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Police release video of person snipping bike share brake cables

Seattle Police have released a surveillance video of a person in Sodo seen snipping bike share brake cables on more than one occasion, and they’re asking for the public’s help identifying the suspect. For months, brake cables on bike share … Continue reading

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Lime’s expanded discount program lets people pay in cash, unlock 5¢ bikes with a text

A nickel. In 2018, there is essentially nothing that costs a nickel. But that’s all it costs for qualifying low-income users to unlock a Lime pedal bike under the company’s newly-expanded Lime Access program ($5 for 100 rides). And qualifying … Continue reading

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Council approves bike share expansion + ofo cites fee hike in decision to leave Seattle

The Seattle City Council unanimously passed a budget action Monday for new city rules on bike share companies that will expand the number of bikes in operation, increase the fees for bike share operators and put in place new regulations … Continue reading

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Bike share carried 209K trips in May + A look at the city’s updated permit rules

People in Seattle took more than 208,849 bike share trips in May as use of the bikes increased steeply throughout spring. In total, people took 1.4 million rides between late July and mid-June, according to the Seattle Department of Transportation … Continue reading

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Lime: People in Seattle have taken 1 million trips in 11 months

People in Seattle have taken one million Lime bike share trips in about 11 months, the company announced Monday. This astounding number of rides comes from just one of three companies currently operating in the city. And because the company … Continue reading

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Uber-owned Jump wants to launch its e-bike service in Seattle

No new companies have received permits to operate bike share services in Seattle since the autumn, but Uber-owned Jump is hoping to be next. The city is waiting to approve more companies until their revamped bike share permit is ready. … Continue reading

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Survey: Ahead of bike share permit update, survey says Seattleites are very supportive

The $1 Spin, Lime and ofo bikes around Seattle are very popular, appeal to wide demographics and are very often used to access transit. These are some of the findings from Seattle’s bike share permit pilot, setting the stage for the … Continue reading

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Seattle tests low-budget painted bike parking to make bike share more orderly

Thousands of bikes spread throughout the city available on-demand for $1, what could be wrong with that? The private, free-floating bike share companies serving Seattle are already changing how people get around the city by providing a new fast, healthy, … Continue reading

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UW master’s student is surveying bike share users

Did you use Pronto? Have you used the new bike share bikes? If you answered yes to either of these questions, University of Washington master’s student Luke Peters would like to hear from you. Peters recently launched a survey in … Continue reading

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Howell: Going Steady with Lime-E

After a month of anticipation, LimeBike released 300 e-bikes into its fleet of 4,000 bikeshare bike in Seattle this past weekend, with plans to release another 200 by this Wednesday.  Eventually, “Lime-Es” will comprise forty percent of LimeBike’s fleet. Here’s … Continue reading

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LimeBike and Spin announce e-assist bikes, an innovation that could change bike share all over again

Yesterday, both Spin and LimeBike announced electric-assist bicycles, an innovation that — if successful — could change the bike share industry all over again. LimeBike will likely be the first to launch e-bikes in Seattle, saying in a press release … Continue reading

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ofo kicks off 2018 with free rides, big plans and an allegation of poor working conditions

2017 was a wild year of expansion and change for the global bike share industry, and 2018 is already shaping up to continue the trend of innovation and competition within the industry. And Seattle is positioned to remain at the … Continue reading

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Bike share pilot’s daily ridership blows past Pronto’s lifetime totals, rivals both streetcars combined

As bike share companies added more bikes to Seattle streets during late summer and early autumn, the number of trips accelerated, too. Combined, Spin, ofo and LimeBike are carrying nearly as many daily riders as both the First Hill Streetcar … Continue reading

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China’s Bluegogo, which once had bike share plans in Seattle, implodes dramatically

In what is so far the biggest and most dramatic implosion yet in the new global free-floating bike share boom, China-based Bluegogo has reportedly gone bankrupt with big bills, staff salaries and user deposits still outstanding. Bluegogo was one of … Continue reading

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How a 20-something SDOT staffer took on a dying program & changed the bike share world

Kyle Rowe was still an undergrad at UW when he started working for SDOT. In a few short years, he would make himself indispensable to the department, take a career risk on a doomed bike share program and somehow turn … Continue reading

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By adding bike share, the Transit App just became the ultimate Seattle car-free mobility tool

I’m trying to get from here to there, and all I have with me is my ORCA card, my phone and my feet. What’s the best way? The Transit App knows. The app for Android and iOS works in cities … Continue reading

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Bellevue considers bike share permits, take their survey today

With thousands of bikes already in operation in Seattle and construction on a second cross-lake bike trail wrapping up in just a couple months, the City of Bellevue is considering its own permits to allow private bike share companies to … Continue reading

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Don’t expect a bike share surge as caps rise to 2K + Seattle bike share makes international news

See our Seattle Bike Share Guide for an updated FAQ about bike share in Seattle as well as links to download active companies’ apps and a guide to properly parking your bike share bike. The bike share cap has increased … Continue reading

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ofo launches in Seattle, but their goal is ‘unlocking every corner of the world’

In story after story about ofo, writers trained to capitalize company names write “Ofo.” But there’s a reason to type the name in all lowercase letters: The typography looks a bit like someone riding a bike. ofo This is part … Continue reading

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Spin/LimeBike announce access for people without smart phones or credit cards + Spin offers 50¢ rides for ORCA Lift holders

Spin and LimeBike have both announced new ways for people without smart phones, data plans or a credit/debit card to access their bike share services. People will soon be able to buy pre-paid Spin Access cards at Bike Works in … Continue reading

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