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Scenes from our move by bike

A couple weeks ago, my spouse Kelli and I moved from the Central District to the Wallingford/U District area. And with the help of nearly 20 amazing friends — old and new — we did it by bike. I have … Continue reading

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Green Lake and Wallingford paving projects are a chance to make major bike network improvements

A series of planned paving projects in Green Lake and Wallingford are a big chance to make significant improvements to the North Seattle bike network. And of course, the city could save a lot of money by making these improvements … Continue reading

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Northlake Way is getting a short section of new sidewalk, bike lane

Work is underway on a short new stretch of sidewalk and bike lane on Northlake Way near the University Bridge. Identified as a key missing piece in the Pedestrian Master Plan, the sidewalk will connect the businesses on Northlake Way … Continue reading

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Rethinking Seattle’s Freeways: Mr. Inslee, tear down this Aurora wall

What if Bertha never finishes the SR 99 highway tunnel? What if SR 99 doesn’t need to be a freeway-style highway through downtown at all? And what if that’s true for the whole city, too? In other words, what if … Continue reading

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Bike theft hero spots stranger’s ride, returns it during victim’s costumed birthday bike ride

Seattle has a new hero, and her name is Alex Cruse. Alex was in a car in Wallingford with her fiancée and soon-to-be father-in-law when she spotted an orange and white All-City Macho Man bike near an apparent homeless encampment … Continue reading

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Think the UW trail detour is bad? City Light work could detour Burke-Gilman into traffic

During peak commute hours, the Burke-Gilman Trail through UW campus carries 1,200 or so people every hour. So it is more than a little bit crazy that the ever-changing detours are so confusing even regular trail users and people familiar … Continue reading

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Wallyhood: School of Bike opens on Meridian

It’s not exactly a bike shop, but if you want to learn how to fix your ride, would like to rent the bicycle workspace or want to take a workshop on building your own bike, Wallingford’s School of Bike could … Continue reading

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Couple healing up after struck by car while walking across Stone Way

A couple active in the Seattle theater scene was struck by a car while crossing Stone Way January 11 on their way to a show at Stone Soup Theater. Both Zach and Ashley Adair were hospitalized, though Zach’s injuries were … Continue reading

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Man biking in Wallingford injured December 19, friend seeks information

A man in his 50s was biking near 36th and Pacific early December 19 when something happened, leaving him with serious injuries and no memory of how he got hurt. The incident occurred between 4:30 and 5:30 a.m. and may … Continue reading

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Mostly-finished Green Lake Way project reconnects neighbors with their parks

While we here at Seattle Bike Blog spend a lot of time urging the city to invest in protected bike lanes, it’s important to remember that simply redesigning a street using paint can completely revolutionize a street. The city’s in-process … Continue reading

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Woman found dead on the Burke-Gilman Trail – UPDATED

A passerby on the Burke-Gilman Trail found a young woman who had apparently died of a gunshot wound early this morning in Wallingford. Information released so far does not indicate the incident was bike-related or that it was a random … Continue reading

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Today: Scout out a neighborhood greenway route from Green Lake to Lake Union via Tangletown

Meet at 6 p.m. at NE 65th Street and 1st Ave NE near Green Lake Elementary. From Wallingford Greenways:

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A closer look at the city’s plans for Green Lake Way

We wrote a couple weeks ago about plans to redesign Green Lake Way between 50th and the lake. Below are more details on the city’s plans, from an open house presentation. Beyond just the merits for this project, it also … Continue reading

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City plans to extend Stone Way bike lanes to Green Lake

At the urging of the Wallingford and Green Lake Community Councils, the city is planning road design changes on Green Lake Way N between N 50th Street and Green Lake. The safety-oriented plan would redesign the street to more closely … Continue reading

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Two Burke-Gilman improvements in the works in Wallingford and Frelard

The city has scheduled two Burke-Gilman Trail improvements this week: Improved ADA ramps in Frelard and an improved crossing at Latona Ave in Wallingford. Expect delays and detours starting today. Details on the Frelard work, from SDOT: Seattle Department of … Continue reading

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On building safe streets like the Dutch

At some point during Fred Young’s presentation on Dutch cycling infrastructure and safe street designs, the mood of the crowd packed into Wallingford’s Mosaic Coffee shifted from wonder to depression: Seattle has such a long way to go, it can … Continue reading

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Bike Master Plan: NE and SE Seattle

This is the fifth post in a series analyzing Seattle’s draft Bicycle Master Plan update. The deadline to comment on the draft map is today (January 31). This post will focus on the Northeast and Southeast neighborhoods. Northeast Seattle Northeast Seattle, … Continue reading

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Weekend Guide: Kids bike parade in Wallingford + World Naked Bike Ride

Kids biking down the center of the typically car-filled N 45th Street through Wallingford? Sounds like a good time to me. Details from Family Ride: Kids on kid bikes (with parents riding or walking along separately) Kids on balance bikes … Continue reading

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Wallingford Neighborhood Greenway now open (VIDEO)

The Wallingford Neighborhood Greenway is now officially open. Neighborhood advocates for the project threw a street party to celebrate, which featured a dog parade, a group ride and walk along the route and gelato from a cargo bike (as you … Continue reading

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Wallingford neighborhood greenway opening celebration Saturday

The Wallingford neighborhood greenway is complete, and there will be a two-block community street party to mark the opening Saturday starting at 4 p.m. Details: Join us as we celebrate the opening of Seattle’s first neighborhood Greenway! We will be … Continue reading

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