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Cascade lists their 5 top-priority Seattle bike projects

Cascade Bicycle Club recently posted their top 5 Seattle bike improvement priorities, though it’s really more like like 4 projects and a citywide plan. They go into more detail about each in their blog post, so go check it out. … Continue reading

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Walk through the Battery Street Tunnel Sunday + What will be its legacy in our city?

The Battery Street Tunnel has been part of Seattle for 65 years, but very few people have ever had the opportunity to walk through it. Well, Sunday morning is your chance. Walk the Battery is a free public event, part … Continue reading

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Seattle’s planned waterfront highway takes major step forward. It must be stopped.

It is 2016. Nearly every month this year reached the hottest global average on record. Cities across the world and across our nation are working to remove downtown highways that divide and depress their vital economic and cultural centers. Yet … Continue reading

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Who is going to step up and fix the planned waterfront surface highway?

So many of you submitted comments shocked by the gigantic waterfront highway presented in the most recent Waterfront Seattle plans that you triggered a requirement mandating the city study a road design that has fewer lanes to cross between the … Continue reading

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Our latest look at plans for a new downtown waterfront

The draft Environmental Impact Statement for the redesigned Seattle downtown waterfront is out. You have until August 12 to submit comments, which you can do via this online survey or by emailing [email protected] The final EIS should be out in … Continue reading

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Bikes should fit on the proposed downtown gondola, would you use it?

Imagine a gondola from the waterfront to the convention center with a stop at Pike Place Market. Now imagine that you can bring your bike on board. Would you use it? That’s the plan that Pier 57 and Waterfront Ferris … Continue reading

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#ReturnBertha: Why we don’t need to finish the downtown tunnel highway

While we here at Seattle Bike Blog have been very much against the Highway 99 deep bore highway tunnel all along, it was mostly because it is too expensive for what we were going to get. Basically, by investing in … Continue reading

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Updated waterfront plans lay out more bikeway, street design details

Waterfront Seattle recently held a public meeting to unveil updated plans for the streetscape, transit, walking and biking experience on the soon-to-be renovated downtown waterfront. Plans include a two-way bikeway on the waterfront side of the street, separated from both … Continue reading

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Waterfront meeting will showcase updated plans for new Alaskan Way

Redesigning Alaskan Way is an incredible opportunity to create a people-centered downtown waterfront. With the viaduct out of the way, the city and state have a relatively blank slate to create a new street that makes it easy an comfortable … Continue reading

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Tonight: Help save the waterfront

Remember when one of the biggest promises of the Alaskan Way Viaduct removal project was that it would reconnect downtown to the waterfront? Well, that’s not going to happen unless we speak up to make sure the walking and biking … Continue reading

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City will retime short Alaskan Way walk signal

During the viaduct walk event a couple weeks ago, I noticed the walk signal at Alaskan Way and King St near the waterfront seemed awfully fast. So I posted a video I shot and sent an email to SDOT. Turns … Continue reading

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Clash of the Powerpoints: Waterfront edition – UPDATED

UPDATE: Here’s the winner, as announced by the city this afternoon: James Corner Field Operations. 10 0915 jcfo__seattle cw final public meeting View more presentations from tfooq. The city is set to announce it’s design leadership for the waterfront today. … Continue reading

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