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Bike Route Alert 6/6: Return of the Montlake Blvd detour

The trail under the 520 Bridge east of Montlake Boulevard will close permanently June 6 as crews begin work on a new biking and walking bridge over the freeway, according to WSDOT. The trail opened in March 2020 and was … Continue reading

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Trail Alert: 520 underpass in Montlake closed for two more weekends UPDATED

UPDATE: the closure planned for February 5-8 is no longer happening due to a change in work. The highway will be closed but the pedestrian and bike trail will remain open. The next trail closures are February 26-March 1 and … Continue reading

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Bike Route Alert 1/27: Awful 2-week sidewalk detour on Montlake Blvd near SR 520 starts Monday

So you finally got used to biking around the SR 520 construction in Montlake, eh? I have bad news. It’s about to get way worse for two weeks. Starting as soon as Monday, people walking and biking on the east … Continue reading

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520 construction in Montlake will close cross-lake trail Sat and Sun, 24th Ave bridge until late this year

The 520 Bridge replacement project’s final set of projects kicks into high gear this weekend with a set of major closures in Montlake, including the 520 Bridge Trail and the 24th Ave E bridge. To make matters worse, the ramp … Continue reading

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520 Trail gets so close, yet so far

Medina just got an awesome new park. You can now walk or bike 1.3 miles from Evergreen Point out into the middle of Lake Washington on a floating bridge, bringing you tantalizingly within reach of Seattle. But for another year, … Continue reading

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Bike route bridge in Montlake will close until early 2016

If you bike through Montlake via the Lake Washington Loop route, then you have a rough detour ahead of you for the next six months. Starting “as soon as Monday,” the 24th Ave E bridge (otherwise known as the only … Continue reading

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Seattle-side 520 Bridge plan getting closer, but still needs better bike/walk connections

You have to hand it to the SR 520 Bridge design team. Their designs for bike/walk connections in Seattle have come really far since we first saw them. What was once looked like a doomsday neighborhood highway expansion interchange is … Continue reading

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Biking and walking details improving around 520 Bridge project, still has major gaps

Plans for the state’s megaproject to replace the SR 520 Bridge are getting better in many ways, but major gaps in the walking and biking environment still remain, especially in the Montlake area. The majority of the project’s Seattle end … Continue reading

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City picks ‘hybrid’ route for Central Area Neighborhood Greenway

The city has announced the route for its longest neighborhood greenway yet. The Central Area Neighborhood Greenway clocks in around three miles, connecting from the I-90 Trail to Interlaken Park and traveling through the heart of the Central District, the … Continue reading

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City cuts safety out of 24th Ave plans + 2 chances to weigh in on high-budget street remake

Despite having a $45 million budget and being billed as a “complete streets” project, the city has proposed no safety improvements for the stretch of 24th and 23rd Avenues connecting the Montlake neighborhood to Capitol Hill and the Central District … Continue reading

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Meeting will discuss options for neighborhood greenway near 23rd Ave

Yesterday, we reported on an expansion to the 23rd Ave complete streets and repaving project, making the case for safe bike lanes from Montlake to the Central District. But the primary focus of Wednesday’s open house is a planned neighborhood … Continue reading

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High-budget 23rd/24th Ave remake is golden opportunity for safe and direct bike lanes

The 23rd Avenue complete streets and repaving project budget has ballooned to $46 million and now includes three phases, stretching from Rainier to Roanoke. This is arguably the most important commuting corridor in Central Seattle east of I-5. It is … Continue reading

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No more cutting through St. Demetrios parking lot: Street Fund candidate would pave dirt trail

If you have ever tried to get to Interlaken Drive from the Bill Dawson Trail under 520 near the Montlake Bridge, then you have probably gotten completely lost trying to find a way through the neighborhood streets. Turns out, your … Continue reading

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City Council will likely vote on 520 resolution with even stronger bike/walk language

The City Council will consider an amended resolution to guide planning for the Seattle side of the 520 Bridge Replacement Project today (Monday) at 2:30 p.m. Stay tuned for updates. UPDATE: It passes the committee. See the Montlaker blog for … Continue reading

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State will fund new Arboretum trail

The state will fund construction of a new trail through the Arboretum, connecting E Madison Street and the Montlake neighborhood. Part of the 520 Bridge Replacement Project, the trail will provide a biking and walking route near the historic—but overcrowded—Lake … Continue reading

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Central Seattle Greenways: Bridging the North Capitol Hill ‘topographic fortress’

In the group’s continued analysis of the biking and walking elements of the 520 Bridge, Central Seattle Greenways looked at other ways of getting on and off North Capitol Hill. They found what many people have suspected: All roads are … Continue reading

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Council hears overwhelming support for people-friendly 520 project

If you have ever walked or biked through Montlake at Highway 520, you know that the area is not friendly to people outside a motor vehicle. Well, if current plans go forward, the walking and biking environment would be worse. … Continue reading

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Saturday: Tell WSDOT to build the 520 biking & walking trail to Capitol Hill

Look, here’s the thing, WSDOT: It would be completely absurd to build a whole new floating bridge from Medina to Montlake complete with a biking and walking trail, then stop the trail less than a mile from the end of … Continue reading

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A look at plans for the new 520 Bridge through Montlake

This post was originally published at Capitol Hill Seattle. We’ve already looked at the state’s concepts for a walking and biking trail across Lake Washington via a reconstructed 520 floating bridge. But the reconstructed bridge will also come with redesigns … Continue reading

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A look at the planned 520 bike trail (and why it should extend to N Capitol Hill) – UPDATED

Plans to replace the 520 Bridge are crawling along, and the state recently released concept images of the proposed floating bridge. Images show plans for the proposed walking and biking trail, which comes complete with “belvedere” resting and lookout points … Continue reading

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