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Friday: Critical Mass will ride to Dexter/Thomas to hold a vigil for Jaahnavi Kandula + Defunded safety project had been more than a decade in the making

Jaahnavi Kandula—a 23-year-old student from Adoni in the Andhra Pradesh state in India who was studying at the South Lake Union campus of Northeastern University—was walking across Dexter at Thomas Street in a marked crosswalk when a police officer driving … Continue reading

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9th Ave bike lanes carve out a real transportation option in South Lake Union

People using the Westlake Bikeway can now, finally, get to and through South Lake Union via a mostly uninterrupted route of bike lanes. It’s not the most direct route, and the connection into downtown is still incomplete. But for an … Continue reading

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Alert: Dexter will be closed near Mercer all day Saturday and weekday nights

If you plan on biking on Dexter Saturday, give yourself some extra time and be ready for a detour. Workers will completely close Dexter between Aloha and Mercer starting 6 a.m. Saturday and lasting until 6 a.m. Sunday. The street … Continue reading

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Dexter will be closed overnight this week, will reopen with better bike lanes

Dexter Ave will be closed overnight Monday and Tuesday between Denny and Mercer so crews can repaint the street with a new complete streets design that includes wide parking-protected bike lanes and a center turn lane. Construction work is not … Continue reading

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Dexter closed Wednesday night, will reopen in morning with different detour

It’s probably best to just avoid the city center’s busiest bike street tonight. Both the Mercer and Alaskan Way Viaduct Projects will be closing parts of Dexter Ave in South Lake Union starting 7 p.m. Wednesday evening and ending 6 a.m. … Continue reading

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One of too many

This story is a bit longer than a typical post on this site. Brandon reached out to me after Sher Kung died and said he wanted people to know what life is like for all those people who are critically … Continue reading

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Dexter protected bike lane plans include shared turn lanes, bus stops

When the state finally finishes its Hwy 99 utility work that has torn up half of Dexter Ave near Harrison Street in recent months, they will put the road back together and repaint it. But instead of returning the street … Continue reading

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City finally planning road safety project on Dexter between Denny and Mercer

Dexter Ave may never go back to being the dangerous, super wide street it was before major construction began a few months ago between Mercer and Denny in South Lake Union. The city is planning a road safety redesign for … Continue reading

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City bans dangerous right turns across Dexter bike lane at Mercer

Ever since Broad Street closed for good and Mercer changed from one-way to two-way, people biking southbound on Dexter Ave have faced a new danger: Cars making right turns in front of them to access westbound Mercer. But the city … Continue reading

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Northbound bike lane on Dexter will be closed 8 days starting Monday

Just in from WSDOT: The state will close the northbound bike lane on Dexter at Harrison Street for eight days starting Monday morning. The crunch is so the state can relocate utilities for the Highway 99 tunnel (that may or … Continue reading

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Work on Hwy 99 tunnel ramps will close Dexter bike lanes + Is this a chance to extend the redesign?

The state is set to start utility relocation work to prepare the area between South Lake Union and Lower Queen Anne for the Highway 99 tunnel’s new on and off ramps. That means crews need to dig up parts of … Continue reading

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Times column: McGinn was right, road diets work. Now let’s fix Dexter

The Seattle Times’ Jonathan Martin said in a column today that the city’s low-budget street safety projects (AKA road diets) have worked really well. He suggests that the city should do more of them, including a project to address serious … Continue reading

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City will study improvements to notorious section of Dexter between Denny and Mercer

Dexter Ave is among the busiest bike streets in the city. Unfortunately, it has also been the scene of far too many collisions, including a very serious one July 25 and, of course, the devastating collision that took the life … Continue reading

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Recovery fund started for man seriously injured biking home on Dexter

Brandon Blake was biking home on Dexter Ave Thursday when a person driving an SUV made a left turn in front of him at Harrison St. Unable to stop in time, he collided with the passenger door and window of … Continue reading

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Just 10 days after Dexter/Nickerson hit-and-run, city installs permanent curb to make intersection safer

My head is still spinning by how fast the city and SDOT responded to this dangerous right turn lane at Dexter and Nickerson. Friend and Seattle Bike Blog reader Maile Martinez got in touch last week with the story of … Continue reading

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KOMO Video: Woman visiting her sister victim of hit and run at Dexter/Nickerson – UPDATED

Jake Vanderplas’ story of a road rage hit and run in West Seattle we published yesterday drudged up a lot of scary stories from readers, who left their tales in the comments. One of those comments was from a friend … Continue reading

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Woman says she fended off attacker while biking to work on Dexter

A woman emailed Seattle Bike Blog Tuesday to report a scary attack she said happened while she was biking northbound on Dexter around 6:45 6:10 a.m. She said she was headed downhill in the bike lane when a man stepped … Continue reading

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Spotted on Dexter: What do you think of these bike racks with maps?

Madi with Family Ride spotted this bike rack at the under-construction Union apartment building at Dexter and Aloha (yes, the one that sometimes closes the bike lane or puts fences in it). I can’t think of another public bike map … Continue reading

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Cascade: Man left unconscious after Dexter hit and run

Someone driving Tuesday morning struck Jerry Scott near Dexter and Denny, then fled the scene, Cascade Bicycle Club reports. The person responsible left Scott, who has biked the route to work for many years, unconscious on the side of the … Continue reading

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Police arrest suspect in hit-and-run that killed Mike Wang last summer – UPDATED

Police say they have arrested the person they suspect struck and killed Mike Wang on Dexter Ave Last year. Details will be announced at an 11 a.m. press conference. UPDATE: The suspect is Erlin Garcia Reyes, 28, from Normandy Park. … Continue reading

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