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Blaming streetcar tracks for her death, McCloud’s brother files claims with city, Sound Transit

One year after the bike crash at 13th and Yesler that took Desiree McCloud’s life, her brother Cody has filed claims against Sound Transit and the City of Seattle that blame the First Hill Streetcar tracks for her death. Cody told … Continue reading

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Video shows McCloud riding between streetcar tracks before fatal crash

Surveillance video of the moments before Desiree McCloud’s fatal crash in May answers a major question about the incident that took her life: She did cross the First Hill Streetcar tracks around the time she crashed. A screenshot from the … Continue reading

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Memorial walk for Desiree McCloud highlights her life, puts streetcar lines under scrutiny

What does a city say to a grieving family when they ask, What value is there in a streetcar if the tracks injure or even kill people? Seattle officials did not have any adequate answers to this question during a … Continue reading

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Desiree’s mom: ‘I don’t want anyone else to lose their future on something that’s so preventable’

Family members of Desiree McCloud spoke with KOMO for a powerful story about her untimely death on Yesler Way near 13th Ave. Desiree crashed May 13 while biking westbound on Yesler with friends. She was passing a friend on the … Continue reading

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Woman who crashed along First Hill Streetcar route passes away

A week and a half after a bad bike crash along the First Hill Streetcar route, Desiree McCloud passed away Tuesday. We send our deepest condolences to her friends and family. A message on a fundraising page set up to … Continue reading

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Yesler bridge work starts today + Will they build the right kind of bike lanes?

A $19.8 million project to rehab the historic Yesler Way bridge downtown starts today. Yesler Way will be under construction from 6th to 3rd Avenues downtown until fall 2017. You should also expect construction and detours on 4th and 5th … Continue reading

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Construction updates: Short Linden cycle track section opens, UW Station Bridge + Yesler ‘bike sneak’ sneak peek

With the opening of the W Thomas St overpass last week, it’s time to look at the progress of some other projects around town that will affect people biking. Above is the main structure of the UW Station biking and … Continue reading

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Planners present more details for Broadway Bikeway

Planners presented more specifics about the proposed Broadway cycle track, which has now been dubbed the “Broadway Bikeway.” The project is part of the First Hill Streetcar, which will connect Pioneer Square and King Street Station to the under-construction Capitol … Continue reading

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SDOT working on plans to continue the Broadway cycle track on Yesler

SDOT is working on plans that would extend the proposed cycle track on Broadway down Yesler (download the PDF of the above image to see more detail). Ethan Melone, Rail Transit Manager for SDOT, said they are still studying the … Continue reading

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Cycle Tracks and Seattle, Part 1: But the Danes can do it!

The Green Wave in Copenhagen from Copenhagenize on Vimeo. After attending the Great City brown bag this afternoon, I decided Seattle bikers need to take a closer look at cycle tracks and work to better define what we need and … Continue reading

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