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Most Broadway Bikeway ‘smurf turds’ replaced with standard posts

After years of damage from parallel parkers and taggers, the blue sculptures that lined the Broadway Bikeway in Capitol Hill have been removed, Capitol Hill Seattle reports. They will remain in place on First Hill, at least for now. I, … Continue reading

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SPD: How an officer recovered a stolen mountain bike in Cal Anderson

Seattle Police Officer Drew Fowler was on bike patrol in Cal Anderson Park Saturday when he spotted a high-end mountain bike in the hands of a suspected thief. Officer Fowler stopped the man and asked if he could have a … Continue reading

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CHS: Two bicycle cafés opening soon in central Seattle

Sounds like the Capitol Hill bike shop vacuum is finally getting filled. And in true Hill fashion, it’s coming with coffee and beer. Our friends at Capitol Hill Seattle report that two very different bike shop cafés are opening soon … Continue reading

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A block-by-block look at the planned Broadway Bikeway extension + Let’s connect to 520

As construction on Capitol Hill Station enters its final phases, the long closure at the north end of the Broadway Bikeway may finally open up in the next month. But the true glory of the bikeway won’t be realized until … Continue reading

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Madison BRT project could also build better Union St bike lanes

Union Street could get a major bike lane update as part of the Madison Bus Rapid Transit project, according to city plans presented at an open house earlier this week. The bike route upgrades are part of an attempt to … Continue reading

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Get your hands on Made-In-Washington bike goods at the Pedaler’s Fair Saturday

The fourth annual Pedaler’s Fair will showcase bikes, bike-related goods and art Saturday, all made right here in Washington State. Seattle Bike Blog is a sponsor of the 2015 fair, which is a great way to meet creative and enterprising … Continue reading

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PUBLIC Bikes now open on Capitol Hill

I just swung by the PUBLIC Bikes shop at Pine and Summit, and the crew there is mopping the floors and putting the final touches on the renovated shop space. They opened quietly this afternoon, and their grand opening party … Continue reading

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Following strong Seattle sales, Public Bikes will open store on Capitol Hill

Public Bikes will open its first ever retail location outside the Bay Area in Seattle this spring. With stylish, often solid-colored city bikes priced in the low-to-mid range, Public Bikes will be moving into the bike shop vacuum Velo left … Continue reading

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UW, Capitol Hill Station bike detour updates + Trail bridge over Montlake Blvd could open in 2015

If your bike travels take you near the future Capitol Hill or UW light rail Stations, then you are no stranger to frustrating detours. Well, don’t get your hopes up, they’re not getting any better any time soon. But they … Continue reading

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The Green Lane Project loves the Broadway Bikeway (but illegal turns a problem)

You’ve already seen our thoughts on the Broadway Bikeway, but the lanes caught the eye of Michael Andersen at the national Green Lane Project due to the lengths the city went to work around the street’s many turning conflicts. His … Continue reading

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Balk: Seattle car ownership is down, but it’s up in places you’d least expect

You almost cannot stand anywhere in the city center or Capitol Hill without seeing construction cranes. The number of residences in these walkable, bikeable and transit-rich areas is rising fast. It’s clear that people want to live where they have … Continue reading

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Streetcar extension will complete the Broadway Bikeway, should set-up 10th Ave bike lanes

The Broadway Bikeway will extend the entire length of the central commercial drag from Yesler to Roy if and when plans for the extended streetcar are completed. If the city can find the funding, the bikeway could be ready to … Continue reading

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CHS: Broadway Bikeway ridership on the rise despite north end closure

Biking on Broadway with the new two-way protected bike lane is night-and-day compared to the previous road design, which required people on bikes to mix with busy traffic on one of the city’s busiest commercial streets. But use has been … Continue reading

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Bike-inspired poster show ARTCRANK returns to Seattle Friday

ARTCRANK returns to Seattle Friday to showcase Seattle artists making bike-inspired posters available for sale in limited numbers. So if you know of a wall somewhere that could use a splash of bikey art, this is your chance to get … Continue reading

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Plans to extend Broadway Bikeway moving forward, open house Tuesday

The biggest complaint I hear about the city’s new protected bike lanes on Broadway is the most obvious one: They end abruptly at Denny Way just south of the northern Brodaway commercial area. Well, the city is still moving forward … Continue reading

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A tour of Seattle’s new Broadway Bikeway + How it makes life better for people walking

It’s finally mostly open! While the usefulness of the Broadway Bikeway is still severely limited due to bike detours at its north end, the 1.1-mile two-way protected bike lane opened Wednesday. Simply put: Broadway is the city’s most ambitious complete … Continue reading

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Broadway Bikeway (mostly) opens Wednesday

The Broadway Bikeway is finally ready to (mostly) open. The two-way protected bike lane will stretch all the way from Yesler Way to Denny Way, connecting Yesler Terrce, First Hill and Capitol Hill. The city is scheduled to fully open … Continue reading

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Lose the delivery truck: New business will haul your cargo by bike

In a way, Freewheel is just rediscovering what the founders of UPS knew when they started the business in downtown Seattle back in 1907: Bikes are a fast, cheap and easy way to move goods around town. UPS has long … Continue reading

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CHS: Person struck trying to access Broadway Bikeway in construction zone

When the northernmost block of the Broadway Bikeway was closed suddenly in January to accommodate Capitol Hill Station construction, many people voiced concerns that the changes were dangerous and confusing for people on bikes. Sound Transit responded by adding more … Continue reading

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City picks ‘hybrid’ route for Central Area Neighborhood Greenway

The city has announced the route for its longest neighborhood greenway yet. The Central Area Neighborhood Greenway clocks in around three miles, connecting from the I-90 Trail to Interlaken Park and traveling through the heart of the Central District, the … Continue reading

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