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Cascade lists their 5 top-priority Seattle bike projects

Cascade Bicycle Club recently posted their top 5 Seattle bike improvement priorities, though it’s really more like like 4 projects and a citywide plan. They go into more detail about each in their blog post, so go check it out. … Continue reading

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Vital E Marginal Way bike route to West Seattle is fully funded

With $20 million in federal funding, Seattle now has enough money to complete a long-planned E Marginal Way rebuild in SODO. Final design is scheduled to be complete in early 2022, with work beginning later in the year. Construction should … Continue reading

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E Marginal Way remake and bikeway heads into final design, construction could begin in 2021

With the fate of the West Seattle Bridge still unknown, SDOT is fast-tracking projects to improve other connections to and around the bridge. That includes the long-planned E Marginal Way remake, which has been a priority for both the Port … Continue reading

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Some ways the city can help more people bike during the West Seattle High Bridge closure

Seattle needs to take bold, unprecedented action to help many more people get around by bike during the longterm West Seattle High Bridge closure. This isn’t just about improving cycling conditions, it’s one of the only ways the city can … Continue reading

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Lower West Seattle Bridge reopens, but closure highlighted major need for Sodo bike lanes

UPDATE: The Lower Spokane St Bridge is back open again to all pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle traffic! Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding. — seattleDOTbridges (@SDOTbridges) June 26, 2018 The lower West Seattle Bridge has reopened following … Continue reading

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Options for a redesigned E Marginal Way + Regional leadership needed to connect to S King County

Today is the last day to comment on SDOT’s E Marginal Way online open house. The city is working on a major reconstruction and redesign of the industrial street that also serves as one of the most vital bike connections … Continue reading

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Three important bike meetings tonight: Missing Link, E Marginal Way + Eastside Trail

I sure hope you want to go to an important bike meeting tonight, because there are three of them at the same time. And they’re all about completely game-changing projects. So if you have the time, go to one of … Continue reading

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See the streets from a truck driver’s point of view at the Bike & Truck Safety Fair

People driving semi trucks through Seattle’s industrial areas have a job to do and goods to move. But many of those same roads are vital corridors for people getting around town on bikes. This creates an uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous … Continue reading

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Man injured while biking on E Marginal Way

Two people biking collided head-on this morning on E Marginal Way just north of Spokane Street. One person lost consciousness for a period of time, but was conscious as medics loaded him into the ambulance. It is not immediately clear … Continue reading

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Mayor announces $900K for E Marginal Way safety improvements, West Seattle trail projects

Mayor McGinn announced Tuesday that the city will spend $700,000 on near-term paving work and a possible temporary cycle track on E Marginal Way. The city will also spend $200,000 on design work for a permanent longterm solution, which will … Continue reading

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Tuesday ride from West Seattle will honor Lance David

Friends, family and coworkers of Lance David held a bike ride and memorial Friday afternoon, gathering at E Marginal Way and S Hanford Street to honor him and support each other (see photos here). The collision that took Lance’s life … Continue reading

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Lance David was husband, father of twins and loved cycling

1st bike ride since I got hit in December. Honoring my friend LD, not as lucky as me. Ride on Friend #ghostbike twitter.com/luchavino/stat… — Lucha Vino (@luchavino) May 2, 2013   Lance David was a father of twins, now 23 … Continue reading

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Man cycling on E Marginal Way killed in collision with semi truck

A man was killed in a collision with a semi truck this morning while biking on East Marginal Way. Seattle Fire responders reported he was in his 30s (UPDATE: SPD reports he was 54). SPD is investigating the incident. We … Continue reading

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Driver flees after striking a person cycling near Georgetown

The driver of a truck that struck a 25-year-old person cycling on E Marginal Way near S Dawson St near Georgetown around 2 a.m. this morning fled the scene. The victim went to the hospital, but none of the injuries … Continue reading

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Freight group upset that city cares about bike safety

There are these wonderful moments where opponents to bicycle projects just come right out and say what they mean. It’s refreshing to hear a group’s arguments against lanes without them being distorted into, say, an Orwellian desire to “protect” cyclists … Continue reading

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Open house in Georgetown tonight to present Ellis/Albro changes

View Larger Map SDOT is holding an open house this evening to show their plans to “complete” a stretch in Georgetown that (nearly) connects Marginal Way and Airport Way. The open house, held from 5-7 at the Old Georgetown City … Continue reading

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