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Tuesday: Tell SDOT we need a continuous waterfront bikeway

Seattle’s downtown waterfront has been under construction for so long, it’s sometimes easy to forget that when the dust finally settles there will be a complete waterfront bikeway for the first time in Seattle history. Upon opening, this bikeway will … Continue reading

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Who is going to step up and fix the planned waterfront surface highway?

So many of you submitted comments shocked by the gigantic waterfront highway presented in the most recent Waterfront Seattle plans that you triggered a requirement mandating the city study a road design that has fewer lanes to cross between the … Continue reading

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Our latest look at plans for a new downtown waterfront

The draft Environmental Impact Statement for the redesigned Seattle downtown waterfront is out. You have until August 12 to submit comments, which you can do via this online survey or by emailing [email protected] The final EIS should be out in … Continue reading

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WSDOT opens bike path under new Atlantic St Overpass

The biking and walking trail under the newly-opened Atlantic Street Overpass is now open, fixing a confusing bike connection between E Marginal Way and the Alaskan Way Trail into downtown. When the overpass opened to traffic early this year, the … Continue reading

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Person seriously injured in collision on Alaskan Way

A man was seriously injured Tuesday night while biking on Alaskan Way. Details are sparse, but it sounds like the man was biking northbound on the biking and walking path near Columbia Street when he collided with a southbound SUV. … Continue reading

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State makes changes to confusing Atlantic Street intersection – UPDATED

The Washington State Department of Transportation opened a new overpass at S Atlantic Street to help people bypass a sometimes frustrating railroad crossing near Alaskan Way S. But people on bikes were met with frustration and confusion when the overpass … Continue reading

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Man charged with vehicular assault for speeding and crashing into woman on bike downtown

Tyler J Gilstrom, 24, has been charged with vehicular assault for seriously injuring a woman on Alaskan Way shortly before 5:30 p.m. March 1 (a Friday), the PI reports. Gilstrom was going 60 on his Honda motorcycle when he crashed … Continue reading

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Updated waterfront plans lay out more bikeway, street design details

Waterfront Seattle recently held a public meeting to unveil updated plans for the streetscape, transit, walking and biking experience on the soon-to-be renovated downtown waterfront. Plans include a two-way bikeway on the waterfront side of the street, separated from both … Continue reading

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Waterfront meeting will showcase updated plans for new Alaskan Way

Redesigning Alaskan Way is an incredible opportunity to create a people-centered downtown waterfront. With the viaduct out of the way, the city and state have a relatively blank slate to create a new street that makes it easy an comfortable … Continue reading

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Alaskan Way Trail tacks appear intentional

I’ve been receiving notes about tacks on the Alaskan Way Trail near Pioneer Square all week, but now that I’ve seen Eric Shalit’s photo (taken Thursday night) I’m very concerned that the tacks are intentional, and the culprit keeps returning … Continue reading

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Tonight: Help save the waterfront

Remember when one of the biggest promises of the Alaskan Way Viaduct removal project was that it would reconnect downtown to the waterfront? Well, that’s not going to happen unless we speak up to make sure the walking and biking … Continue reading

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Dangerously short walk signal at Alaskan Way and King

When I went down to walk around on the Viaduct Saturday, I encountered this extremely short walk signal at Alaskan Way and King St. This intersection connects the old waterfront trail with the newly-opened Alaskan Way Trail, so it is … Continue reading

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W Seattle bike commuter explains danger posed near Terminal 46 (VIDEO)

Remember the scary tale by Kit Newman, who says he was nearly struck by a truck on S Alaskan Way near Atlantic? Well, West Seattle bike commuter Tom Furtwangler (from Bikejuju) made a video clearly outlining the problem:

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Bike commuter describes scary experience on Alaskan Way

NOTE: We apologize that there was Bike News Roundup yesterday. We have been hard at work planning Saturday’s Safe Streets Social. Be sure to tell your friends about the ride. Look forward to seeing you there! In a letter to … Continue reading

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New Alaskan Way trail provides safer route south of downtown

No more following slow-moving, stressful Alaskan Way detours full of cars. No more confusing signage that almost leads you onto a Highway 99 on-ramp. No more getting stuck waiting for a train. WSDOT has opened a new multi-use trail between … Continue reading

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