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Listen: The Bicycle Story podcast takes on the history of the sharrow

Seattle’s unofficial motto could easily be “The City of the Sharrow.” Keegan Hamilton at the Seattle Weekly once suggested the Seattle Sharrows as a name for a D-League basketball team. And sure, why not? Take one glance at major streets … Continue reading

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Grist: Elly Blue’s take on sharrows after a recent trip to Seattle

Elly Blue, a prolific bicycle writer and zine editor from Portland who is a staple of our weekly Bike News Roundups, came to Seattle over the weekend along with Joe Biel of Microcosm Publishing (you may remember Elly and Joe … Continue reading

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Sick Day Video Post – Biking from Capitol Hill to UW in 2008

It’s a sick day here at Seattle Bike Blog HQ. So here’s a video from 2008 to discuss (posted to YouTube by schr0559): What I find fascinating about this video is that there are almost no bicycle features or facilities … Continue reading

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Freight group upset that city cares about bike safety

There are these wonderful moments where opponents to bicycle projects just come right out and say what they mean. It’s refreshing to hear a group’s arguments against lanes without them being distorted into, say, an Orwellian desire to “protect” cyclists … Continue reading

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Poisoned Sharrow

They’re non-controversial, but also kind of useless. They’re not going to get many new people on their bikes, but they’re better than nothing (right?). I’m talking, of course, about the sharrow.

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Climbing lane coming soon to Taylor in Queen Anne

By the end of the week, bikers trying to scale Queen Anne Hill on their bikes will have a little more space to do it. Josh at Publicola reports that SDOT has laid down the spray paint for a climbing … Continue reading

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New bike lanes on Jefferson are nice for climbing, sharrows seem awful close to parking

I had a chance to ride in the new bike lanes on Jefferson between Broadway and 19th, and they were nice. Basically, there are sharrows on the downhill portions and a bike lane for climbing uphill.

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Admiral Way makeover plans draw (expected) criticisms from drivers, some concerns from bikers

Responses to the open house about the proposed changes to Admiral Way have ranged from the typical driver concerns about how it will slow them down (which is the whole point on this 30 mph road) to concerns that the … Continue reading

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First Hill Streetcar plans have some bike lanes on Jackson, lots of sharrows

SDOT held an open house in the International District today to show plans for the Jackson corridor of the First Hill Streetcar. Plans include some sections with bike lanes and lots with sharrows.

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