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After six years documenting bike culture, Cohen ends The Bicycle Story

For the past six years, Seattle’s Josh Cohen has been documenting bicycle culture and inspiring people powering cycling movements on his excellent blog and podcast series The Bicycle Story. So when Cohen announced this week that he is putting The … Continue reading

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Must Read: ‘Bike equity must be more than a conversation’

Seattle’s Josh Cohen has a must-read story out on Next City looking at how too many bike advocacy groups around the U.S. struggle (or even resist) embracing equity as the core of their work. But Cohen also interviews several more … Continue reading

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Listen: The Bicycle Story podcast takes on the history of the sharrow

Seattle’s unofficial motto could easily be “The City of the Sharrow.” Keegan Hamilton at the Seattle Weekly once suggested the Seattle Sharrows as a name for a D-League basketball team. And sure, why not? Take one glance at major streets … Continue reading

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Saturday: Join us for a screening of Bike vs Cars and an after-show chat

Bikes vs Cars is a new documentary that attempts to lay out the global and local problems caused by car culture and car infrastructure in our cities and how people in cities across the world are pushing back, often while … Continue reading

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Pronto adds low-income housing partner + L.A. may offer transit/bike transfers

Pronto Cycle Share announced a new partnership with Bellweather Housing last week, expanding the number of low-income residents who have access to reduced cost Pronto memberships to nearly 5,000. Bellweather joins Capitol Hill Housing in providing residents access to annual … Continue reading

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The Bicycle Story: Bill Davidson on making bike frames in Seattle since the 70s

Bill Davidson has been building bike frames in Seattle since 1973, and he didn’t let little details like nobody here knowing how to do it (and, therefore, able to teach him) get in his way (Rodriguez and Erickson also started … Continue reading

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The Bicycle Story: Former Mayor McGinn on Seattle’s ‘bikelash’

Maybe it needs to happen in every town on its way to taking bicycling seriously as a mode of transportation: Bikelash. It’s a clever term to describe a period of public outrage over bicycling projects when neighbors believe that the … Continue reading

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The Bicycle Story: Colin Stevens is Seattle’s ‘Bicycling Mad Scientist’

Colin Stevens is one part of Cycle Fab, a Georgetown-based machine shop that does all kinds of custom metalworking and bicycle stuff. But he made a name for himself as Haulin’ Colin, designing and building high-capacity bike trailers and workhorse … Continue reading

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Cohen: 2nd Ave protected bike lanes ‘just the beginning’

You don’t have to bike for very long in Seattle before you figure out the most dangerous kind of street: “Downhill streets with on-street parking and turning movements at intersections: Those are problems that Second Ave had,” Cascade Bicycle Club’s … Continue reading

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Bike share for everyone, Part 1: Closing Seattle’s cycling gender gap

Pronto Cycle Share is on schedule to launch in September, bringing 500 public bikes into Seattle’s dense central neighborhoods and the U District. With its launch, Pronto could change the way people get around in Seattle and put city cycling … Continue reading

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Failed transportation revenue package puts statewide bike funding at risk

On March 13, the Washington State Legislature adjourned with the passage of an 11th-hour supplemental spending plan. The supplemental budget maintains the status quo for statewide bicycle and pedestrian funding for the remainder of this biennium. But, thanks in large … Continue reading

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The Bicycle Story: Adonia Lugo talks transportation equity

Josh Cohen at The Bicycle Story recently interviewed Adonia Lugo, a friend, bicycle anthropologist and all-around bad ass who lives on Capitol Hill. Chatting and working with Adonia and Davey Oil (who blogs at Riding on Roadways) has done a … Continue reading

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Why do you ride?

I ride a bike because sometimes, the most direct route by bike looks like this. Both Dan Bertolet and Josh Cohen wrote posts over at Publicola about some reasons why they ride bikes. Often, bike advocacy seems to concentrate on … Continue reading

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