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Transit GO app now includes scooter and bike share rewards + Use new micromobility parking areas to get ride discounts

Transit GO is an interesting and mostly functional mobile app that allows riders to pay for transit tickets on their phones while also gamifying the transit riding experience. And now scooter and bike share services are now part of the … Continue reading

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Council should reconsider the new scooter and bike share tax

Seattle’s City Council needs to be very careful with its proposed new taxes on scooter and bike share services, which Councilmember Andrew Lewis has proposed as part of the 2023-24 budget. It is expected to cost $540,000 in 2023 to … Continue reading

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City announces new scooter and bike share permits: Spin and Wheels are out, Bird is in

Spin and Wheels have not received permits to operate in Seattle under the city’s 2022–2023 permit, SDOT announced. But for the first time, scooter company Bird will operate here. LINK scooters have retained their permit, as have Lime’s scooters and … Continue reading

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Lime launches scooter share in Seattle

After years of talking, the first shared electric scooters are hitting Seattle streets today as Lime rolls out 500 of its popular Lime-S scooters. Lime has been serving Seattle for years with its pedal bikes and e-bikes. The company now … Continue reading

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Seattle’s proposed scooter rules set riders up for failure

Banning electric scooters on sidewalks seems to make sense at first. Sidewalks are for walking, right? That seemed to be the guiding principle behind Seattle’s decision to mostly leave the existing ban on riding electric scooters on sidewalks in place … Continue reading

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Scooter share permit gets committee approval + How the system would work

Seattle is finally maybe going to give shared scooters a try. The City Council  Utilities and Transportation Committee voted last week to approve two ordinances that would allow SDOT to launch a scooter permit program (Council bills 119867 and 119868). … Continue reading

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You won’t be allowed to ride a shared scooter on Seattle sidewalks + Combined bikes and scooters capped at 20K

When (or if) Seattle launches its scooter share pilot in early 2020 as planned, users of the shared scooters will not be allowed to ride on the sidewalk like people biking can. That’s just one of the interesting bits of … Continue reading

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What should Seattle’s scooter rollout look like? + Public forum Wednesday

Seattle got out in front of most other U.S. cities when it encouraged private bike share companies to launch their services in summer 2017. The city’s experiment in dockless bike share has been wildly influential on how other cities have … Continue reading

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Seattle starts planning for shared scooters. Like, for real this time.

Scooters are coming to Seattle next year probably maybe. Work to create the framework for the scooter share pilot project starts now, along with environmental review (of course). SDOT plans to finalize the permit details in the fall and winter, … Continue reading

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More than 3,000 Lime users contact city asking for scooter share

Lime launched a digital campaign Wednesday to encourage its users to contact Seattle city leaders and ask them to allow scooter share. In just one day, the company says more than 3,000 people have done so. Before ofo and Spin … Continue reading

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Seattle’s next bike share battle could be between Lime, Uber and Lyft + Let’s start a scooter pilot

Though it’s been scaling back its efforts for a while now, Spin has officially announced an end to its bike share service in Seattle. Citing an increase in fees and the decision not to include scooters in the city’s updated … Continue reading

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