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Report: NE 65th Street bike lanes have saved lives and prevented serious injuries

For a four-year period, the short stretch of NE 65th Street between NE Ravenna Blvd and 39th Ave NE killed one person and seriously injured at least one other person every year. But a hard-fought safety project installed in spring … Continue reading

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Seattle knew 5 years ago that a Rainier Ave safety project would save lives, but is just now starting work

Rainier Ave S has long held a terrible title: The most dangerous street in Seattle. It saw more crashes per mile than the city’s other deadly streets, including Lake City Way and Aurora, despite carrying far fewer trips. “During a … Continue reading

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Shortcut: Only 1 person died in Oslo traffic last year, a city comparable in size to Seattle

People sometimes argue that Vision Zero is unrealistic. That getting to zero deaths and serious injuries due to traffic collisions will never happen. Tell that to Oslo. The Norwegian capital (population: 680,000) had just one person die in traffic in … Continue reading

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Seattle Neighborhood Greenways letter opposes deportations due to traffic violations

Traffic enforcement is often cited as one of a community’s strategies for achieving Vision Zero. But a traffic violation should not lead to someone being deported. That’s the message of a letter signed by a coalition of groups working with Seattle Neighborhood … Continue reading

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Rainier Ave safety project worked even better than planned, city will extend it south

A 2015 safe streets redesign on Rainier Ave is working even better than expected by nearly every measure. Just by repainting the lines on the major street, the city’s Vision Zero team was able to dramatically reduce the number of … Continue reading

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Today, Seattle speed limits dropped to 25 downtown, 20 on every minor street

Did you feel it overnight? A strange feeling that even though the street outside your window looks the same as before, there’s something different about it? OK, probably not. But something did happen: The speed limit was lowered by five … Continue reading

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City looks to extend NE 75th St safety project, open house Wednesday

Building on the success of the NE 75th Street safety project, the city is heading west to improve safety on more of NE 75th Street and Banner Way NE. The 2013 safety project on NE 75th cut speeding 60 percent … Continue reading

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Seattle traffic deaths up in 2015, but serious injuries are down

Twenty people died in Seattle traffic last year, up from 2014’s total of 17 and above the trend the city needs to achieve zero traffic deaths by 2030, one of the city’s Vision Zero goals. Mayor Ed Murray did not mention … Continue reading

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Bellevue endorses Vision Zero

The Bellevue City Council unanimously endorsed Vision Zero Monday, setting a goal of zero deaths and serious injuries on Bellevue streets by 2030. In fact, there was very little discussion or debate about the resolution (PDF), which sailed right through. … Continue reading

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Banning turns-on-red is an exciting first step to taking back our crosswalks

We’ve all been there. You get the walk signal and step off the curb. But the person driving keeps inching towards you. You try to make eye contact, but they are looking left for a break in traffic, still inching … Continue reading

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Toward Zero: Honoring the 150 people killed or badly injured in Seattle traffic since Sher Kung

A crowd gathered on the steps of the Garden of Remembrance downtown Friday listened to 150 bell rings, one for every person seriously injured or killed in Seattle traffic in just one year. They also heard ten names, all people … Continue reading

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Chatting with Q13 about downtown’s traffic violence emergency

Q13 News invited me on their morning news show today to talk about traffic violence downtown, which I described a few weeks ago as “a public health emergency we haven’t been treating.” We also talked about SW Admiral Way, where … Continue reading

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SDOT Director pens must-read Vision Zero op-ed for Seattle Times

Seattle’s Transportation Director penned a powerful op-ed about Vision Zero in the Seattle Times this week. I would paraphrase and analyze it, but reading it really just makes me want to stand up and applaud. Read it all here. Here’s … Continue reading

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Seattle’s plummeting bike collision rate may have stalled

As more people bike in a city, the total number of bicycle-involved collisions often remains flat. Sometimes it rises a little, and sometimes it falls. But the “safety in numbers” bike safety phenomenon is surprisingly consistent: The more people bike, … Continue reading

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Infographic: Seattle’s low-cost safe streets projects work really well

A road diet, rechannelization, safe streets redesign, complete streets project or whatever you want to call it: It works. Troy Heerwagen has created an excellent interactive infographic over at his Walking in Seattle blog that shows how consistently effective Seattle’s … Continue reading

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Can Seattle end traffic violence by 2030?

Sandhya Khadka dreamed big. She believed in equality, especially equality for women, and she was dedicated to do something about it. “There are people you remember for long after they are gone. Sandhya was one of those,” said family friend … Continue reading

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Seattle will announce Vision Zero campaign to end traffic violence – UPDATED

Seattle leaders will announce Vision Zero today in Lake City, calling for an end to traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2030. Mayor Ed Murray, Councilmember Tom Rasmussen, and folks from SDOT and SPD will be at Lake City Library … Continue reading

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Lucia: Seattle one of the safest cities to walk, but that’s not good enough

Seattle is one of the safest big cities in North America for people walking, but tell that to the 415 people hit by cars and trucks in 2013. For every 100,000 Seattle residents, 1.15 people will be killed in traffic … Continue reading

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Neighbors, city and state launch traffic safety project on Lake City Way

The State of Washington, the City of Seattle and Lake City neighbors will launch a coordinated traffic safety project on Lake City Way this afternoon. Two community walks will start at 3:30 p.m. and converge at the Chase Plaza at … Continue reading

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On year anniversary of devastating DUI, community rallies in call for ‘vision zero’

Dan Schulte told a crowd of residents gathered in memory of his parents and in a call for safer streets that being a public figure feels “strange” to him. In fact, he wasn’t even sure he wanted to be at … Continue reading

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