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Spin smashes Pronto ridership in week one, announces improved bikes

People took 5,008 rides on Spin in the company’s first week operating in Seattle, 60 percent higher than Pronto’s opening week in October 2014 and 300 more rides than Pronto’s busiest week in its two-and-a-half year life (mid-July 2015). And … Continue reading

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Spin reaches 1,000 rides in first two days, have you tried it yet?

Looking for bike share app download links, an up-to-date list of companies in operation or rules on where to park? We’ve got it all and more in our Seattle Bike Share Guide. People took 1,000 rides on Spin bikes during … Continue reading

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Bike share is now live + A handy guide to the new $1 bikes – UPDATED

Nothing costs a dollar anymore. But that’s all it costs to ride one of those bright orange or lime green bikes popping up on sidewalks and bike racks around Seattle. See our new Seattle Bike Share Guide for questions about … Continue reading

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Spin and LimeBike are first to apply for bike share permits, ready to launch once approved

Spin and LimeBike appear to be the two bike share companies most ready to get an early start on the streets of Seattle this summer. SDOT has confirmed that the companies are the only two who have yet submitted complete … Continue reading

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Seattle is now accepting private bike share permits, first bikes could hit streets in a week or two

Bike share is coming back to Seattle. SDOT just released its permit application (PDF) for a six-month pilot program. Staff says companies should expect one to two weeks for their permits to be processed. Once approved, companies can start putting … Continue reading

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City releases draft bike share pilot permit + List of interested companies grows to ten

Seattle took a major step closer to becoming the hub of private bike share innovation in North America today by releasing a draft version of its bike share pilot rules. This is our first look at the playing field SDOT is … Continue reading

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Test riding a Bluegogo stationless bike share bike in downtown Seattle

I took a ride on what could be one of Seattle’s next bike share bikes and made it up one of downtown’s steepest hills. It was a Bluegogo bike, one of at least two companies actively pursuing Seattle as one … Continue reading

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By killing Pronto, Seattle could become the center of private bike share innovation

The Pronto docks have been scrubbed from city streets. As much as I am sad to see it go and feel the system never got a fair shot at success, it’s done. Time to move on and look to the … Continue reading

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Bike share can flourish in Seattle

With the City Council debating whether to buy out the 54-station Pronto Cycle Share system already in need of a buyout, the main question on people’s minds is: How do we know it will be successful going forward and worth … Continue reading

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After 4,000 rides and 1,450 members in first week, Pronto is throwing a party tonight

What do you do to celebrate the launch of an entirely new form of public transportation in Seattle? THROW A DANCE PARTY OF COURSE! You are invited to the #peopleforpronto party tonight at Hotel Max. There will be Peddler Brewing … Continue reading

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Chicago’s streets feel less mean when you’re on a Divvy bike

I have been out of town since Seattle’s bike share system launched, so to deal with my intense Pronto jealousy I had to check out some Divvy bikes while in Chicago. I grew up in St. Louis and went to … Continue reading

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Pronto Cycle Share launches: What you need to know + Updates

Today is the big day. Pronto Cycle Share is scheduled to unlock its docks at 1 p.m., thus introducing an entirely new public transportation system to the streets of Seattle. Seattle will be the first major Pacific Northwest city to … Continue reading

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Pronto membership sales start today – UPDATED

It’s really happening. Today, you can buy a membership for a Seattle public bike share system. Pronto memberships go went on sale at noon (see below for an update). As we reported last week, the first 600 people to register … Continue reading

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Pronto memberships go on sale noon Monday, first 600 get special blue keys

Tune your web browser to prontocycleshare.com and ready your refresh button because memberships for Seattle’s bike share system go on sale at noon Monday. The system is scheduled to launch next month, and they are counting on a lot of … Continue reading

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Pronto is hiring for all sorts of bike share jobs

Pronto Cycle Share is hiring for various positions needed to launch and operate Seattle’s planned bike share system. Whether you have office skills, bike fixin’ skills or people skills, they could need you. Below are the openings at the moment, … Continue reading

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How Pronto plans to make bike share work even with Seattle’s helmet law

King County has a very rare all-ages helmet law, which will certainly complicate the launch and daily operations of Pronto Cycle Share in September. But fueled by a grant from Seattle Children’s, they are forging ahead with an ambitious and … Continue reading

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I test ride a Pronto bike (and yes, it can climb hills)

Pronto Cycle Share has a couple prototypes of the 500 public bikes they will put into service around the city center and the U District in September, and I had the chance recently to test one out. The bike is … Continue reading

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Pronto submits permits for bike share stations, is on schedule for September launch

Pronto Cycle Share is moving forward on schedule, and outreach has begun to finalize station locations. The bike share organization has applied for permits for what will be 50 stations, all operational by the end of September. The Alaska Airlines-sponsored … Continue reading

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After more than 5 million CitiBike trips, remarkably few injuries and zero deaths

A common fear I hear when people talk about the launch of Puget Sound Bike Share next year is that the system will be dangerous without safer bike infrastructure downtown. Even with the city working to build more than two … Continue reading

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Timbuk2 launches mini free ‘bike share’ at downtown shop

Timbuk2 opened a downtown Seattle store just a few months ago, their first standalone retail venture outside their hometown San Fransisco. This week, they are expanding the bikey presence in downtown by launching a free store-based mini bike share. Visitors … Continue reading

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