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Packer: The public won’t build a new surface parking lot near Pike Place Market after all

Ryan Packer has some wonderful news: Seattle City Light will not build its planned surface parking lot at Western Ave and Blanchard Street after all. Word of the proposed parking lot, located within the Western Ave business strip that extends … Continue reading

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Key section of Georgetown to South Park Trail moving forward alongside a new dog park

A gravel cut-through in Georgetown near Boeing Field will become a dog park and trail corridor, providing a key piece of the community-led Georgetown to South Park Trail. If all goes according to schedule, the park and trail connection should … Continue reading

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City Light decides against car charger in path of Broadway Bikeway

After public pushback, including by many of you, Seattle City Light has dropped their plans for an electric car charging station on Broadway near Denny Way that would have been located in the path of a planned-but-delayed extension of the … Continue reading

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After confusion over Burke-Gilman detour, City Light releases video

Almost immediately after the Seattle City Light Burke-Gilman Trail detour was put in place, readers started reporting confusion and concerns. Mostly, people were concerned about a multi-direction stop at 6th Ave NE where sightlines are limited. City Light has since … Continue reading

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City Light project will close Burke-Gilman Trail from U Bridge to I-5

Seattle City Light is moving work on their trial-aligned power upgrade project west to connect to the power station under I-5. This means anyone using the trail should be prepared for a detour starting January 17 and continuing through mid-February. … Continue reading

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City Light project closes Burke-Gilman under U Bridge

An ongoing Seattle City Light project has moved to its next phase, closing a section of the Burke-Gilman Trail passing underneath the University Bridge and stretching from Adams Ln on UW campus to the crazy intersection of NE 40th/NE 40th/NE … Continue reading

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Think the UW trail detour is bad? City Light work could detour Burke-Gilman into traffic

During peak commute hours, the Burke-Gilman Trail through UW campus carries 1,200 or so people every hour. So it is more than a little bit crazy that the ever-changing detours are so confusing even regular trail users and people familiar … Continue reading

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