New bike path under SR-520 opens in Montlake

Aerial photo with the walking and biking path drawn on it.Map of the new trail.Just in time for a virus-news-escaping bike ride, WSDOT has opened a long-awaited biking and walking trail that crosses under SR-520 between the start of the 520 Bridge Trail and Lake Washington Boulevard.

This is a “temporary” path, but you can get used to it because it should be here for a few years as the agency builds out the massive Montlake section of the multi-billion-dollar freeway project.

It is likely still faster and more direct to take the existing detour on the Montlake Blvd sidewalk if you are traveling between the bridge and the Lake Washington Loop bike route. But the new trail is likely more scenic and open. If you turn down E Hamlin Street toward the 520 Bridge Trail, you can catch the new trail and take it all the way to E Roanoke Street to get back to the Lake Washington Loop route on 25th Ave E.

This new trail should also make it easier and more pleasant to bike to the Arboretum. Hmm, sounds like I’ll need to go test that out just to be sure…

More details from WSDOT:

Good news, cyclists and walkers – the new, temporary shared-use connection between the SR 520 Trail and Lake Washington Boulevard is now open! This bicycle and pedestrian path runs parallel to the temporary on-ramp from Lake Washington Boulevard to eastbound SR 520 and dips under SR 520 along the shore of Lake Washington.

With this separated path, cyclists and pedestrians can go under SR 520 instead of using Montlake Boulevard, connecting the Arboretum with the University of Washington and the east side of Lake Washington.

The temporary trail will be in place for the next few years of construction. At the end of the project, the temporary trail will be replaced by new connections and route options.

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4 Responses to New bike path under SR-520 opens in Montlake

  1. Liam says:

    any idea if/when they plan to repave Shelby and Hamlin?

    • AW says:

      They are so bad you’d think they would have been repaved by now. I think that the neighbors prefer it this way so it slows down bicycle riders.

      • Andy says:

        Those streets haven’t been repaved since I started riding them in the early 90’s. I agree with AW.

  2. bill says:

    This is basically a bike trail to nowhere. The south end just terminates at Roanoke & Lake Washington Boulevard Freeway. Trying to be positive: There is a crosswalk there, so you can continue into the neighborhood and pick up the Lake Washington Loop route. Or the crosswalk will help you make a left onto the Freeway, where it is uphill. Why was money spent to do this?

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