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Watch: Why cars rarely crash into buildings in the Netherlands

With all the discussion recently about how people crash a car or truck into a Seattle building about twice a week, a commenter reminded me of a Not Just Bikes video from a couple years ago about why this rarely … Continue reading

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People crash cars and trucks into Seattle buildings twice a week on average

Make eye contact, wear bright clothes and only cross the street at designated locations. These are common instructions dictated to people trying to navigate our cities on foot in order to avoid getting hit by a car. What advice then … Continue reading

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Bellevue Police: It’s perfectly legal to crash a car into a home and crush a crib holding a sleeping baby

This is a public safety announcement from the Bellevue Police Department: Reinforce your baby’s room, because there is no law against someone crashing their car into your home and smashing into your baby’s crib. We are at car vs building … Continue reading

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