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Mercer Street: King of the Stroad

As we reported yesterday, the Great Bike Route Wall of Uptown/Lower Queen Anne has finally cracked with the opening of the new protected bikeway on Mercer Street under Aurora. But the bike lanes are just a small part of a … Continue reading

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City bans dangerous right turns across Dexter bike lane at Mercer

Ever since Broad Street closed for good and Mercer changed from one-way to two-way, people biking southbound on Dexter Ave have faced a new danger: Cars making right turns in front of them to access westbound Mercer. But the city … Continue reading

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Mercer walk/bike path switching to south side starting Thursday

The biking and walking shared pathway on Mercer Street under Aurora is switching sides Thursday as construction on the Mercer West project continues. Someday (fall 2015), there will finally be a separated and protected space for people to cross Aurora … Continue reading

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Mercer West open house Tuesday will discuss cycle track plans

An open house Tuesday will show off updates to the city’s plans for the Mercer West project, which includes a new Aurora underpass that includes a two-way separated cycle track connecting Lower Queen Anne and Seattle Center to Dexter Ave. … Continue reading

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Mercer West and Arboretum meetings tonight

The Mercer West project involves widening the Mercer underpass at Aurora and turning both Mercer and Roy into two-way streets. Under the plan, Roy would likely become the preferred bicycle route, having bike lanes in each direction and hopefully a … Continue reading

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Open house to discuss Mercer West Sept 21

SDOT is holding an open house to discuss the Mercer West project. Included in the project is a two-way cycle path next to Mercer as it goes under Aurora, connecting Dexter to Lower Queen Anne (finally). Roy will also become … Continue reading

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