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First section of new Arboretum Trail opens near Madison Valley

A key section of the new WSDOT-funded Arboretum Trail opened late last week, connecting Madison Street to the car-free Arboretum Drive. The segment is fairly short, but it is one of the most important stretches of the whole plan for people … Continue reading

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9/26-10/15 Bike Route Alert: Arboretum Drive closed at south end for trail construction

Bike Route Alerts are official notices about bike route closures and detours that Seattle Bike Blog receives. Some will be a significant hassle, some will be no big deal. But the hope is to keep them organized in one place … Continue reading

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Work begins next week on Arboretum Trail set to open late 2017

Construction is set to begin Monday on a new trail along the western side of the Arboretum, providing a safe space for walking and biking next to Lake Washington Blvd and improving access to more of the Arboretum grounds. Kicking … Continue reading

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See the nearly-completed Arboretum Trail design at Thursday meeting

The state is funding a trail through the Arboretum as part of the 520 Bridge project, and you have a chance to get a look at how design is evolving and give feedback Thursday. The meeting is 6:30 – 7:45 … Continue reading

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State will fund new Arboretum trail

The state will fund construction of a new trail through the Arboretum, connecting E Madison Street and the Montlake neighborhood. Part of the 520 Bridge Replacement Project, the trail will provide a biking and walking route near the historic—but overcrowded—Lake … Continue reading

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HistoryLink: Bicycling played key role in formation of Arboretum

HistoryLink has a fantastic article this week that covers the story of Washington Park and the Arboretum. The whole thing is fascinating (I never really put together that the only reason it’s an arboretum is because, duh, it was completely … Continue reading

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Will 2013 be the year of the Seattle cycle track? + More construction updates

After our frustrated post about the lack of new bold plans on the city’s part to improve biking and walking safety, below is a look at some exciting projects already underway today. Will 2013 be the year protected cycle tracks … Continue reading

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New Arboretum trail would bypass Lake Washington Blvd

The addition of a biking and walking trail to the proposed 520 bridge is not the only part of the state’s plan that will affect people on bikes. As a way of mitigating traffic issues on Lake Washington Boulevard through … Continue reading

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Mercer West and Arboretum meetings tonight

The Mercer West project involves widening the Mercer underpass at Aurora and turning both Mercer and Roy into two-way streets. Under the plan, Roy would likely become the preferred bicycle route, having bike lanes in each direction and hopefully a … Continue reading

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