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Sunday: World Day of Remembrance will be a healing space for those impacted by traffic violence

Every year, about 20 people die in traffic collisions in Seattle. Another 150 people are seriously injured, often resulting in life-changing health issues. And for every one of these victims and survivors, there is a community of loved ones whose … Continue reading

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Party to celebrate outgoing and incoming Seattle Neighborhood Greenways leaders Sunday

Cathy Tuttle founded something very special when she started Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, the volunteer-empowering, community-centered safe streets organization she has led as Executive Director since its beginning in 2011. Tuttle is retiring, and the organization is hiring multiple staffers to … Continue reading

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Padelford named next Director of Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, now hiring 2 staffers

With Founder and Executive Director Cathy Tuttle retiring, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways staffer Gordon Padelford is getting ready to take the organization’s helm. He will be the first ED of the organization other than Tuttle, who founded it in 2011 and led … Continue reading

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Rainier Ave ride demos huge potential for bike lanes + City leaders support bike network at rally

I biked on Rainier Ave from Columbia City to downtown during rush hour this morning, and it was peaceful, easy and fast. As part of the Bike Everywhere Day celebration, Cascade Bicycle Club and Bike Works partnered to host a … Continue reading

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Seattle plan would reduce default speed limits across the city

In a busy city like Seattle, a higher speed limit does little to speed up your trip because traffic and stop lights will prevent you from getting up to top speed very often. But speeds have a huge impact on … Continue reading

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Guest post part II: How Seattle can rescue residents stranded by an incomplete bike network

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the second of two guest posts by Seattle Neighborhood Greenways this week. Their map conceptualizing the connectivity potential in the city’s bike planning is brilliant. If you like this vision or are frustrated by the city’s … Continue reading

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Guest post: Seattle’s stranded biking families

EDITOR’S NOTE: This guest post from Seattle Neighborhood Greenways was a collaboration by several biking parents with the help of SNG staff. It may be inconvenient for city leaders to hear, but disconnected safe bike route islands do not make … Continue reading

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SNG: Imagining a truly bike-friendly Uptown and South Lake Union

EDITOR’S NOTE: The only thing worse than biking in South Lake Union is driving in South Lake Union. But unlike driving, there are some relatively easy and quickly-achievable ways to dramatically improve bike routes to and through our city’s fastest-growing … Continue reading

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Why the Move Seattle levy needs to fund bold action on walking and biking safety

The past decade has seen steep increases in safety for people inside cars in Seattle, but the city’s safe streets efforts have barely moved the dial on reducing the total number of people biking or walking who are seriously injured … Continue reading

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Padelford: Let’s invest in neighborhood access to parks

This op-ed is by Gordon Padelford. He is the Neighborhood Support Coordinator with Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, lives on Capitol Hill, and loves parks. Have you heard there is a new parks levy in the works? Seattle Neighborhood Greenways has been … Continue reading

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Council hears overwhelming support for people-friendly 520 project

If you have ever walked or biked through Montlake at Highway 520, you know that the area is not friendly to people outside a motor vehicle. Well, if current plans go forward, the walking and biking environment would be worse. … Continue reading

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