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Sunday: Celebrate the new Union Street bike lanes

East Union Street now has protected bike lanes from 14th to 26th Avenues, providing a lower-stress way to climb the unavoidable ridge that peaks around 18th and 17th Avenues through the Central District. Before the new lanes were installed, skinny … Continue reading

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You spoke up, and city plans now extend E Union St bike lanes through 23rd Ave

Thanks to everyone who voiced their concerns about SDOT’s incomplete plans for E Union Street bike lanes in the Central District, the project team has changed their designs to now extend the new bike lanes through the intersection with 23rd … Continue reading

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Madison RapidRide design nearing completion + A look at the planned bike improvements

SDOT is hoping to begin construction on its Madison Street RapidRide G project in 2020 with service set to start in 2022. That assumes they get the Federal grant they need for the $121 million project. Capitol Hill Seattle reports … Continue reading

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E Union Street is a chance for SDOT and the mayor to prove they care about connecting bike routes

Seattle is once again set to choose the convenience of car driving over the safety of people walking and biking and our city’s Vision Zero, Climate Action Plan and Bicycle Master Plan goals. This time, it’s on E Union Street … Continue reading

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Madison BRT project cuts nearly all of its bike route plans

The Madison BRT project has dropped its goal of designing a so-called “parallel” bike route to accompany its $120 million plans for a faster and more reliable bus line from the waterfront to MLK Way. But just as concerning, the … Continue reading

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Help shape updated plans for Madison BRT and nearby safety improvements

With a preferred route for the Madison BRT project selected, now it’s time to dig into the specifics. The same goes for the so-called “parallel” bike network improvements that are part of the corridor redesign. You can get a look … Continue reading

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Help keep Madison BRT and bike route designs bold at Monday open house

A truly rapid bus on Madison Street from Colman Dock to Madison Valley? Protected bike lanes on E Union Street? Major walking improvements at every terrible Madison intersection? Now that Move Seattle has passed, all this is on track to … Continue reading

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Madison BRT project could also build better Union St bike lanes

Union Street could get a major bike lane update as part of the Madison Bus Rapid Transit project, according to city plans presented at an open house earlier this week. The bike route upgrades are part of an attempt to … Continue reading

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Bikes should fit on the proposed downtown gondola, would you use it?

Imagine a gondola from the waterfront to the convention center with a stop at Pike Place Market. Now imagine that you can bring your bike on board. Would you use it? That’s the plan that Pier 57 and Waterfront Ferris … Continue reading

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