrome + His alleged killer pleads not guilty

Lucas McQuinn, 29, pleaded not guilty to Vehicular Homicide Wednesday morning, three weeks after he allegedly drove under the influence and killed Andy Hulslander. Andy, a father of two, was biking home to Lake Forest Park from his job in … Continue reading

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DUI suspect kills person biking in Ravenna – UPDATE: RIP Andres Hulslander

A person suspected of driving under the influence struck and killed a 45-year-old who was biking in Ravenna late Saturday, according to Seattle Police. UPDATE: The man killed has been identified as Andres Hulslander, according to the King County Medical … Continue reading

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Murray reverses his position about NE 75th Street bike lanes

The Ed Murray campaign this morning backtracked on his answer to Feet First about the NE 75th Street bike lanes, saying the project was “not a mistake.” As we reported yesterday, Murray had originally told Feet First that the project … Continue reading

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A closer look at the proposed NE 65th St options

As promised in our previous post (see also for background), here is a more in-depth and ground-tested look at the options SDOT is considering for NE 65th Street in the city-wide Bike Master Plan. I went on a bike tour … Continue reading

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City releases bike plan options for NE 65th Street + Is a compromise possible?

The mayor sent an email to neighbors of NE 65th Street to give them an update on the city’s research into which option should be included in the Bicycle Master Plan. SDOT came up with four options and created an … Continue reading

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Seattle Transit Blog: Business on NE 65th dramatically increased after bike lane was installed

UPDATE 8/16: I understand that pairing this headline and this graphic was slightly misleading, so I want to make it clear that the study quoted here does not have enough data to say this rise is due to the bike … Continue reading

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Mayor McGinn will hold Monday town hall to discuss NE 65th Street

In the whole Bicycle Master Plan update, the idea of a protected bike lane of some kind on NE 65th Street has proven to be the most controversial. But it also one of the projects with the most promise, both … Continue reading

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Bike Master Plan Draft 2: NE Seattle, Wallingford, Green Lake and Northgate

The last day to comment on the second draft of the Bicycle Master Plan is Friday. Email your comments to bmpupdate@seattle.gov. This post is a continuation of a series investigating some of changes in the newest draft of the Bike … Continue reading

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Now open: NE 65th Street cycle track near Magnuson Park

To use a summer blockbuster analogy, cycle tracks—essentially bike lanes that are protected from general traffic—are the next big thing dropping on Seattle’s streets. NE 65th Street is the trailer, and it was just officially released. SODT reports that the … Continue reading

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City plans short cycle track on NE 65th St near Magnusson Park

Just days after I saw a presentation about the NE 65th St cycle track, a woman was struck by a car while crossing the street on foot. She was running on the Burke-Gilman Trail, crossing a relatively low-traffic segment of … Continue reading

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Meetings tonight to discuss Ballard and Green Lake bike lanes

This is late notice again (sorry!), but SDOT will be at two separate meetings at 7 p.m. tonight (May 11) to discuss projects on 20th Ave NW in Ballard and N/NE 65th St in Green Lake. Green Lake SDOT representatives … Continue reading

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