Sunday: Community celebration for opening of NE 65th St bike lanes

Details from the event listing:

Unlike the new downtown tunnel for cars, we don’t have an expensive ad campaign to encourage people to use the new bike lanes on NE 65th St, so let’s create our own!
Bike #Fix65th
Sunday, April 7
Noon to 1:00 p.m.

Meet at Third Place Books
Depart noon and bike to Roosevelt businesses (less than 1 mile)
Stop by your favorite business, buy a snack, a beverage, groceries, something for your home

. . .

Meet up again at the I-5 Park & Ride (south side of NE 65th St)
Depart at around 12:45/1:00 and bike back to Third Place Books

Promote the bike lane on social media using #Bike65th or #Walk65th or #65thPBL.

Along the way, we can stop to place flowers at the ghost bike on the corner of 65th and 15th Ave NE in remembrance of Andy Hulslander, who was killed at this intersection in 2015 when biking home from work.

This is an informal ride, with no formal program. It’s just meant to be an opportunity for those of us who support safer bike infrastructure to get together, become familiar with the new bike lanes, and encourage others to use them, even if they aren’t perfect.

Feel free to share this with anyone who may be interested in joining in. People who want to walk are welcome, too! I hope you can participate!

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2 Responses to Sunday: Community celebration for opening of NE 65th St bike lanes

  1. Josh V says:

    Thanks everyone for organizing this and for coming to participate. It was good to get together and celebrate this incremental improvement as a community. I also appreciate the moment of memorializing for the tragic death at 15th.
    I had to laugh about the two cars parked square in the middle of the new bike lane. Hopefully they where just not paying attention when they parked, but they did get a ticket.
    It was a good excuse to go out and ride some of the infrastructure that we do have on a pleasant spring

  2. asdf2 says:

    Rode the 65th St. bike Lanes yesterday. Great for a few blocks, until 20th, when I had to merge in with the moving cars to make room for parked cars. The merge is particularly awkward because the pylons force you to do it from a dead stop, rather that at speed. Thankfully, I found someone willing to let me in while waiting at the red light. If the light we’re green, I would have been stuck.

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