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2 for the price of 1: Paving projects must also complete our streets

Seattle’s newest protected bike lane connects a future light rail station on NE 65th Street to the University Bridge and beyond. But it wasn’t created specifically as a bike improvement project. Instead, Seattle’s Department of Transportation was preparing to repave … Continue reading

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If Holman Road is a ‘complete street,’ then that term has lost all meaning

I received a troubling press release today from SDOT. In announcing the completion of the 1.4-mile, $3.8 million Holman Road repaving project, the department and Director Scott Kubly repeatedly refer to the street as a “complete street.” If Holman Road … Continue reading

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Pierce County passes complete streets ordinance

From now on, whenever Pierce County plans major road work the planners will need to consider the needs of all road users. Earlier this month, the Pierce County Council adopted a complete streets ordinance that “promotes roadways that are safe … Continue reading

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City will study improvements to notorious section of Dexter between Denny and Mercer

Dexter Ave is among the busiest bike streets in the city. Unfortunately, it has also been the scene of far too many collisions, including a very serious one July 25 and, of course, the devastating collision that took the life … Continue reading

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Changes to NE 125th create a better neighborhood street for all

One more street in Seattle is safer thanks to the city’s complete streets remake of NE 125th Street in Lake City. What used to be a dangerous, four-lane highway-style road dividing the neighborhood has been redesigned to meet the needs … Continue reading

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Neighborhood-Powered Streets Part 3: Controversially less controversial

This story is part of a series about Seattle’s young neighborhood greenway movement. In part three, we look into hopes that greenway projects will be less controversial than arterial bike lanes and how that could impact the city’s bicycle infrastructure … Continue reading

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Complete streets bill passes House and Senate

The complete streets grant bill, HB 1071, passed the Senate yesterday 29-19. The bill needs a concurrence vote to settle differences in the Senate a House versions, then should go to the governor to be signed into law. With this … Continue reading

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SDOT recommends NE 125th changes

Pending approval by Mayor McGinn, SDOT is moving forward with plans to redesign NE 125th St to include a center left turn lane, bike lanes and improved pedestrian crossings. The proposed changes between Roosevelt and 28th Ave NE met with … Continue reading

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Final Linden Ave N open house April 6

The 2011 paving season continues with the final Linden Ave N complete streets project open house next week. The project would create a two-way cycle track on Linden Ave N that would connect the Interurban Trail to Seattle’s north border … Continue reading

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NE 55th project in Ravenna includes bike lanes, curb bulbs

Work to repave and reconfigure NE 55th St near Ravenna Park is scheduled to begin April 4. The project will add curb bulbs and bike lanes to the large, strange intersection of NE 55th, NE 54th, Ravenna Pl NE, Ravenna … Continue reading

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Still not convinced of the benefits of complete streets?

SDOT published a post on their blog with great before and after shots of the redesigned intersection at 15th Ave S and S Lander St. Sited a block from the light rail station, the intersection’s former design can be seen … Continue reading

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Bike incident press from Bizarro World … I mean the Netherlands

Streetsfilms posted this video, which clearly leaked through a dimension split of some kind. It comes from a parallel universe where a moment of reckless driving that almost seriously injures some cyclists spurs public outrage and a series of angry … Continue reading

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Better road design standards bill passes House Transportation Committee

Publicola reports that HB 1700, a bill that would ease state road design standards to give communities more tools for designing bicycle and pedestrian-friendly roads, has passed out of the House Transportation Committee. The bill is one of many being … Continue reading

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Two complete streets bills in Olympia this year

Complete streets are easier to cross on foot. They are safer for biking. They also reduce the number of car crashes, especially the rate of injury-causing higher speed wrecks. Basically, complete streets are about creating streets designed for people. Two … Continue reading

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Overcoming the fear of bicycling

Unless you are reading this post on your smart phone while riding down the Burke-Gilman (please don’t do that), you should probably be more afraid of the chair you are sitting in than your bicycle. If bicycling has such clearly … Continue reading

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(VIDEO) When you design roads so people can go 80 …

… people will want to go 80. And if you force them to go 55, they will get angry: (The video is from 2007, but I thought it was really interesting. h/t VeloBusDriver)

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Should city cyclists feel bad about bike funding in the mayor’s budget?

Super short answer: No. I have heard (and felt) some uneasiness about the inclusion of so-called alternative transportation funding in the mayor’s proposed budget, which slashes just about every department in the city. Bike Intelligencer posted an interesting reflection after … Continue reading

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Attend the budget meetings to support complete streets

The Bicycle Alliance of Washington urges you to show up to the city’s budget hearings and voice your support for complete streets projects. Why? Because these vital projects need funding, and funding is getting cut all over.

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Why complete streets make sense in a balanced city budget

A lot of city services will be hit pretty hard if Mayor McGinn’s proposed budget goes through. Among the hardest hit are neighborhood centers, community centers in richer areas, smaller libraries and employees in nearly all departments. But the mayor … Continue reading

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No, SDOT does not need more 125th studies

Let’s make this clear, yet again. NE 125th carries a little over 16,000 cars per day. SDOT’s experience and research clearly shows that the proposed three-lane configuration can carry up to 25,000 vehicles per day. They have done similar projects … Continue reading

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