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Repeal of helmet law is a sign of change both in bike advocacy and local politics

The two-decade bicycle helmet law experiment is drawing to a close as Seattle, the largest remaining city in the United States with such a law, no longer requires them. The King County Board of Health voted Thursday to repeal its … Continue reading

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King County Health Board set to vote on repeal of rare all-ages helmet law – UPDATE: Law repealed

UPDATE 2/17: The Board of Health voted 11-2 to repeal the law, citing serious concerns about inequitable police enforcement. The general sentiment of the majority was that they still strongly recommend helmet use, just not the police-enforced strategy for achieving … Continue reading

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Under new policy, Seattle Police should no longer stop people for biking without a helmet

Seattle Police should no longer pull people over simply for riding a bicycle without wearing a helmet, according to a new department policy. “These violations do not have a direct connection to the safety of other individuals on the roads, … Continue reading

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Support for repealing all-ages helmet law grows as Health Board begins debate

The list of organizations backing a proposal to repeal King County’s all-ages bicycle helmet law includes many local bicycling and safe streets groups like Seattle Neighborhood Greenways and Cascade Bicycle Club as well as national organizations like People for Bikes … Continue reading

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King County expected to examine helmet law as Cascade Bicycle Club supports repeal UPDATED

Correction: the data compiled by Ethan Campbell of Central Seattle Greenways has been updated after further analysis of the citations issued revealed a number of duplicates. The overall summary of the information has not significantly changed. The King County Board … Continue reading

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Missing the forest for the bicycle helmets

This week, the authors of a disputed study promoting bicycle helmet laws with bike share systems penned an op-ed for Crosscut arguing that Seattle’s bike share companies should be forced to provide helmets with their bikes. Aside from the ick … Continue reading

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Times: King County’s adult helmet law could hold back Seattle’s new bike share system

The debate about bike share in Seattle is contentious enough without bringing up one of the most divisive bike-related issues out there: Adult helmet laws. Though I understand that it may seem counter-intuitive at first, best practices from the the … Continue reading

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Bike share can flourish in Seattle

With the City Council debating whether to buy out the 54-station Pronto Cycle Share system already in need of a buyout, the main question on people’s minds is: How do we know it will be successful going forward and worth … Continue reading

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Pronto Cycle Share starts charging day-pass users $2 to rent a helmet

If you buy a 24-hour or three-day pass to use Pronto Cycle Share, you will now have to pay an extra $2 to check out a helmet. The bike share service activated the locks on their helmet bins today, which … Continue reading

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Pronto’s helmet solution just might work, but can it keep up with growth?

We’ve discussed the challenges of launching a bike share system in a city with a rare all-ages helmet law previously. In fact, we’ve done so at length several times. But while some other municipalities with helmet laws balk — Vancouver’s … Continue reading

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Pronto starts installing station docks, helmet vending machines won’t be ready for launch

With just weeks to go before 500 Pronto Cycle Share bikes are scheduled to fill the streets of Seattle, workers will begin installing the 50 station docks this week. This is a big step for the bike share system, and … Continue reading

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Thoughts on SPD bike enforcement: Focus on safety (also, King 5 gets bike laws wrong)

King 5 has been pressing Seattle PD on the issue of enforcing traffic laws on people who bike and has a report out this morning saying that recent SPD bike law efforts are switching from giving out warnings to giving … Continue reading

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How Pronto plans to make bike share work even with Seattle’s helmet law

King County has a very rare all-ages helmet law, which will certainly complicate the launch and daily operations of Pronto Cycle Share in September. But fueled by a grant from Seattle Children’s, they are forging ahead with an ambitious and … Continue reading

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Feds no longer back 1989 Seattle helmet effectiveness study – City should modify its helmet law before bike share launches

After years of conflicting studies have thrown its results into question, both the Center for Disease Control and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will no longer promote the conclusion that bicycle helmets reduce head injury rates by 85 percent … Continue reading

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Milton repeals helmet law + How bike share and helmet laws might coexist

There are a handful of topics that online forums seem completely incapable of discussing rationally. Gun control, white male privilege and George Lucas are examples. In the biking world, the most irrational topic of conversation is probably helmets—specifically, all-ages mandatory … Continue reading

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With bike share on the horizon, it’s time to rethink King County’s adult helmet law

With Portland officially passing funding for a bike sharing system, Seattle can no longer pretend bike sharing is something that only happens in other parts of the country and the world. Bike sharing is proven, effective and safe — so … Continue reading

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Seattle University to launch bike share program, King County prepping system of its own

Seattle University students, faculty and staff may soon be able to participate in a school bike share system, according to The Spectator. The Seattle University Bike Share (SUBS) does not yet have a launch date, but the Associated Students of … Continue reading

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A post about …(gulp)… helmets

So far, I have mostly avoided talking about helmet use and helmet laws on this blog. It’s just not an argument I find myself particularly passionate about. But there have been a lot of new, interesting helmet-related arguments flying around … Continue reading

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Bike sharing pilot could be headed to Ballard

The Ballard News Tribune reports that a pilot bike sharing program could be headed to Ballard as early as November: Ballard resident Mark Hulscher and the Bike Share Group want to create the first Seattle bike share system that will … Continue reading

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